• jetrome

    #30 Congrats on the weight loss. and Thank you for preserving the boobs!!

    • carl

      i would put one of her stained panties over my head and walk into a wall. repeatedly.

      • I'm Mike

        Carl…you're an idiot…panties don't provide enough protection. Stick one of her maxis on your forehead if that's what you're going to do.

        • carl

          Mike, you are more intelligent than I. Um, excuse me Ma'am, it has been brought to my attention that one of your stained panties will not provide sufficient protection for my head as I walk into a wall. Could I please have one of your maxi-pads? For my forehead?

          • CarlMikeSHHHH

            Shouldn't we just ask her for some more pics? Less clothes too – body looks FANTASTIC!

            • I'm Mike

              Hey, CarlMike SHHHH…how the fuck did your horse get in this race? Shut the fuck up you ass-kissing twat.

              Carl, I'd probably call her miss instead of Ma'am…bitches appreciate that. Oh, yeah…chicks hate to be called broads.

              • carl

                Shit, Mike, you must be combing the pussy out of your hair! It doesn't take a genius to see that you are a true ladies man.
                P.S. I also heard that you shouldn't give them nicknames like "jumbo" or "boxcar".

    • Anon

      Why is the first one shopped?

    • imran ahmad

      hey yuor boob are very beautiful


    #4 Sweet umm… tats 🙂

    • mike

      this girl is becoming the next erin willet. attention whore. enough. we've seen your giggly, cutesy pics. your tats and all your hair colors. zzzzzzzzz

      • moving on

        add Asa and that other Chive office rat to the mix.

    • brabbit

      Many butterfaces out there today. Be careful gents.

      • guest

        This site isn't about talking shit, if you want to bring people down go somewhere else.

        • la la la

          it's more fun here.

        • brabbit

          ok geek

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606371253 Shannon Coverdale

    #17 I agree, why would you?

  • hark1985

    #21 I am a fan of art too! Glad we have things in common

  • PennStater


    • banana flapjacks

      #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17

    • wooooooooww


    • karissa escobosa

      i know her,shes a cutie

    • Burnar


  • jetrome

    #85 "Maybe one of these days I will capture an action shot of my tush slipping off the edge of this tub. Chive On!

    • ...

      i don't see a tub though.

      • random

        she is standing on the edge of it. You can see the rim in the background.

    • Bullshit Face

      "Maybe one of these days etcrr will realize how much of a fucking idiot he is."

    • Chino

      She's from tumblr not a real submission … Racist guy is fighting the wrong fight. We have to stop the fake pics.

    • isawoj

      something about her butthole.

  • Joeyk

    Real girls win every time, thanks again chivettes

    • haha

      yeah. these girls look "real" smart. some of these shots are hilarious.

      • Lotus


  • pickleman77

    #30 I'd bang that like a screen door in a hurricane…

    • JAX

      HAHAHAHA, oh man that was good.

      • PJ from SE PA

        hahah that!!… is hilarious!!!

    • i love lamp


    • Classnazi

      Classy…and by saying that, you ensured you will not only never come close to that vagina, but doubtful that you see any for the remainder of this year…which is what, your 15th year on this planet?

      • mshark

        Classlessnazi you seem to need to chill and chive. You do not seem to have the required sense of humor to just enjoy. That shit was pretty funny

      • pickleman77

        Wow. You definitely put the "ass" in class! Luckily for me, I think most people who see this kind of stuff are chill enough to know a little humor when they see it. But hey, I guess you reserve the right to remain stupid. Oh, and you might want to think twice about applying for that job as the "Guess Your Age" guy at the carnival-you're way off. But don't worry! I hear the carnival IS hiring guys to sweep elephant shit! You'd be perfect for that!

      • winning

        Ho ho! And he strikes again! Ho ho ho!

  • Martin_McFly

    #20 I'm not normally the blonde type… but HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!

    • Ryan

      I second that.

    • Fish On

      Yes, she is simply gorgeous.

    • KyleGamgee

      Maybe she's not normally a blonde?

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #7 And hopefully not the last time!

    #58 And apparently drunk….

    • yes

      you mean vulnerable.

    • Nope

      She's Irish…they can't get drunk.

