• thomas

    Welcome back, Chive! (and Chivettes) #3, #26, #49

    • ( . ) ( . )

      The internets just exploded.

      • : )

        The world just smiled.

        • -.<

          And all was well.

    • Tits_McGee

      I literally licked my lips when I saw #49… my poor wife.

      • Cake is a Lie

        Do you like Phil Collins?

    • Shawn Chris

      Sigh, I'll be thinking about #3 all weekend..

  • aosux

    Great edition chive. #6 gets my vote as the best.

    • aosux

      Ahhh, make that #16!

    • aosux

      #27 Nip, nip, nip, nip, nip,nip,nip,nip,nip

    • aosux

      #62 Nice gap!

    • b-ry

      yea i was gonna say….really?!

    • aosux

      We need a post of the twin British wrestlers, ASAP! #59

    • cherylbirch


    • financial aids
  • GRyde

    Thank gawd! Thought this day was wrecked. Chivettes to the rescue!

    • nywolf

      So did all of us!!! From every country I represent and/or lived in:

    • That Guy

      totally makes the food blog gag worth it. wow we wow! they really pulled some amazing chivettes out for us. thanks chive, but most of all thanks to all the 77 or so chivettes. you more than anything else keep me coming back.

    • we all got aids
  • http://jameskruger.blogspot.com/ JAMESJ

    #11 Is It!! And WOW to: #15 #16And #19 made me gulp…..

  • michael h.

    i get the feeling that John saw us all complaining (a bit too much) about their April Fool's joke and just laid down the heavy wood this week to make a point. The chive does indeed, rule. #79

    • b-ry

      LOVE this ass.

    • paulhitchcock

      "Heavy wood" indeed…

    • dasuperfan

      i have a sneaking suspicion there is one more photo after this one and i bet it's full of awesome

      • b-ry

        if so, please post. sigh.

        • b-ry

          and stop the crop!!! #14

      • my charlie

        there's more then one πŸ˜‰

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heath-Weese/1169157669 Heath Weese

      I agree, I think we should see way MOAR of this one!!!

    • edub


    • paul

      very sexy ass

    • Freq visitor

      MORE #78 #79

  • cHoLk

    #1 pleaseeee

    • funkyf

      Good lord… I'm speechless!

    • : )

      Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren!

      Nice smile πŸ™‚

    • lonin

      Lauren is so hot it's not fair.

    • iRISH_fLOW

      beautiful ! #2 isnt bad either!

    • FeeFeeG

      Yall are so freakin' beautiful! Lauren is verry pretty…. <3

  • cHoLk

    and #2

    • http://thelaurengentile.wordpress.com/ Lauren Gentile

      Thank you. πŸ™‚

      • Bull1123

        Good Gravy woman!!! That's ridiculous!

      • cHoLk

        you´re welcome. πŸ˜€

        Greetings from Mérida México!

      • Maynard B.

        Every one smiles when your on The Chive Lauren.

      • Irish2ice

        I'm fairly new to The Chive and especially commenting, but you have to be one of the most ridiculously beautiful women I've ever seen. And all natural………..my gawd!

      • mark

        Lauren, please do a #6 from 4/1/11 DAR, PLEASE!

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Hubba, Hubba! I'm Admiral Ackbar and I approved this message.

    • Henrik

      I forgive the chive for sexy chivettes.

    • guest

      Lauren G? She is so freaking fake! I heard she is actually east european and her name is Lareyna Lazakov. But she claimed that is her stage name. So interesting that she feels ashamed by her ethnicity.

      Take a look at her blog and her youtube video, esp the video. She said she didn't wear makeup but her makeup is that thick in every pic plus with false eyelashes. I think she just thinks everyone is just stupid and blind.

      • http://thelaurengentile.wordpress.com/ Lauren Gentile

        Congratulations on spamming every comment.

        And my real name is Lauren Gentile, modeling name is Lareyna Lazakov, I could care less if you believe it or not. I love my ethnicity, hence why I created a stage name playing it up even more.

        Also, false eyelashes and makeup? Please get your head out of your ass and see the light of day (it's quite nice actually). I have naturally long lashes, wear little to no makeup, and if you can't believe that some people have natural features, then I feel sorry for you.

        I actually think most people are wise and rational, but you make me think otherwise.

