• n1ghtstalker

    Did this post only go out to me? Can't believe no one has commented on
    Gorgeous Rosie Jones in #6
    The gravity defying size of #15
    The pose from Rhian Sugden in #29
    The camel toe in #36
    and the bouncing beauty of #37

    • tits_mcgee_

      possibly the best first post I've seen

      • Rob

        #15 is Maggie Green and #37 is Cam with carmen.

    • shazoop

      # 14 is Carmella Bing :]

      • ClariseStarling

        #12 is Jessica Jaymes

        • zzzz

          i think i've seen her in the pron from my computer

        • bobo

          no shes not but she is a pornstar

      • rdh014

        Before she had a kid and chunked up considerably…

    • michaeler

      #37 is a webcam chick named carmen

      • aosux

        God bless her!

    • Majestic Tits

      HOLY FUCK!!!!! Showing these pictures is just so wrong..right..wrong..right..wrong.

  • Boobies4all

    I wanna see Patty's man boobies before they disappear. They are worthy of this post.

    • onecalledsam

      Did he just say, "boobies?"

  • Paula_

    Now THAT's the kind of cats we want… NO MORE CATURDAY!

    – the one you love to hate

    • financial aids

      There will always be a caturday. http://www.oneadayporno.com

      • F*ckOff

        Who the hell is paying all these morons to spam a porn site?

        • DaddyD

          Maybe the owner of the site?

    • Mikey WINS

      shut up paula, you ruin my day every single time without fail. fuck

      • Nothing

        really? wow, you're pretty pathetic…….

      • Paula_

        Thank you for playing. See you tomorrow dear?

        – the one that ruins your life

    • mikey

      paula trying to be socially relevant by pretending to be a lesbian….EPIC FAIL

  • Cavall

    Good God I love women

    • yourmomonchive

      um no..this is big boobed post..you tard.. your supposed to notice massive on the right not boy boobs on the left..

  • tits_mcgee_

    #25 on the left MOAR please. she has beautiful eyes

    • Anon

      Both of them look great. Why single out the one ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • [clevernamehere]

      Who's looking at their eyes?

    • TCUchiver

      Gotta love that TEXAS is representing yet again!

    • Nudity and Fluids

      Go Rangers

    • Navy guy

      they have eyes?

  • ice2whn

    chive we need the names of 1, 4, 5 and 20!!!

    • Paula_

      They're OutofyourReach, NotinyourLeague, DreamOn and NotforYou respectively.

      – the one within reach

      • Guesty

        ^Ha, good call.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=726465710 Russell D Hall

      #1 Septermber Carrino

  • jpm

    who is #5 and #35?

    • ice2whn

      35 is gemma atkinson i think go have fun on google with that

      • http://www.facebook.com/Sgt.Shnooky Sebastian Barison

        is the daughter of Mr Bean right? or am i wrong?

        • newscot

          You're wrong.

          • hadd23

            ya thats mr beans daughter

    • ...

      You can find a gallery of #5 using Tineye, but I didn't notice a name. Only clue was a SuicideGirls watermark.

      • http://www.facebook.com/michael.bridgett1 Michael Bridgett

        #5 is a suicide girl. she goes by the name Bully. i dont think she actively models anymore tho.

    • tophernator

      35 is gemma atkinson and five i dont know

  • newt

    awesome first post of the week… #6 rosie jones, won it for me

    • germanchiver

      she´s a classic

  • financial aids

    #16 I have never understood what it means to be hypnotized until now. http://www.oneadayporno.com

  • http://www.aevaaccord.tk Confused

    #1 FIND HER, #29 Bring her to my kne- I mean, to me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • here ya go

      #1 is September Carrino

      • denzino

        I don't think I've ever met a girl named September. She represents well.

