• etcrr

    Very cool pic, but I would like to know what they are doing?

    • lebernum

      What it looks like they are doing (and I'm a civie), is take that Humvee for a ride. The guy with the yellow stick is about to discharge the electricity the helicopter has produced. He's grounding it. The far guy is reaching for the hookup and the last guy near the Humvee is holding on for dear life.

      • Franklin1138

        I think you're right, Lebernum (and I'm ex-Army). The humvee's windows are all taped up, and it looks like there are cargo straps on the frame. Those MH-53s are pretty badass!

  • Tony Blundetto

    I hope that guy reaching for the hook let the guy discharge it first….. dosn't look like he's even close to it. btw… its a CH-53 not a MH-53

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