        • Always Last

          LG's early days of lies….it always starts small.

  • London

    #27 MOAR? Yes, please!

    • Sgt

      I see nips πŸ™‚

      • Surf and Snow

        Shhhhh… πŸ˜‰

    • Matthew

      I hate to sound greedy, but could we get even moar?

    • guest


    • MikkelKHS

      I have a sudden urge for a large glass of milk.. wonder why..

  • brad

    dear god. thank you for chivettes. #62 #50

    • Chris

      Is that "bare cookie" is see???? ;-p

    • http://www.facebook.com/t3hgeneral Luke MacWhirter

      that gap is heavenly!

    • http://jameskruger.blogspot.com/ JAMESJ

      That is a cool picture #50
      And they are at opening day…..very cool. πŸ˜‰

  • oughtnot

    #49 … yeah, it wasn't exaclty your tush most of the comments were about, LOL

    • EZEE

      Lip Slip!

    • Nom Nom

      I see you just jammed that lip right back into place………pity really!

    • Erik von Markovik

      I am amazed they let her back on here after she got so lippy with the Chive. Happy they did tho. I like a girl that'll give you some lip and put you in her place…any of this working for anyone?

  • Tom


  • Commandant Lassard

    Next time, how about some verticle smiles!

    • tom

      if you're gonna make a shitty joke at least learn how to spell "vertical"

    • RayBoogs


  • Ryan

    #12 makes today a lot better, thanks chivettes!

    • barabotz

      so symmetrical

    • dutchie

      this was my favorite

    • cherylbirch

      She has a butterface

      • Sam

        That's why they invented doggie style

        • cherylbirch

          bahahaha!!!! But seriously, she's also still kind of a cow…

          • I like nan

            she's sexy as fuck in my opinion-

          • ihatecherylbirch

            Go away you troll and get your bangs cut so they will cover up your peyton manning forehead and leave that beautiful girl alone!

      • cherylbitch

        and where are your pics for us to judge too? πŸ™‚

        • cherylbirch

          Actually, I did send in a pic. But I wrote "Who Farted?" on my hand instead of "Hi Chive". I assume this was not appreciated, and this is why I was rejected. There are plenty of pics of me out there. Apparently the Chive doesn't appreciate my attractiveness and awesome sense of humor.

        • cherylbirch

          -ps: not very original. On my 21st birthday, a fat high school drop out working at a strip club checked my ID, and thought it was funny to call me "Cheryl Bitch". Your sense of humor indicates little college education, if any. And yes, I'll have fries with that.

          • Moseswine

            At this point, it doesn't matter if you're hot. You have a very frumpy attitude.

            That girl is dead sexy. DISCUSSION CLOSED.

            • cherylbirch

              It does matter that I'm hot, because I am an objective observer. My personality is absolutely not "frumpy". My attire is highly frumpy, but my personality is highly intelligent, as you should have noticed based on my highly superior vocabulary (versus your primitive grunting) .

              • Moseswine

                An objective observer? Your objective, as it appears to an outsider's view, is to vilify this girl and brag about your supposed superior physical likeness. In fact, your frumpiness comes off as jealousy. On that note… Any publicity is good publicity, right? You have my attention now, I say you put your money where your mouth is and submit to theChive your sexiness without the farts. Unless you're chicken…

                • cherylbirch

                  You have apparently missed my point (and many other pieces of information). This chick looks like the love child of Rumer Willis and Kelly Osborne, and as a fan of The Chive, I will not sit here and let people say that this tragedy is attractive (let alone "hot"). She looks like a failed government experiment. Additionally, I am not jealous of this girl in particular. I am however, jealous of brilliant writers who make lots of money sharing their brilliant opinions. I will not submit to The Chive again. I do not want to be associated with government experiments. There are plenty of pictures of me elsewhere on the internets. The Chive is certainly not the end all be all.

              • Ryan

                What does hotness have to do with being an objective observer? I wouldn't go with highly intelligent personality, more so sophomoric and condescending.

                • cherylbirch

                  Hotness has nothing to do with being an objective observer. Mild depression, however, has everything to do with being an objective observer. A person with mild depression has a tendency to be much more realistic in their observations and expectations of the world than a person who is considered to be optimistic or pessimistic. I will not educate you for free on that subject any further, however the information is available in college. If you choose to get your GED and then move on to college, you can find more of this information in psychology courses. Good luck.

