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As I’m sure you all know, tomorrow is Hump Day on theCHIVE. If there’s a Chivette out there who wants to close the DAR tomorrow, just use our handy-dandy hump submit page to upload your tush. Chive On!

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  • RatedR401

    #2 FUCK YES!!!!!

    • llronnyll

      can you see chive on the side?

    • northerner


  • Brother Maynard

    #47 Yea, tomorrow is Hump Day!!!!!

    • Wyatt

      scratch and sniff….NOW

      • iloveQuatchi

        Hear, hear!!!

        • Procto

          Both of you are creepy. Its gonna smell like ass. Because it is in fact an ass.

          • iloveQuatchi

            But it's a girls ass. How can it smell…

            • Jak

              It smells like shit because shit comes out of it…but my interest is still peaked

              • iloveQuatchi

                Wait, girls poop?! Since when?

          • Gabs

            If it looks that nice, i don't care what comes out of it. I am European…

    • sandbagger

      of course a butt that has been retouched in photo shop is going to be pretty close to flawless

      that being said, it's still a really nice butt

    • SeaBassEX

      Want to touch the hiney, soooooo nice

    • Banksy

      I'D MAKE FUCK TO #47


    #13 Oh Hai!!

    • Special_k

      Somebody should really shop in this one a pedo bear sneaking up from water.

      • hMMMM

        Are you sure you understand the whole Pedobear thing….

  • Random

    #25 time for photoshop…

  • urban

    #18 These days we call it socializing.

    • equalizermax

      Modern Family Picture

    • Kyle Retrato

      Look, even the dog has a fucking iPhone.

      • ** PAULA HATER **

        So I have a boxer that looks just like that one, even the same colla! HOLLA!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andy-Austin/739253786 Andy Austin

    is the reason I love Chivettes so much, I prefer real over plastic girls like #4 anyday

    • Dirty Dingus

      Thumb Up. Thumb Up.

    • Vagina Jones

      She's fine, but less makeup would be much better.

    • Angry Kid

      This girl is smoking hot.

    • Grizz01

      seriously? that's one of the most plastic looking girls I've ever seen on this site

      • LAZYN8R

        I certainly wouldn't say no to her..

        • Grizz01

          Me neither, but saying she's real looking is kind of ridiculous. spray on tan, half an inch of makeup and sharpied on eyebrows don't exactly equal real.

      • jken

        I'm pretty sure he meant that THIS girl is plastic looking, and it's why he prefers Chivettes

    • A Fan

      Chive loves to toss a tranny on us every once in awhile. I'd never take a trip with the Chive staff or at least get drunk in their presence

      • Mr. Obvious

        It's a man, man.

  • http://twitter.com/winfields @winfields

    #45 I think I'll pass, that is unless she's looking for #14 !!

    • Borracho

      More like #37

      • hMMMM

        and give up the chocolate cookies? Doubt it.

  • Oasis

    #45 What, my entire refrigerator.

    • Angry Kid

      She's the exact same size as the chick everyone was jizzing about in yesterday's DAR. Only difference… this chick is not photo-shopped. What happened to all the fatty lovers today?

    • Dirty Dingus

      If that shirt was low cut…you'd be drooling all over her.

      • Jen

        we need a full post on bigger/thick/plus sized chicks and the arguments over who would do them and who wouldnt will ensue! SUBMIT!

        • Jesus


          • venromero


            • dizzard

              Do it Chive. I triple dog dare you

  • jamison

    #44 sometimes when you win, you really lose

    • iloveQuatchi

      Obviously you know nothing of body building.

      • Grandma

        Alright Napoleon. Go feed Tina some ham.

    • Rhino

      You know it's bad when the trophy is a lighter shade of bronze than you are.

    • Faclo09

      Yeah enough with the pics of bodybuilders with the fake bronzer on. They put it on for competition, and I'm sure 99% of them realize that it doesn't look normal, and wouldn't go around like that everyday.

      • iloveQuatchi

        I would say 100% know it doesn't look normal. It's to help see muscle definition under the bright lights.

        • DrROBOTO

          he's right…and cutting salt, carbs and all the food you love is a lot harder than you could imagine. I'll take negative thumbs 2 defend one of the most awesome and hardest sports 2 compete in imaginable.

          • its_forge

            Honestly though I'd rather be strong than all bulgy like that, and you can be ridiculously strong without looking like 180 pounds of raw chicken breast that's been run over by a speeding locomotive.

