• John

    Apparently there is more than one Ed, USMCvet, Light Brigade and General. Or he is using more than one IP address.

    That makes me sad.

    • Anakrusix

      Aww. Block them all!

      Kickass picture, Rick!

      • USMCvet0351

        agreed. block this delta bravo, ive got an account now so, do what you gotta do. just get this asshole outta here…

        • USMCvet0351

          I'm just glad that its me and not some other guy that wants to eat at the all you can eat dick buffet. This account proves that its me and nobody else.

          • USMCvet0351

            I really do think your brain dead…

            see kids this is why you shouldn't do drugs…

  • USMCvet

    I'd like to wear this dude's ass like a surgeon's mask…nom, nom, nom

  • Anakrusix

    He does have a point, though, nothing like a good dick to start the day.

    • Anakrusix

      Oh trolls. I hate you.

  • Yusuf

    I hear you on the things to do. I am out of hours in the day and no where near gentitg done all I want to. Frustrating. No worries about the emails. I am WAY behind on things here also.*huggles*Felicia =0)

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