                  • Ryan

                    "It does matter that I'm hot, because I am an objective observer", copied that from your post about 4 posts up. Thank you for not educating me for free, I've taken enough bs psychology classes. Which btw, I'm a pre-med, pre-PT student. How was community college?

                    • cherylbirch

                      I'm sorry, I don't recall making that comment because at that time I was thoroughly intoxicated. At this time, I am still intoxicated. But I agree, that statement is odd and irrelevant. Psychology classes should never be considered to be "bs" as you referred to them. I'm a double major; Psych and nursing. Your pre-med classes mean nothing to me. Taking medically relevant science classes such as anatomy and physiology is no achievement. Let me know when you are actually accepted to med school. Community college has treated me quite well, actually. It is an affordable alternative to private colleges and universities, and the programs are all relevant and accredited. Which means, in case you were not familiar with the term "accredited", that the program meets the standards required. You, Sir, will make a quite retarded doctor… If you make it into med school.

                  • dont worry bout it

                    frumpy as hell.

                    • cherylbirch

                      According to the definition of the word "frumpy", you are indicating to me that my comment's clothing is drab, dull, dowdy, and not fashionable. In turn, this indicates to me that you have no efffffing clue what the word "frumpy" means. You, probably-fat-girl, are… how you say…. stupid. Enjoy your stupid "frumpy" life….

              • cherylbirch

                I honestly have no recollection of writing this, as I was wasted when I posted this. I apologize only for the first sentence, which does not make any sense. I do, however, stand by my following statements, which completely kicked a$$.

                • cherylbirch

                  ps, that was in reference to the comment I made about how being hot makes me an objective observer. This statement is bizarre and alcohol induced. Stop hating, cuz I'm definitely smarter than you.

                  • srsly stfu

                    You're an idiot. Ryan FTW.

                    • cherylbirch

                      I would love to "stfu", but people keep commenting. I am obligated to defend my honor. http://deliciouspumpkin.blogspot.com/2011/04/this… <— If you are looking for more reasons to hate on me, enjoy my blog post today, which featured Fat Gina. I know I'm a crappy person, your commentary has taught me nothing new. Perhaps you should "stfu"…."srsly"

                    • You jelly?

                      We'll take a hint! And don't flatter yourself! No one is continuing to comment for your sake! Some of us are obligated to defend Gina's honor. I for one think she's gorgeous and inspiring and MANY people seem to agree. I hope she reads this as well. You're panties seem to be in a knot over your own photos not being Chivette worthy. Better luck next time sweetheart. You're still here so you're clearly still looking for approval and attention like a petty child from Chive readers. Negative attention is better then no attention isn't it? And seeing as you made it easy for Chivers to easily access photos of you to see how much of a "hottie" you are only further exemplifies this. Quit pimping you're hate filled blog. No one wants anything to do with it or you embarrassing yourself any further. Just go drown your sorrows in some more of that alcohol.

                    • cherylbirch

                      I told you, I want to "stfu", but you all keep commenting. I too, hope that Gina reads this. Use critical thinking. Just because The Chive says that she is hot, doesn't make it true. Sarah Palin claims that she can see Russia from her back yard. Do you really believe that? I posted a link to my blog because folks were asking about what is so special about me. I have already drowned my sorrows in booze today. Perhaps if you were sober, you would see that Fat Gina is , in fact, fat. And yes, I am a hottie. Where is your pic? Stop commenting, fatty.

                    • You jelly?

                      "Just because The Chive says that she is hot, doesn't make it true"

                      Um? I think the internet would disagree with you. Need I remind you that The Chive is all about promoting real beauty found in real women. What the fuck is not to love about that? Do you seriously have an eating disorder or some shit? Because your idea of what is "fat" seems to be pretty skewed? =/

                      What does Sarah Palin have to do with anything?

                      Girl you tripping. Gina is a beauty. I don't think you'll be changing my opinion or anyone else's for that matter anytime soon. You might want to consider drowning those sorrows of yours a tad more. Now that you mention it perhaps I will light up a big fat blunt. Keep telling yourself you're a "hottie"…. while you cry yourself to sleep at night.
                      You'll find my "pic" among the other SexyChivettes. Don't bother asking which one I am because I sure as shit wont be telling you. Noob.

