• jamison

    #45, at the risk of sounding creepy, i'd like to set up a laptop on that ass and chive away the afternoon.

    • Urban

      Nah man. Only creepy if that was a dudes ass.

      • svw

        how do you know its not??

    • b-ry

      perfectly legit in my books

    • craigarlen

      IT'S A TRAP! pretty sure that is a guy, need more evidence to prove me wrong…

  • Urban

    #21 #32 #33 Love the classroom Chivers.

  • astowe10

    #18 good to hear the surgery went well.

  • Ryan

    Chive on from Corpus Christi… C101 ROCKS!!! #42

    • chiver

      Rex is a douche.

    • haha

      chive on from d-bag ville

    • c101sux

      if chive did a douchebag post, every pic would be one of Rex.

  • Stone

    Very nice

  • b-ry

    #17 is stupid

    • dumb

      agree, grab any book. write "Jon, Chive on" inside and submit.

    • shaka khan

      maybe because the person who wrote John Chive On was the author of the book nooch.

    • mcmguy

      Do words make you angry? Not enough pictures for ya? Who am I kidding, you probably can't read this anyway.

  • Catence

    #34 – good to see another MN Chiver.

    • Rob

      GO TWINS!

      • Matt


    • Toots McGee

      I wonder if they're were honoring one of the greats, subconsciously ….

      Kiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbby Puckett. Go Twins… and Go Chive!

    • FloydRTurbo

      I was there !! See me third base section eighth row?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matt-Menke/1503280839 Matt Menke

      I wanted to take the picture with the American Flag and the jets flying over. Couldn't get a signal!!! Took me 7 innings to get a signal to get the picture. Chive on MN!

      • Charlie

        Man there are a lot of MN Chivers, heres another one chiving on from Plymouth.

        • Catence

          Well hey there Charlie, I am in Plymouth too.

          • BamaJess

            Eden Prairie here!!! Woot MN Chivers!
            Bah humbug on the Twinks though! National League is where its at!

    • wrcdriver

      hell yeeah… chiving with android!

  • fibonacci5150

    #6 is my favorite, outside the fact that I get stopped out way to often

    • pitchfork

      Then don't put in stops 😉

  • Enzo

    Chiving on from my bar! pictures to come, (thats if i dont get shitfaced).

  • AAWW Yeah

    #40 – Space Needle in Seattle?

    • Superman

      Dudes – seriously? He's in Tokyo…

    • seattle

      I can see my apartment from here!

    • Gordon McSherry

      Yep, that's me at the top of the space needle.

    • Dejuan

      correct my dear sir

      • Admiral Ackbar

        Nice to see Seattle representing on the Chive!

    • http://www.facebook.com/chad.jabara Chad Jabara

      Seattle Chivers unite!

  • Anonymous

    Always a classy ending fellas! Nice Work!

  • bull1123

    Always a classy ending fellas! Nice work!

  • https://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    #11 – Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  • WoogyMonster

    #26,#3,#6,#12, #38,#44 theCHIVEDOM has done it again. Best Chive Everywhere post EVER mang!

  • http://twitter.com/DanBoeVen @DanBoeVen

    #30 Første Chiver jeg har set/hørt om i DK!

    • Hell yeah!

      There was a Danish Chivette here once aswell. Nice to see more Danish Chivers though

    • Wavien

      Der var en dansker i Sexy Chivers for nogle uger siden.. Men ja, dejligt at se DK repræsenteret her ^_^

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #40 – Space Needle in Seattle?

  • http://www.facebook.com/roderickspells Roderick Spells


    No giggin… HOOK 'EM HORNS

    Chive why do you continue to discriminate against Texas Longhorns?! Aggies aren't chive worthy!

    • Aaronjrivera

      BTHO TU!

    • BamaJess

      Roll Tide

  • blurr95

    #45 Gotta love theChive!!! Chive On!!!

  • carlo

    #44 that's not the airport! it is my office…. chive on! from laredo and nuevo laredo!

    • art

      Yai chive, we were just "testing" the tvs…
      Anyway, we made it! xD

  • Sizzle

    Maryland heavy post. I love it.

    • Jen


    • karl

      two posts from SMC FTW

  • Emma Oliver

    so nice to see my brocolli plants somewhere other than just outside my window 😉 thanks chive!

  • Michael Johnson

    Stub hub sucks…Chive on real music business!

  • pjsupremex

    #29 FTW- budds creek is the greatest outdoor ama national. way to keep tha tfinger on the clutch, someone taught you well!

  • jken

    #29 My kind of chiving 🙂 Very nice one finger clutch technique

  • Pat Mcgroin

    "no such thing as a vacation away from Chive." Silly moron… the Chive is the vacation.

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