          • JimmyJohn

            hmmm most dont do all that. diuretics and a whole bunch of vitamin S. and its not a sport. getting fat and starving cycles while lifting dont require any athletic talent

            • iloveQuatchi

              Are you f'ing retarded? It requires more athletic talent than amost any sport. The discipline alone makes it one one of the hardest sports out there.

              • JimmyJohn

                its a competition. its not even a race of sorts. extreme cake baking to make the largest, shiniest cake is more comparable but thats not a sport either. and discipline alone doesn't define it as a sport. just exercise for an event. almost any professional sport has discipline. each day u have routines, travel for long distances from your family and u also have a strict diet. weight training is just exercise for the real sports. and i know bodybuilders and those guys are not in the best of shape. just big and full of supplements. some can barely breathe. not athletes on a pro level and not a sport. call me whatever u want but i'll stand by what i say

                • iloveQuatchi

                  sport /spôrt/
                  Noun: An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others

                  I've played many different sports in my life, so i have some knowledge of the topic. "its not even a race of sorts." The "race" is building lean muscle, and shedding body fat by competition day. The physical exertion is the said building lean muscle and shedding body fat, and the posing. The skill is knowing how to lift and build muscle right, knowing how to cut down body fat right for competition, and knowing how to pose right. And it's individuals competing against one another for who did everything i just mentioned the best.

                  So, tell me again how this is not a sport?

          • Haha but No.

            Hard? Yes. Sport? Absolutely not.

            • iloveQuatchi

              And how is it not a sport?

              • Haha but No.

                Its as much of a sport as runway modeling.

              • Haha but No.

                And whats the skill involved? Working out real good? Carb avoidance? Bronzing ability?

                • iloveQuatchi

                  That's just ignorance on your part.

                • iloveQuatchi

                  Would you consider figure skating, diving, or gymnastics sports?

                  • JimmyJohn

                    yup all sports. they require natural athletic ability like speed and co-ordination. when scouts talk to u for any pro team sport they dont ask how well u can go on a diet . dont try to push your nonsense here. u say u have played many sports but i bet u didnt excel at any. lack of natural ability and talent. the only natural ability the world of bodybuilding needs is genetics. yay. somewhere along your family tree, someone had good genes and had the ability to become strong. doesnt mean u can run faster, jump higher, skate faster, throw farther… all it means is that u can look better under lights. and need bronzer to hide scars and defects that all the supplements bring like scarring and acne. when posing and dieting are included as olympic events i hope im dead. dont confuse that with powerlifters because thats lifting, not vanity. if your bodybuilders were the strongest then they would be there. still not a sport. i even rank NASCAR higher on the list and its just advertisement…vroom vroom !!

                    • iloveQuatchi

                      I qualified for nationals in greco-roman wrestling my junior year of high school. So don't tell me i didn't excel at any sports.

                      Bodybuilding is judged in the same way that figure skating, diving, or gymnasts are judged.

                      "…and need bronzer to hide scars and defects that all the supplements bring like scarring and acne. " I can tell you know nothing about what we are debating just from that sentence. I would suggest you watch the movie "Pumping Iron".

                      Your counter-arguments are nonsense. Do some research. Actually learn about what you are debating before you argue your point.

                    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

                      so,is golf a sport?

                    • mike

                      iloveQuatchi I agree with you bud, bodybuilding is not simply working out in the gym, its a 24 hour job that requires ridiculous discipline when it comes to lifting and especially diet. These guys eat nothing but chicken, rice, fish and other foods that many of us would only eat once in a while. your just all too ignorant to understand. I bet if many of you even tried to live the life of a bodybuilder, you wouldnt last more then a few days. so stop your beaking.

                    • bab

                      I have to go back to the earlier comment….so this means that runway modeling is a sport right? they diet and purge like no one would believe, exercise rigorously everyday….basically everything identical minus that hideous body painting bronze.

                    • iloveQuatchi

                      And where is the competition for runway modeling?

                    • Vagina Jones

                      " I qualified for nationals in greco-roman wrestling my junior year of high school. So don't tell me i didn't excel at any sports. "

                      Bahahaha, no offense… but that sentence has to be one of the funniest things Ive read, ever.

                    • iloveQuatchi

                      I'm not some 45 y/o dood reliving his glory days. I just turned 20. Sophomore in college. I would have competed senior year but i was too burnt out by the end of the regular h.s. season.

                    • Vagina Jones

                      I hear ya, it was just a funny sounding sentence.