    • Josh

      #1 is September Carrino

    • here

      #1 is september carrino

    • EvilDungBeetle

      #1 Find a more recent photo… They're bigger

    • http://www.facebook.com/paul.betton Paul Betton

      i like that tender love with you is ok ??
      passion looking in to your eyes. yes
      turn me on your sexy skin! Mmm you can scraps my backed
      when your nails in my skin scraps me when i make love to you
      faint you 4 the pictures you sand me i like the things you had to say,
      you takesing' care your selve. I enjoy looking at your beauty look
      at you I like your juicy press i was to put my hands on them
      massage them juicy slowly i! am sorry you r sexy Lady
      ladies you sexy your,tender lips to kiss them & love them, i like it piece the you're out fix

  • Anon. Neemus.

    #20 FIND. HER. NOW. She needs her own post on Sexy Chivers. Dat body.

    • CF Nerd

      agreed. Find her

    • Michael

      This… MOAR NAO!!!!!!!!

    • YOoo!


    • MOAR!


      • John Johnson

        Holy shit MOAR!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tekrebel Charlie Makarov

    some of these i stare at for long periods of time thinking its a GIF thats gonna show the rest

  • musetv

    what is it with these god damn chicks on this god damn plane!?
    let's get Samuel I'll-do-anything L Jackson involved

  • https://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #20 is a beautiful mystery CHIVE WE NEED TO FIND HER

    • lurker

      I have reason to belive.
      IT'S A TRAP!!

    • http://theyachtclublife.blogspot.com Detroit Artist

      Normal Gorgeous College chick > Photoshop fake models

  • FLChiver

    #8 #10 #20 #29 remind me why I love blondes so much!

  • Sanman

    #6 #34 #36 YOWZAAA!!!

    • minx

      #6 is amazing.
      kind of sad that so many girls on here are hotter than brooklyn decker

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #15 #18 those are huge sweater puppies! great way to kick off the week!
    cheers, beers!

    • ROK247

      more like sweater st. bernards

    • rdh014

      #15 is Maggie Green

      • minx

        she looks like jessica simpson, no?

  • ilovelemonsquares

    #35 the chive should have a 'girls with short hair' theme.

    • http://twitter.com/transitshawn @transitshawn

      then lets follow it up with "girls with long hair" ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dex

      Fo Sho! That is a chive must have! 'chivettes with short hair'. #35 is the poster example!

    • 2eeeeez

      lets make sure their not all white this time too

  • PianoFingers

    #27 has a downright sexy quality – next door-type, but HOT. Very refreshing among all these scantily clad wannabesexy-(but only for the model fee) girls.

    • BigDawg

      Amen… MOAR

  • Swiss dude

    #33 sure this is a girl?

    • INawe

      kira kener… pornstar

      • ClariseStarling

        It doesn't really look like her at all

        • Yoyoyo

          Yeah, NOT Kira Kener, Kira is HOT.

  • V.A.

    #3… Big, even from a distance…. Instant win.

    • beano

      please MOAR

      • JTB

        Denise Milani.

  • Dunny_

    #17 #9 gorgeous…Great way to start a week.

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      FIND HER #17 !!!!

      • Jag

        Jayden Brooke … I think

        • Dunny_

          Good call! Thanks.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Knutson/812119055 Jeff Knutson


    • preincarnate

      Who is #9? I think I'm in love.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=726465710 Russell D Hall

      #9 Find her!

  • ClariseStarling

    MOAR #1 and #18. also, who are they?

    • Slauter

      #1 – September Carrino

    • Hot

      #18 Katrin Cozy

    • Jeff

      Yeah, search for September Carino on Google. Turn off safe search first.

      • Randomthings

        Her boobs are even bigger now. Some kind of miracle.

  • todd

    #9, I'll take one, errr… two of these please…

    • Slauter

      This is hot

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      Fresh is a good word to describe this babe.

  • Swarley

    #1 #9 #23 #35 #36

    • ClariseStarling

      #28 and #29 are pretty damn tubular, too

    • Rick

      #1 is September Carrino. Google and enjoy

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