Burn your bra for all mankind (40 photos)

Attn Chivettes! I need you to dig deep and find your inner-rebel and actually take a photo burning your bra while wearing the tightest shirt you own. Please send all “Burn Your Bra” submissions to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com or use our Submit Page!

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  • The Bandit

    …great gallery again, but #18 #24 #30 #34 were especially hot!

    • Rob

      #18 is Krista Ayne

      • happy NY

        #34 is Laurence Gulyette Yang

  • http://jerseysfinest-bling.blogspot.com/ bling306

    #11 #12 Stunning!

    • chivingnoeth

      Looks kinda like a young Cameron Diaz

    • turtle666

      MOAR PLZ!!!!!

  • Doofenshmirtz

    #34 NEVER gets old…clearly the best of the lot…

  • MPCurt

    #25. Why would a girl do this to her hair. Is she trying to be ugly – cause – nailed it. Dammit what a waste

    • Truth be told

      She shares these incredible pokies with us, and you worried about the hair?!?! Be real, even with that hair she is out of your league.

    • shahzad

      i wana lick ur pits and all wholes…………

  • http://www.facebook.com/CashMoneyMoore Joseph Moore

    #1 must be cold. Because it's freakin' snowing.

    • Cristi_P

      That made me laugh. Thank you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001208655111 John Jennings

      I really think this might be a friend of mine. I'm checking in with her to see if I'm right. If so, I'll start to convince her to post a few more for the Chivers.

      • Nathanial Hörnblowér

        you are not sure you know this woman????

    • pingthis

      This is Courtney. You can find her on Model Mayhem under Paper Doll Princess. I have shot with her. She is gorgeous.

      • BBB

        Courtney Cass… google her

  • goman go


    • Franklloydvinyl


  • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

    I'm still trying to get an answer to the more important questions in life.
    Like: if you don't pay the hooker, is that considered rape or theft?

    – the one you love to hate

    • oughtnot

      I you trying to figure out how to file your report with the police?

      • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Yeah I'm still confused as to whether I was raped or robbed…

        – the one you love to hate

    • StuScottsLeft Eye

      It was half funny the first time, now youre just beating a dead horse…Go an do something important like donate to the SMS post!

    • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Also, Chivers, when was the last time you heard a hot girl say: "I burn my bra for reddit."? I'm just saying…

      – the one you love to hate

      • dipshit paula

        at least some of there posts are new.

    • bobsagetsays

      shut the f up

    • BAMFinater

      It's like my daddy always says, "you can't rape the willing"

      • Steve Lee

        ah damn your eyes, you beat me too it

    • juan

      its both paula, and you seem interesting hit me up on facebook

    • juan


  • konaehukai

    #35. Ginger + Burned Bra = Love

    • dalexmu

      2 words… bar rafaeli

      • konaehukai

        I didn't even recognize her. I think that's about the sexiest picture I've ever seen of her.

    • Ttravis

      I Like you

  • JBM

    "There are no comments posted yet. Be the first one!" Maybe this is encouraging people to do that first thing… Anyways i've gone through the thing like 5 times and i just can't find a favorite

    • Urban

      I can understand why. Best post ever! Lov'em all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1755841195 Bryan Fichtner

    #26 Natural cutie

    • Lost an Eye

      With some serious pokies!

      • Kupkake

        shopped, look at it.

        • crowebar360

          I was thinking the same thing Kupkake. Something is definitely off there.

  • absolutcarcrazy

    Well hello #5 and #22.
    Cowboy hats and hot ladies just work……

  • Homer

    Yes! Set them free.

  • goldsteinberg

    OY VAY #27

    • Chim Richels

      Justine Jewel.

      Google her. All kinds of naked. If you like this photo, you'll like the rest of the set in which you can see the inside of her va jay jay.

      • captainobvious

        I am in your debt kind sir

    • shahzad

      hmmmmmmmmmmmmm i like you nipples

  • Cristi_P

    Getting better and better each week! Also, number #30 looks delicious….

  • SWG Fan

    #5 is smoking!

    • peckerwood

      #5 FTW, OMG hubba hubba

    • equalizermax

      I've been asking many weeks to FIND HER!

    • hawt

      She almost made my Laptop fall off my lap… 😉 Sexiest pic I've seen so far on the chive!

      • Zach

        Agreed! This one is HOT!

        • captainobvious

          I have no idea WTF they put in the water over there in the Ukraine, but for the love of God, can we please get some over here STAT!!!

  • BSmike

    Can't decide which theme I like better… Hump Day or Burn Your Bra Tuesday.
    … Oh and #7

    • ilovethechive

      We need a hump day post with burned panties!

      • penguin slayer

        this is dannii minogue

    • paulhitchcock

      On Burn Your Bra Tuesday, I like Tuesdays better, but on Hump Day, I like Wednesdays better. It's like they're both favorite. Why pick just one?

  • pete
  • ilovethechive

    DaYUM!! Leo, The Chive and All Chivers FTW! Amazing Post

  • Jtease

    White girls ftw. Come on Chive, let's get some variety up in here!

    • Anonymous

      Confusing comment is confusing

      • Guest Commenter

        Not really that confusing a comment. In fact, its pretty damn clear. Perhaps not an opinion you support, but that's a different point.

      • Jtease

        To clarify, "ftw" was sarcastic. My apologies for any confusion caused. Dumbass.


          Jtease, they can only post pictures that are sent to them…if you want to see some variety, then tell your girlfriend to send in some pictures…

  • Capt. Obvious

    #18 WANT MORE NOW!!!!

    • Guest

      Krista Ayne

  • MadMansDad

    I heart boobies…and nipples…and tits!

  • http://mattscradle.com/2011/06/11/hotkeys-for-dota/ DOTA

    can I just burn them also.

  • Jak

    #7 is so wonderful my flag is a full mast

    • yup

      Danii Minogue, Kylie's sister

  • WOWed

    One of the best posts each week. So much win so hard to narrow to one or even a few. Love the sheer ones, especially with silhouette. The water enhanced ones are hard to beat, and love the serious pokies, yet subtle pokies are nice as well. And #5 is just so inferno hot overall!

  • dalexmu

    this has been the highlight of my day so far

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