    • http://cargocollective.com/Luciemacarthur/Lucie-MacArthur-Art Lucie

      #58 this is what happened when I tried to do my digital photography homework on St. Patricks day…. I'm better at painting anyways. KCCO 😉 http://cargocollective.com/Luciemacarthur/Lucie-M

      • CavalierFan

        Knew it was Baltimore from the Natty Boh can!

  • NcouthYouth

    Can I take a half day too Chive?

  • Jeff

    #5 your are simply stunning! I want MOAR!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001920770641 Real Madrid

      heeeeeeeeee am hema zaglam

  • Ballard

    #27 shaved…is the expression?

    • M T L

      So hot.

    • Fish On

      WTF is going on with her chest?

      • are you new?

        those are nipples dude. she burned her bra.

        • Fish On

          I'm talking about the red splotch above her bra. Doesn't matter. She's got a killer body.

          • ppg


          • are you new?

            i know…just fuckin with you

    • Jake

      I'm from Ballard too

    • Old man Chiver

      Sweet, T Y now lets see her Tush.

    • UhH

      She might as well be naked.

  • 650

    #84 dibs

    • 650

      And #47…badass submission

    • Guest

      dibs on #61 good god

    • moon


  • KKCO

    This post makes the happiest and the saddest. So many sexy Chivettes, yet I have never met one. Soon….

    • Chris

      for me its just motivation to go to the gym

    • Sara

      You will!!

    • 650

      I'm pretty sure my buddy and I will be meeting some Chivettes soon – I scored us two KCCO shirts yesterday B)

  • Kevin

    Moarrr of #77 please!! I love any girl that reps Philly!

    • Meta

      F THE PHILS ! Hows last Place feel!? You're hot though! Sincerely a mets fan

      I know the mets blow too

    • MattyDeuce

      Maybe if this girl had season tickets they would play better! Whoooo is she?! Pennsylvania is in need of some good news all the way around!

    • CortezdaKiller

      Philly Sucks…Go Braves!

      • Jammy

        Go METS!

      • Jarreth

        Hell yeah!

    • 215

      Way to Rep Philly!!!! and you are absolutely stunning

    • ejaculASIAN

      there should really be a philly chivers meetup. and we should make sure this girl is invited.

    • Chino

      This is another tumblr girl. It's a two year old picture.

      • Mr. McGibblets

        Think we need an update ! ! ! Philly !!!!!!

    • Jon


      • Michael

        Go Rangers !

  • Jeff

    #82, you just made me a Tiger's fan!

    • http://twitter.com/slackersavvy @slackersavvy

      TIGER FAN! So happy to see some Detroit love on here!

      • Miss Ma'am

        Hell yea!

  • Jason

    I have an extra KCCO men's medium that I'll send to the Chivette who sends me the hottest picture to KCCOallday@aol.com.

    • lame dude

      desperate much?

      • Corky

        u jelly?

        • lame dude

          of a t-shirt or picture of a girl?

          good god.

    • DAC

      i hope no one is sending photos to this jerk off

      • Guest

        oh I'm sending him photos alright.. heh.. heh.. heh

    • https://www.facebook.com/nick.clark7 Nick Clark

      aol is still around? people still use it?

    • Larry

      Wow, so much cockblocking.

    • wizardballman

      Guys like this @$$hole should be banned from the chive for being such douchebags. He is attempting to take pics away from the chive! So F*ck him.

    • fatguysrule

      Sounds more like it is an XXL if one judged your comment…….

  • Koreatown

    #82 someone chop her nasty ass feet from the pic please

    • ummm...

      As an unabashed ass, legs and feet man I can honestly say there is not a damn thing wrong with them. You sir, need to go fall in a hole.

    • Guest

      dude she has nice feet

    • TAW

      "Dur Hur…I'm a real man, the only part of a woman I appreciate are tig ol biddies Durrrrr"

  • hans the napkin

    #31 That's what I call sexy!!

  • haeddre

    Translation #85 action shot with her tush slipping off the side of the tub she's standing in

  • The Metal

    As always, you have such a wonderful female audience.

  • xavi00

    #8 powpowpow

  • Jeff

    #51, you look so sexy!

    • Dylan

      Yep – spectacular cleavage.

    • longshot421

      Agreed!! #51 FTW

  • Strizzle


    • JRUSS

      Holy hell. Dat ass. Please let me do things to it.

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