                    • cherylbirch

                      The comment about Sarah Palin was an example of an untrue statement coming from an "influential" public figure. I was relating it to The Chive's statement that Fat Gina is hot. Which is also an untrue statement.
                      I am not attempting to change anyone's opinion regarding whether or not Fat Gina is hot. I am simply sharing my opinion. I've been following The Chive for several years, and this post thoroughly disappointed me.
                      I do not care which Chivette you are. If you were one of the hot ones, you would have told me which one you are.
                      I already know who you are. You are Caucasian, you are more than 5 pounds overweight. You enjoy eating dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and Ranch dressing. You are not a very popular person, but you have a couple of close friends. If you have received any college education, it was less than two years worth. Your job pays less than $20 an hour. You spend a lot of time on the computer, and frequently stay in on Friday nights, snacking on highly processed foods and watching basic cable.

                • Moseswine

                  SO YOU'RE UGLY, DIM, FRUMPY, AND AN ALCOHOLIC TOO? I think you just dug yourself a nice grave there… Have fun in the real world sister, I hope you graduate soon and find out that the world doesn't revolve around you. There's a word for girls like you, and it rhymes with runt.

                  • cherylbirch

                    I'm attractive, thin, educated, frumpy, and an alcoholic. This is a very delicate balancing act that many young people struggle to achieve. I understand that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and that the Sun sits in the Milkeyway Galaxy, which is just one of many galaxies. I am simply sharing my own opinion. You must be a hater of freedom of speech. Is it a crime for me to say, "Gina is not attractive"? I am sharing a thought, and if you don't agree with me, that's fine.
                    ….And my "runt" is also fabulous.

                    • You jelly?

                      Yeah…. we've gather that. We get it. Now go share it with someone who cares. How is it an untrue statement? Because you believe it to be? I've been following the Chive for several years and YOU disappoint me. How lame is it that you waste your time hurling insults at these women for no good fucking reason? It's just cruel and malicious. Tell me what good can come from this? Why are you even continuing to comment at this point? It's because of shitty attitudes like yours that things like photoshop even exist. If you didn't care which Chivette I was you wouldn't of asked me where my "pic" was. Your argument is invalid. I figured I'd speak on behalf of any Chivette that has had their photo up there and remain anonymous. It's pretty nerve racking to put yourself up there and if anything you'd expect to have the support of other females. Grow up.

                    • cherylbirch

                      I continue to comment because every time you comment, I receive an email from Intense Debate telling me that you have commented. I will not ask you why you continue to comment because I already know the answer. Your are one of the ugly Chivettes. You are probably one of the ones that I made fun of on my blog. I am not sorry.

                      The good that can come of this is that you can look outside of yourself and accept that people have diverse opinions that differ from your own. You do not have to agree with me. I am not arguing with your opinion that Gina is attractive, you are entitled to think that.

                      You seem very hung up on this, and it really doesn't seem to be worth it. This indicates that something I said has been perceived by you as a personal attack. I do not intend to attack anyone. I am simply and observer who is not afraid to share my opinion.

                      I would have to say that perhaps it is because of intolerant people like you that causes others to avoid sharing their controversial thoughts. Please stop commenting. My email in-box is way too full.

                    • jim

                      cheryl i just looked at you'r pics…..you are not attractive, wouldn't touch you with a 50 ft pole. It's a shame you have to come on here and spout utter nonsense to cover up your own insecurities. Gina is an attractive woman who successfully lost a lot of wait and should be commended for her dedication to live a more healthy lifestyle.

                    • jim


                    • You jelly?

                      I imagine you can do something to change that. If you are going to plague everyone else here with your spitefulness I suppose we'll continue to clog your inbox. I already explained in my previous comment why I continue to comment. Again your argument is invalid. I think the Chive boys have pretty fine taste in women. I would argue that there are no "ugly" Chivettes. I'm pretty sure you're the only one who reads your shitty blog soooo…. again. No one cares. You really don't need to explain to me that people have a "diverse opinions". No shit sherlock. But I have a problem when you're so called opinions has the potential to make people feel like crap about themselves. So ya I am hung up on this and it is worth it because there will always be more predictable opinion on here just like your own. Treat people like you would like to be treated. News flash things you have said on here are in fact a fucking personal attack! You are personally attacking that woman in the picture for shits and giggles. So don't fucking tell me you're not here to attack anyone. And what is this observer bullshit. You are clearly a troll that keeps trying to disguise yourself as an "observer". Believe me I'm probably the furthest thing from intolerant right now. Those people are better off keeping those thoughts to themselves anyway.

