• Butler

    Wow… Just wow…

    • KevinC

      And IIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiii will always love you.

    • mike

      My EXACT thoughts at the end of this post…. are there even words?

  • blkman

    there is no way this is real….

  • oridotan

    #6 lol on 1st comment

    • spicticus

      That's much more than lol, that's lshmsfoaidmt

    • M.O.T.

      This might be the first time on the chive anyone's said "1st comment" and got a positive reaction haha.

  • Casey

    First bitches

  • frank

    creepy shit

  • Crazy Bill

    Wow, thought I had some crazy bitches. This one is scary.

  • SKP

    This is pure gold.
    Welcome to the Facebook generation folks!

    • Generation X

      is sick of your bullshit.

  • mxbeatty

    i wish my facebook friends were as dumb as her. my feed would be waaaay more interesting

    • Christina Hoffman

      I have a few…I'll share

    • Kris

      For real. All of my friend's status updates are boring as hell.

  • Sir Boobsalsot

    Holy cow! and I thought some of my Ex's were deluded!

  • Dave

    That shit cray

    • r@f

      What she order?

      • Otto

        fish fillet?

        • The_Pusher


  • Derek

    This is why i love the chive they find stuff i cant and dam is the stuff they find great 😀

    • daroofa

      With the exception of the Chivettes, a lot of it can be seen on Reddit a day or 2 earlier.

      • Emanon

        This is true…saw this on Reddit yesterday. However the Chive is a great way to recap the best of the internets. It's like watching Talk Soup. I sure as hell am not watching ALL OF THAT TV but sometimes I want to see all the crazy shit I might have missed.

    • Billavoider

      It is super easy to do what the chive does…. Steal everything from Reddit. If you don't believe me go to reddit.com and look at the first three pages. It will end up on thechive sometime in the next day or so.

  • ballen

    So fake

    • black27696

      When it was on reddit a few days ago they found out it was fake pretty quickly.

  • ICUP

    That ish cray!!!!

    • Tebow

      Did you make that line up? Never heard it before. Congrats on being creative!

  • Frodo

    Hahaha! Oh my zombie Batman, this is hilarious. Yes, PLEASE make the shirts… Well done, good sir.

  • Hannes

    This girl will probably recieve an Darwin Award in the near future..

    • http://society6.com/karimathias Kari

      You need to be dead to get a Darwin award — as in, being so stupid that you remove yourself from the evolutionary gene pool. She did a stupid thing, but it's not the Darwin brand of stupid.

    • farhead

      an Darwin Award

  • pufffdragon

    I don't want to live on this planet any longer.

  • manupkyle

    angry eyebrows** best line ever!

  • chip

    This was confirmed as fake and done by an University of Victoria (in canada) student

    • Sharon

      Where'd you find that out?

    • dgd

      Please post a link to back up your claims. I think this is fake as well, but would like someone to point me in the direction of some proof.

    • Yolo or twice

      good, cause i was about to freak out that this chick was in my province! LOL awesome prank though, that's hilarious, cause . . . not tattoo's but i've heard of some crazy women out there.

  • 3MC

    cool story, bro.

  • Russian47


  • BillrayJ

    Fake and gay

  • chillassbeejay

    Just so everyone knows…This is fake…The guys who did it admitted that it was fake…Was on Reddit a few nights ago…

    • Nope

      Half of this site was on reddit a few nights ago.

      • ChiveStealsContent

        HAHHAHAHHA well played sir. Humorous and accurate.

    • Rachel

      I <3 Reddit!! 😀

    • Lisa

      I knew it was fake when they spelled everything correct.

      • Ellie

        HAHAHAHAHA! So true, so true.

  • Cherm2222

    I know I'd even up regretting it but I'm just too curious..FIND HER!!!!

    • Cherm2222


    • Anon

      We don't find her. She finds you.

      • Zinzat

        ha ha 🙂

    • amandajean

      She's not a real person, but here is his facebook: http://www.facebook.com/austin.knill

    • 2nnt

      Name is Sara Hartly, I suppose. Profile either seems to be nowhere or she just removed the profile pic.

  • passwordistaco

    Not only fake but unfunny, it actually sucks funny out of the room

    • Guest

      Uh oh, we've got an Internet aficionado over here!

    • http://twitter.com/tonydeli7 @tonydeli7
      • http://twitter.com/tonydeli7 @tonydeli7

        i fail…

    • P Diddy

      What is your name… Sara?

    • ThatGuy

      I actually feel kinda bad for her. Being creepy sucks. I would know.

    • sketchyhouse

      "Not only fake but unfunny, it actually sucks funny out of the room."

      BEST COMMENT ON HERE. This shit actually sucked the laughter right out of me. LOL.

      • passwordistaco

        Thanks a lot sketchy now I can't delete the comment and leave people guessing how bad it was!

    • IamLegion

      Oh, I was praying it would be fake – THANK YOU!

  • Siiel

    feels too over the top to be convincing

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