Same-Side-Sitters: Acceptable or Annoying? (10 Photos)

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  • oran

    Yeah sometimes I do and Sometimes I dont…thats it…who cares

  • Kevin J

    My girl loves this.

    It's not an all the time thing, but when we feel a good connection, or if we just want to be close to each other, I like doing it. Goes back to how self-confident you are in your surroundings, plus the anticipation builds for later. I only focus on her when we go out, and if she wants to sit in my lap I couldn't care less what you feel or think. If she's happy, I'm happy, and you can hate all you want.

    Odds are good that whatever girl YOU are with is secretly wishing you'd do something like that sometime.

  • jon

    i side sit with my wife all the time. as said above, sharing food is easier, we don't have to yell at each other to talk, we can people watch, playing multiplayer games on phones is easier, and it never occurred to me that i should give a shit about what anyone happened to think about us doing it.

  • Trig

    I can reach her pussy with my toes, but cant get my toes to my mouth. So we sit on the same side.

  • S8er

    I only get to see my bf on weekends because we live in different states, the two days we get together you'll find me on the same side of the booth. Go ahead and hate.

  • sleepy_one

    if it bothers you, its because you are hating. find someone you what to sit next to. 🙂

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  • Alex


  • old school

    This was a classic move to deflect judgement early on in a relationship. It's important to realize

    – across the table is in the judgement zone
    – on her side and its you and her judging the world

    Now that being said hungover at brunch on a second or third date is fine, nice dinner is probably judgement time anyway.

  • Adam

    lol. It's the norm in europe. Good for people watching on a patio

  • therealguy

    this topic sucks

  • Arthrighteous

    Duh! Its easier to receive a handsky while sitting on the same side. As far as I care these people are innovative geniuses.

  • Wooglin

    Summary of all the comments so far:

    Practical people sit on the same side for rational reasons, i.e. watching a game together, it's cold and they're sharing heat, etc.

    Other people think it's somehow easier to talk to someone who isn't in your field of vision. I think you're a bit odd, but hey, I'll do my thing and you can do yours.

    And then there are sad, lonely people who freak out over stupid things other people do. Maybe if you guys calm down about stupid things everyone around you likes to do, you will be more pleasant to talk to, meet a girl, and have something better to do than get annoyed over where strangers like to sit.

  • europe

    amercani prosti

  • doctor_m

    if they are at a diner they should sit at the counter

  • moose8681

    The only reason you should do that is if you are in high school and you're 15 years old

    • Dancing Can

      or if you really care where others sit, you should become a hostess or host for the local Bob Evans and dictate the seating arraignments.

  • Vanessa

    So annoying!! I'm a hostess at a restaurant and boy is it annoying and awkward when I lay down the menus on the opposite sides of the table and then they sit next to each other and have to slide the menu over… I had this one table I was going to sit them in a fairly crowded area and they straight up told me that they were "heavy petters" and didn't want to gross anyone out!!! I could only laugh, and then shoved them into one of the most private booths available where they eventually were making out the whole time and their server absolutely hated me for seating them there! GROSS!!!

  • chemtale

    this is how i see it, im a same side sitter. i fucking tip your ass. and tip well…deal with it.

  • richard

    I tip 20% and have anxiety from working with the mentally ill and being in the military So, when I do this it gives me a sense of security….if we sit in a corner or with my back to the wall it makes things easier. We also don't do pda. Isn't this America? Why do you care?

  • monoxxide

    they either like to cuddle while they eat, can't stand to look at each other eat #8, or they like to people watch any way you look at it the things people do are funny

  • snowoarder

    Manufacture problems.

  • Oscar

    My wife is partially deaf in one ear so on occasion I will sit next to her while in a loud restaurant so that we can hear each other.

  • Dancing Can

    read some comments, posted on a few. Probably most negative ones really need a hobby or something.

    OCD types that care about where others at a different table are sitting need to KCCO.

  • Age Real

    I'm a side sitter. Usually when me and my girlfriend would go out we would be looking at something online or something. Good reason to sit at the same side. And it felt awkward staring her in the face all the time, in a restaurant with a little amount of people, we would rather be silent and hold each others hand after we were done eating. But we would sit both facing each other or side to side. depended on the situation!

  • Eljefe2g

    Till this day, i still dont understand how this can annoy anyone. People just get annoyed by the stupidest things…just let them sit how the fuck they want. Plus its easier to get a handjobby sitting this way…

    Just saying…

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