                    • jim

                      i agree with jelly and calling a woman a cow is just tasteless

                    • Moseswine

                      Jelly's got a point… this thing (I'd call her an anal douchebag, but Ill save that for someone with more tact) never learned the golden rule, despite her city college efforts.

                    • cherylbirch

                      Jim, your obese lifestyle and retard commentary phase me very little.. I do not wish for your 50ft STD pole to come anywhere near me. You sleep with too many hookers. Ps- "wait" refers to elapsed time. "Weight" refers to poundage. When you get your high school GED, send me a note for me to proof-read. Dummy.

                    • jim

                      As you can see I quickly corrected my grammar after my initial post but apparently you did not bother to look. I was also not aware this was an essay writing contest so I will try my best to implement decent grammar. Usually when people respond with grammar corrections it shows how little substance their argument has. Your response had absolutely nothing to do with the content of my post other than you claiming I am stupid and fat, neither are true. Also, every time you write on here you expose your ridiculous jealousy and insecurity. If you are really that uncomfortable with who you are I would suggest a therapist, you can find them anywhere. If it is not just insecurities speaking then you are a pretty hateful person…….maybe try yoga or something. xD

                    • cherylbirch

                      No, I didn't notice your correction. Your comment was actually the least meaningful one I've received. So, my comment regarding your spelling (not grammar. Spelling and grammar are two completely different things, Sir.) indicated my genuine lack of interest in anything else that you had said. I am now, further invalidating your perceived validity by refusing to acknowledge you any further. Please stop commenting. Every time you comment, I receive an email from Intense Debates. My Email in-box is at capacity regarding my hate mail allowance.

                    • Moseswine

                      fuck your inbox and fuck you

                    • cherylbirch

                      Primitive. "grunt, grunt. oogah boogah! sniff. you are someone who is different from me. I find this to be very threatening."

                    • jim

                      It actually is a grammar issue "wait" has a completely different meaning than "weight" if i would have said "weith" that would be spelling a spelling mistake, technically "wait" is spelled correctly but has a different meaning then intended.

                    • jim

                      that would be a spelling mistake*** jeez strugglin today

                    • cherylbirch

                      That seems to be a gray area, and we may have to agree to disagree. However, you have made another error. "has a different meaning then intended". The correct word to use would have been "than", not "then".

                    • jim

                      definitely not a gray area, it is clearly a grammatical error. Yes I made another mistake but I am not writing a paper here so it's not a big deal and spelling/grammar is irrelevant to this entire conversation.

                    • cherylbirch

                      Alright, I will be the adult and agree to disagree. You need to learn how to use commas. Without the use of commas, your statements are simply a bunch of words strung together. I agree, this has nothing to do with the conversation. This is, however, a two way street in which you continue to validate the things that I say when you respond to me. I am bored with this conversation, and I have minimal interest in this debate going any further.

                    • jim

                      haha yes claim to be the adult and then continue with the grammar nonsense, like i said earlier, I, am, not, writing, a, paper, it, does, not, matter, how, one, constructs, a comment, or, post, I, am, a, college, student, I, know, how, to, use, a, comma, when, needed, but, thanks, for, the, advice, i, also, find, it, humorous, the, only, thumbs, up, you, get, are, from, yourself, arguing, with, someone, as, delusional; as; yourself; is; rather; pointless' so' peace' out' cheryl' bitch' xD

                    • cherylbirch

                      Well, that was mature. Good luck, Jim. No hard feelings πŸ™‚

                    • A Fan

                      WOW, you got some haters on here…whatcha gonna do about that???

                    • You jelly?

                      I noticed that myself lol xD lol ^

                    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Casey-Spradling/100001933112324 Casey Spradling

                      Considering the context, it's actually "faze", not "phase". A common mistake. Especially among idiots and people who only think they're intelligent.

                      I'm a high school drop-out, BTW, and I've still got more sense than you. Very sad.

    • ihatecherylbirch

      Gina FTW and Cheryl Birch GTH

  • London

    #16 Wow, so alluring.

