10 unique grilled cheese sandwich recipes just because they’re the greatest thing on earth (10 Photos)

These photos and more at buzzfeed.

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  • Brofessor X


    • KeyserSoze

      El Douch-o. Mueren en un incendio.

  • Guest

    Great… Now I'm drooling…

    • Ryan

      I know what I am having for Lunch tomorrow now…

  • dean

    I didn't want this post to end, I'm going to make some grilled cheese right now

  • Dustmiretheturd

    #23 i just farted

    • Nick

      farting on the internet is always funny, unless you're at a lan party.

    • Anonymous

      that's more of a shart.

  • Hans

    Beautiful post

  • lolnonomous

    #15 You're doing it wrong.

    • ace

      but it tastes so right!

  • Kyle

    How come the cheese never pulls apart like it does in commericals?

    • Yep

      Mine does

    • Bud Ugly

      You're doing it wrong.

    • cookzone

      It's because your maybe using pre-sliced cheese like Kraft? Try using block cheese that you need to cut into slices, not only do you get a better taste but you get the pull of cheese that you are looking for.

    • Sarah

      Use about three times the recommended amount of cheese and put a lid on the pan to steam it. 🙂

  • Jason

    Damn you chive! It's 2:30 am and now I'm hungy!

  • JumboTron

    Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • schango

    Where is the Monte Cristo?

    • Randy Marsh

      Forgotten again, like always…

  • switch_24

    this post made me hungryyyyyyy! i'd understand if Patty gets mad at Bob for posting this.. its not fair! he's on a diet for effin' sake!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    must go and make #13 right now! beer and cheese sandwich must enter my daily diet

  • Scooter

    Really? No bacon and Grilled cheese? That's the greatest things known to man.

    • you missed it


    • Ern23

      #30 counts. In a pinch, I use the bacon crumble from Costco. It's great!

  • Kagawa

    Paradise *drool* 😮

  • foodie

    I love food topics/pics.

  • Trent

    #40 HUNGRY.

  • jack

    Oh My GOD

  • Lupercal

    #1 From The Grilled Cheese Truck. Ate 2 of those a few hours ago. Mmmmm….

  • Kitho James

    Guys What are you waiting for??? Tell your woman to make anyone or all of these sammichs!

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    • young clean bastard

      fuck you

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Shaw/669440656 Steve Shaw

      Suck our collective dick, please.

  • BigHeadEd

    NSFW. Not Safe for Waist.

  • http://www.endoftheinternet.com/ First World Problems

    #8 What a great thread – I just love foodporn like that!

    Apropos porn: Dear CHIVE, why don't you just show the T&A pics instead of that half-assed crap you've been posting for a while now. Call it TheJIZZ or something.
    I mean seriously, every other pic on here you search for leads to some porn site.

  • DaddyD

    My own invention while working at a Jewish deli in college … salami and swiss on light rye with a touch of russian dressing.

  • Birdhaus32

    I think I just O'ed a little

  • JohnnyCool

    You can't do this to us! You can't post all this amazing food and NOT post the recipes. Please post the recipes, too!

    • http://spachethespatula.blogspot.com/ Rachael

      A lot of those grilled cheese can be found on tastespotting.com 🙂
      Just put grilled cheese into the search bar

    • Zing

      Recipes are on The Berry… you know… that website your woman reads in the kitchen in the morning with her coffee.

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