                  • bab

                    only thing i know is that back when my brother and I were boxing, there was a big blowhard body builder in our gym that would strut his 200lb torso all over the place…I remember the day he tried boxing my brother, all 145lbs of him. embarrassment ensued and the entire gym got a great laugh watching my brother go Roy Jones Jr on him and box him with his hands behind his back b/c that giant ogre swung a punch like a panda bear yawning…..discplined and large, sure, but true athletes…meh….being a wrestler how can you stand by and claim such a ludicrous activity could be on par with what wrestling or boxing training require….that being dieting, strength and AN ACTUAL FUCKING SKILL!!!

                    • iloveQuatchi

                      I can say from experience that many wrestlers and boxers don't know how to lift or diet right. And i never said bodybuilding is on par with wrestling. Just that it is tough. The dieting and lifting for BB is harder than any other sport. That takes a lot of skill to do right. Bodybuilding requires a different skill set than most other sports, so you can't really compare it side by side to the other sports.

    • p dangerously

      white guys head on a black guys body…no biggie.

  • jimmy

    #24 Bloody cats, I rest my case.

    • trollface.jpg


      • Vagina Jones

        Maybe a third time might make it funny?

      • Stevo


  • Joe

    #45 Na… Ah Hell. Yeah, I do

    • A Fan

      Did I miss the memo that it's cool for fat chicks that think they're sexy?

      • amrith777

        Since when are YOU the sole arbiter of what's sexy?

        • A Fan

          I guess we all know what YOUR girlfriend looks like!

          • amrith777

            Yes.My Partner IS chunky.And I love it.I have had women of many shapes,sizes and colors.I guess my point to you,good sir,is that it's fine if you do not like a certain body type or are not attracted to it,that is your business and your right as a human.But you do not speak for ALL of us.

            • A Fan

              First of all, if you find a good girl that treats you right, I say go for it. But my beef is with all the chunky girls that walk around wearing skimpy outfits with fat rolls hanging out everywhere professing how sexy they are. And I live in a place where I see that alot!! I doubt even you would appreciate that , no matter how much you're into your girl.

              • amrith777

                I have to agree with you on that.There are tastful ways to dress no matter what one's body type.You are correct in thinking I do not appreciate women (or men) running around like they never look in the mirror.
                Thank you for being decent and respectful.

                • A Fan

                  See there internet, two people can disagree AND have a decent argument.

    • PartyMarty


    • truthteller

      All the nerds donno what to do with a women hence the shitty replies to these melons. Yes i have a dick for u unlike the other guys here at Chive.

      • Turk

        You go for it. Just tie a 2×4 around your ass so you don't fall in.

  • http://twitter.com/winfields @winfields

    #19 – no, testing the force of her own farts…. and with an ass like that, pretty strong.

    • 2DruNk2FraG

      Sorta, I kinda thought she is cupping a fart and is going to hold the next passerby down to smell it.

      • bud

        i thought she was going to softball pitch a fart

    • HUH?

      i figured she was demonstrating the appropriate wiping technique.

    • JPC

      More like making sure her tucked in dick and balls aren't coming out the back end.

  • Gwintro

    #45 no i do not have any cake

  • nick

    you should give them away then!! Or sell them on super cheap -$5 Tee-shirt day!?!?! I’d buy one…

    • BENZO

      my thoughts exactly! I'll gladly take a shirt with a slightly too small logo

    • Dirty Dingus

      Send them up to Slave Lake, Alberta. Half the town just burned down because of a forest fire and they are in need of clothing etc.

      • Jay

        This. This would be amazing on so many levels.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        Maybe the time has come for another
        seasonal Chive Charity Drive

    • The_Skid

      yes.. yes they certainly should after that clusterfuck of fail this morning with the chive logo tees

    • Snoogins

      Sell them for $5! I'll buy five! Just took care of Christmas for my whole family…


      • Vagina Jones

        I'm glad you signed off or else we wouldn't have known who you were.

    • BobSugar

      Give them as prizes to those who participate in "If it fits, its ships."

    • Ben

      I was going to say sell them super cheap….But Slave Lake is a much better idea

    • what the ppl want

      why didn't you just order more chive tees…. something people actually want

    • Gooz

      If your going to shop' it, at least dont have the fixed ones also where we can see that the size is fine

  • ted

    #15 i have a feeling that bar is full of dudes.

    • No original content.

      Actually its full of people. Key West is an interesting town.

    • Silent Bob

      I have a feeling you're full of dudes….

