• konaehukai

    So now we know why the Chive moved offices.

    • Paulo

      They needed a better creep perch.
      Sooooo creepy.

      • Guy IncogNEATo

        Agreed on the creepy part.
        When you can fly girls across the country to do 'photo shoots' AKA sleep with you, why would you need to creep down their shirts off the balcony.

      • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

        You should see the view from my basement there; I GET ALL THE UPSKIRTS!!! Yeey!

        – the thing in the basement

    • hMMMM

      to snap shots of mediocre talent? Where are the hot girls???? Don't mean to hijack, but just had to say something about the dual suntan fail in #35

      • hMMMM

        and dudes who wear flip-flops are gaayyyyy.

        • hMMMM


        • Guest

          Actually men who give a crap what other me wear is gay

          • TRON

            well, that explains why the states are a sartorial wasteland…….

            • Guest

              Ok, you've got a point.

        • Bucky Jones

          They're at a beach boardwalk dumbass.

    • equalizermax

      #25 – Taking a stolen shot of me? This is for you chive!

    • evan

      come and knock on our door
      we've been waiting for you

    • Billy

      Any guesses on what the monthly rent is?

      • CBRADIO

        Way to goddamn much! I know exactly where those offices are! Walked past that building many times! Great location though!

    • Pablo

      i pass through venice all the time, now i know where there at….

  • lance


    Skill takes constant practice

    • KyleRetrato

      #22 Fuckin' smart.

    • Shady

      Its kind of shady that Chive took all these photos without people's permission…

  • Caligula

    Awesome people watching spot. This could be a daily post.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589047656 Kyle White

      I agree.

    • Spank the Monkey

      Prime candidate for webcam.

      • damnitshot

        +1 to that , nothing better looking then normal chicks walking on the beach !

        keep calm nd creep on !

  • http://man-lair.com Stafferty

    #20 And i officially wept for the future.

  • Tuttified

    #1 Why I hate my job – and love yours.

    • Tuttified

      Oh and #6

      • craigarlen


    • Roscoe

      How the hell do they ever get any work done?

      • Zoo

        This is work for them

  • JohnnyRugby

    #37 is why I hate you, and envy you. Even if it's staged

    • funkyf

      Who is that? LG? Dylan? Me likey…

    • equalizermax

      You know you're gay when…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=514615429 Pat Overton


    • Tomas


    • Captlazarus

      Hmm always wondered what you use at the chive to distract you from work.

    • sixdeadelves

      yeah, wtf guys! look behind you.

  • Bridges

    i need to come to your offices!!!
    Or if you are hiring someone to sit there and take pics from your balcony i will gladly accept an offer.

  • Charlie

    Parking is a Bitch! Though well worth it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paulstav Paul Stavros

    #38 is that girl topless?

    • Henrik

      #37 There you go!

    • Apocalypse_Now


    • Jose G

      haha q bobo X_X

    • U2phan

      Looks like Elin

  • Jedi

    #37 who's the babe?

    • b-ry


      • Billy

        Ha! looks like Shay to me

        • Markus

          I think Shay has bigger assets.

    • Bud Lee

      I'm thinking Dylan

      • just sayin.

        looks too female to be Dylan. and i don't see the horse tail either…

        • BeccaB86

          What the fuck has to be wrong with someone that leaves a comment like this?

          • TCUchiver

            I 100% agree with you…some people have very lonely, sad and pathetic lives.

            • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

              You rang, my lord?

              – the one you love to hate

        • Cast Iron Skillet

          100% agree. on top of it she's got a face to match the tail.

    • b-ry

      you can't even see the front of her, and you're calling her a "babe"?

      • its_forge

        A woman who walks around outdoors with her obviously lovely breasts open to the fresh air is automatically a babe.

      • b-ry

        stop taking my name and posting as me faggot. can't you come up with your own?

  • Intensemasterdebater

    How the fuck do you get any "work" done?

    • Abiding Dude

      this is why the DAR is late!

    • august west

      It kind of easy when all the 'work' is outsourced to your consumers. We do the heavy lifting they just regurgitate the better parts of it.

    • Billy

      You call what they do work………..Phish Plz……….

  • Str8Arrow

    37 = side boob !

  • lance

    #4, #37

    i jog by that office every day. I always wondered who lives in those badass places. kinda nice to know it's the chive. good on ya'

    • woolanoow

      the thing I don't understand, is how they make profit? I mean, you see no commercial on the site, nor they ask us to donate anything… how they do this?


  • Jon

    -hey guys, instead of working how about we drink and stare at hot girls?
    -dude, this IS our job

  • https://thechive.com/ Turduckenn

    what a view

  • Kamps414

    Any employment openings?

  • panama99

    #25 either flipping you off or digging for gold……

    still cute.

    • hMMMM

      awful teeth

    • omg

      "dental plan….that girl needs braces…."

    • isawoj

      She would leave permanent grooves down the side of your dick.

    • sammuelchase

      even with a not great set of teeth she is very cute

    • RiHugh

      Teeth like a Star Wars character.

  • sarah


    that dog is fucking adorable

    • Bill

      That is Paula holding that dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Actually it's Patty holding Paula.


    • Chris_Mason

      Did Patty hit his goal yet? Are we done with the pics?

    • Belaruss

      That comment made me lol, still don't know why. I think I'm looooosing it. This confirms the fact that office work sucks.

    • Dog

      Why has that dog not gotten any bigger?!?!

    • Beast-Man

      agreed. i'd fuck that dog.

  • 123

    Have we gotten any real pictures of the hot girl in #4 yet? See her in all of the Chive shoots.

  • tomcaronsgoatee

    No thank you…. What a group of weirdos!

    • Coldzilla

      Ya know whats weird? Someone actually using the word "weirdos" o.0


      • tomcaronsgoatee

        not really. sorry.

        • Coldzilla

          Yeah like Im gonna trust the word of a goatee o.0


    • phdonme

      Haha… KInda what I was thinking too.. Taking pics of chick cleavage… Sorry Kinda Creppy Chive. If one of you saw a fat guy at the beach doing this he would be automatically called a perv.

    • jkl54

      i think you're just gay..

  • max

    #37 pattie is looking slim, still waiting for more updates on that topic

    • hMMMM

      That's not Patty…

      • isawoj

        The Brigade guy, right?

    • Billy

      Looks like Shay

    • john

      Thats Rick, he runs the brigade and helps with the chive. Also, John's cousin/room mate, Bob's brother and mine as well.

  • KeyserSoze

    you lucky bastards….

  • Z_b

    #25 Did she give him the finger or is she scratching her nose??

    • bunedoggle

      I think she's trying to tell us something.

    • https://thechive.com Mr_Zambu

      picking her nose in public! lolz! my kinda chick! 😛

  • sirforsyth

    #21 #22 iPod shuffle? Real men pierce their nipples with an iPod.

    • Cc.

      Didn't even see that. Too disgusted with the flabby beer gut.

    • Guy Smiley

      real men keep their shirts on when they look like that

  • forrester


    just livin' the dream

    • Meh....

      Creep'in on a balcony taking pics of random people?

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