    • http://felixoliver.net vonRichth0fen

      yup she is stunning.

  • Dan

    wow #78 #79
    marry me?

    • b-ry

      or me

    • andintheend

      and me!

    • nudity and fluids

      She can you use me as her pleasure boy

      • axbelize

        Just about the best thing I have seen all week!

        • barabotz

          That is picture perfect!

    • Tigers Wood

      All I have to say is MOAR! Here's my vote for Chivette of the week!

    • joey

      thats a winner.

  • Finster

    #16 I said GODDAMN!!!!!

  • David

    #37 liz?

    • funkyf

      I think he meant to say, "beautiful"

    • RoJo

      Short haired girls are so HOT! Keep rocking it. It totally works for you…..and your eyes are amazing!

  • taylor maid

    John, when you hit the 'publish' button on this post, does it recoil like a shotgun?

    • http://theanisette.com Daris

      Epic comment win.

    • John

      That's pretty funny. Normally, yes. I'm proud of our Chivettes every week – there's a lot of back-and-forth between the girls that goes into the post or, to continue your analogy, a lot of gunpowder needs to be loaded into the muzzle during the week. It's exciting but mostly a relief to hit 'submit.'

      Today especially b/c i got food poisoning last night. Yes, food poisoning. I'll let the irony sink in.

      • nywolf

        lol, then I hope that you never get food poisoning again! πŸ˜€ Thanks again for this post, it brought the mood up in everyone's day!

      • Country Boy

        Well for having food poisoning(so tremendously ironic), you sure made one helluva post! I would pick one to say they are the sexiest, but Im gonna have to go with all of them…

      • Sick

        your food needs more chives, obviously. hope you are feeling better and please, do keep helping us forget about the drudgery of RL

  • laiden

    #19 just stared into my soul

    • masternatron

      I was trying really hard to stare into hers, but yeah.

    • DCMOFO

      One of my fav pics this week!

    • llano2

      Those are Heather Locklear eyes.

    • Gues

      Gorgeous. Epic eyes. Would love to see the smile version for today though . ..

      • Superman

        Agreed. So, #19, you've got an official request for your smile, too!

    • Wadhah

      I can't stop looking at her !!
      Dose anyone who she is, or at least where is she from ?

    • http://www.facebook.com/Sgt.Shnooky Sebastian Barison

      Love her eyes =P

    • Surf and Snow

      Those eyes just caused me to forget where I was. Gorgeous!

    • -KhmerStory-

      #19 is rediculously hot! It sometimes surprises me how many attractive women use theCHIVE.

      • Sick

        hehe, you just defined Chivette right there

        • http://jameskruger.blogspot.com/ JAMESJ

          It is my theory that we the Chivers are now the Alpha males…And woman like this #19 sends a photo in for us to view. Thank God!!

  • Bobby

    me likey #27…mmmm nip…

  • joe

    #27 thumbs for see through tops? ————>

    • #27

      Those are two different chivettes. . .I'm the girl in the black, but the pink isn't me. =[

      • http://oo.com orylolol

        prove it

        • #27

          I got it fixed. . . =D

          • http://oo.com orylolol


    • FeeFeeG

      These are beautiful! <3

  • Truth Teller

    Well, we finally hit the bottom of the barrel. We’ve gone through all of the sexy chivers and these are the sub-par leftovers.

  • Tristan M Norman

    MOAR #71 !!!

    • OhSomeEvil

      YES! She is a friggin babe.

      • FeeFeeG

        Absolutely! <3

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Very, very nice! Admiral Ackbar approves.

      • ClariseStarling

        MOAR indeed

    • nudity and fluids

      Wicked HOT

      • Jen

        her body rocks!

    • my charlie

      very sexy!

      • Yucky

        Is that you up there, my charlie? Looks pretty similar….

    • Bryan

      #71 SEXY HOT indeed!

  • Fred

    MOAR #26 Sandra! Sandra! Sandra!!!!

    • Jon

      Yes MOAR indeed, more of her and other latina hotties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doofenshmirtz

    #1 Lauren you're always number 1 in our hearts πŸ˜‰
    #12 All I can say is 'Wow!'
    #27 Fantastic nipples…please, much MOAR! You are PRIME chivette material, period!
    and #62…tremendous GAP!

    • b-ry

      well said….all around

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