      • KeyserSoze

        fucking awesome….

    • Brandon

      It's a rooftop bar in Key West. At night, mostly old people. During the day, the only place strippers can tan to get rid of tan lines.

    • USM_Eagle

      Lots of Old People and Dudes who stay for 1 drink and stare at the videos of body painting on TV.

  • DNA

    #33 What…The…HELL!!!

    • equalizermax

      My reaction during "Burn Your Bra Tuesday" and "Hump Day Wednesday"

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Taylor-Murphy/1440566705 Taylor Murphy

      clip from the "Knights of cydonia" music vid by MUSE, great song and trippy but awesome music video to go with it

      • alcoholiccactus

        Yay! someone else recognized it!

  • Vagina Jones

    #31 Beautiful, and she knows it.

    • Harry Beaver

      Who is that?

      • somedoood

        Victoria Justice. She has a show on Nickelodeon called Victorious. She recently turned 18.

        • Kodos

          Too old to be Victoria.

          It's Vanessa Marcil.

          • Kodos

            I retract my previous statement.

            • Kodos

              In order for you to shove it up your know it all ass. Douche.

          • Vagina Jones

            In this picture she does look like a younger Vanessa Marcil though. I'm glad God keeps replicating her.

        • Maynard B.

          Now that she's legal, she needs to shed some clothing.

  • http://twitter.com/winfields @winfields

    #25 would take that over the Duck Face anyday!

    • Username Taken

      We need an "O" Face gallery!!!

    • BloodScrubber

      What you don't see is the midget (or small person if youre PC) trying to give her the heimlick manuever .

      • Blumpkin

        I think he might be mining for dookie

  • Exiliado

    #15 where is this?

    • The MOB

      Key West

    • equalizermax

      In my backyard

      • Angry Kid

        More like van.

    • endlesssummerkid

      Duval Street

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Benton-McGrath/587208531 Benton McGrath

        The Duval Crawl.. I miss Key West



    • The_Skid

      NO SHIT!


    • Vagina Jones


      • Blumpkin

        AAAAHHHHA, I CAN'T RRRREEEEAAAAACCCCCHHHHH IIIIIIITTTTT, oh there we go. thats much better

    • AndyMerc

      OMG! Happened to me too! The shirts were available for literally 30 seconds!!!!!

    • retardedonanewlevel

      dear chive,


      ps my idea of the thought process when the chive places an order. we sold out in 30 sec lets just order the same amount then be sold out for a month. that will defiantly keep the loyal chivers who don't spend all day on the chive happy. oh and lets buy a golf cart instead of investing in what the people actually want then making a ton when they buy the shirts

    • Magoo

      This is what happned to me! Makes me want to punch babies!!!! ARGH!

    • Charlie Brown

      If so much attention was not given to the fact that these shirts sell out, would you want one? Furthermore even if you would want one, would you go ahead and order it, or procrastinate and order at a later date? It's a marketing strategy.

    • YupYupYup

      It's Paddy's fault; you can buy a red Tenn shirt for a real bargain, though!

  • Oasis

    #12 Don't worry, I'm a proctologist.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      from one doctor to another
      his dedication is admirable

      Anytime's a Good Time to Get Dirty

  • NonfatWombat

    #47 made my day complete.

  • iloveQuatchi

    #17 Holy shit…

    • Trent

      Having a very hard time believing this is real.

      • bigmikeskinsfan

        I believe its one of those "why you should have me on your fantasy team" commercials like you see for football players.

      • aosux

        It would have been awesome if it was.

      • Paula_

        (no, no troll link)

        – the one you love to hate

        • iloveQuatchi

          YES!!! Paula_ replied to my comment! I ffeel like i have unlocked a life achievement!

          I don't really care if it is fake or if it is real. I think its a pretty rad video.

          • Paula_

            I replied to Trent you fool!
            What is it with guys these days, what was the name of that Chiver that got off whenever he read my name again…?

            Paula Paula Paula
            – getting people off 3 times in a row

    • http://www.facebook.com/rbuitenkamp Rutger Buitenkamp

      is fake

    • iloveQuatchi

      Still awesome.

    • Cris_Ron

      I thought the joke was Eva Longoria!
      Then WHAM!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.zwijacz Mike Zwijacz


  • BeccaB86

    #17 – that can't really have happened, right?

    • HollarPeenYo

      Ohh yes, that just happened…

  • FlyingSpagMonst


    Needs to be shopped.

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