Enjoy being a pirate (13 Photos)

theBRIGADE wants to show-off your pictures from training
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  • John

    Apparently there is more than one Ed, USMCvet, Light Brigade and General. Or he is using more than one IP address.

    • lfd

      He is probably using TOR… Your kinda screwed if your just ip filtering.

  • USMCvet

    Oh my, Johnny Depp….I just came in my pjs. More dick is what I need

  • Dan

    They should do like the Russians and let the pirates be found all dead in boats a week after being boarded.

  • Nittam

    I read that issue of pop mechanics, there was also a recnet article on how to survive a plane crash and people have lived after falling tens of thousands of feet after a plane exploded or broke apart which there have been nearly 50 so far.

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