Chivettes, we need your smiles for the troops!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and we want to do something special for the troops. On top of our military meetup in San Diego, we wanted to do something more to show our appreciation. What better way than a beautiful smile?

Obviously Chivettes, if you have any military gear laying around, props are welcome. But if you don’t, just flash us your best smile to show your love. Send the smiles to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com or use our handy-dandy submit page.

Be as creative as you can, the SC goes live this Friday!

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  • Desi

    More than smiles, methinks. 😉

    • http://www.facebook.com/AndersonDani Daniela Anderson

      Submitted mine. Hope I make it 🙂

  • Ferngully

    and by smile, he means boobs

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    and CHIVE ON!

  • qpr

    show faces please

  • frecklebutt

    Sir yes sir! 🙂
    Thank you soldiers, from the bottom of my big heart.

    • Fun_with_Numbrs

      A frecklebutt can be considered a smile….depending on positioning!

  • tv_paul

    Ladies, Please display your assets in a way that everyone can appreciate Give hugs to a servicemen & women to show you care. And please post the pictures next week. Your country needs you and the Chive community wishes you well.KCCO

  • JoeMamma

    Something tells me there is going to be an unreal amount of pictures lol ad frecklebutt u just made my day lol

  • DrMa7moud

    Smiles. …. Really ? I guess the troops ( and us ) need much more

  • SjKim

    LA MEET UP 😀

  • ParasiticDrag

    Hooters for Heros, show your support!!

  • homer2210

    Vertical smiles, please.

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    You Americans sure do love your army.

    • Imzkid

      We love the people that make up our Army. And our Air Force, Marines, Navy and any/all of the public service folk out there that take a life risk to do something good for the country. Chive on to all public servants, except politicians of course. They're the epitome of 'el douchery. Fuckin fuckers.

  • American

    As described above, this would be great for Independence Day and all but… MEMORIAL Day? Veterans and active duty have their "day." Let us not confuse the meaning of these days, Chivers.

    • Vet

      Agreed. Memorial Day is for honoring soldiers that are no longer with us. However, what better way to honor the dead than by honor the living.

      • American

        John – can you call it a belated Armed Forces Day post? I would show a "smile" for the troops but it doesn't feel right to title it "Happy Memorial Day!"

  • Dc

    Really ? Because everytime I send you a holes a pictures
    Under boob and all… You never post it. Thanks Chive.

    • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

      Send your underboob pics to me instead…I'll post em 😉

    • http://www.facebook.com/ciera.schoen Ciera Schoen

      I agree… I send a couple a week and I'll I've gotten is a clothed chive picture 😛

    • http://www.facebook.com/mneal3 Mandy Neal

      They never post any of mine either. I just gave up.

    • Chiver

      Maybe you're just not attractive enough

  • Richard

    I'm in Afghanistan right now and to be honest, browsing the Chive is most likely the high point of my day. Seeing smiling Chivettes would make it that much better!

    -A Canadian soldier

    • http://www.facebook.com/AndersonDani Daniela Anderson

      And this is exactly why I submit to the Chive. If for one moment we help you forget where your st and de-stress fire a couple of minutes, it makes it all worth it.

      Stay safe!

      • http://www.facebook.com/AndersonDani Daniela Anderson

        For* not fire

  • http://www.facebook.com/devon.jones.752 Devon Jones

    the Chive and all the Chivettes make my day and plenty of my fellow Marines day on a daily basis. So thanks and keep doing what your doing!

    -loyal Marine Chiver

  • izismile.com


  • AngryBuddha

    I only wish that theChive was around when I was doing my tours oversees. From prior experience, Chivettes every little bit of support does help. Keep your head down and KC&CO to all those troops still out there.

  • ElChippy

    Being in the military has a lot of benefits, this happens to be my favorite.

  • Savannah

    What about the CANADIAN military? do they not count?
    I'm sure they would love smiles (and more) too….

  • BULL




    • your mama

      Dear Chive Staff and Chive Users:

      While I am not the original Mayer Jacoby, I am continuing his cause. Through emails with Mayer Jacoby, I’ve found that several people are taking up his/her cause where the name is more symbolic, and less a representation of a single person. To that end, I want to say the following:
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      today's racist user comment that is unedited https://twitter.com/#!/mayerjacoby/status/2049307

      Mac is the worst. I know for a fact he is scum.

      I hate this website. The chive staffers act all self righteous and philanthropic, but what you really do is perpetuate stereotypes, marginalize black people, steal pictures from other websites, all in the name of some ridiculous brand, "KCCO." Get off your high horses and just admit you are 40 year old men who steal pictures, ask users to stalk women, and make fun of mi norities. You do nothing for society

      Also, the “FIND HER” galleries are a ticking time bomb of law suits waiting to happen. I know of many women who are creeped out by this, and some who have expressed anger at thousands of gross men finding them on facebook (and other sites) and sending unsolicited requests for “Moar boobs” and “take it off” and “ get in the kitchen.” To name a few…

      Good luck Chive.

      Chiv eisra cist@gma il .com

    • your mama


      • your mama


      • dirtysteve99

        You're saying 'right on brother' to your own comment, did you forget to log into one of your sock-puppet accounts?

    • Tylor Irons

      So none of these low educated individuals who enlisted to server their country and keep you protected deserve pictures? You sir are pathetic.

    • dirtysteve99

      BULL – appropriate name, no-one here believes a word of your story.

  • minorities jump higher

    If you don’t like the chive stay off it. Simple. Find something else to do besides write novels against something. Go nag somewhere else. I’m expecting an annoying response back but please don’t bother making it more than a sentence long because me and everybody else won’t bother reading it.

    • your mama

      fuck you

      more blacks

      • dirtysteve99

        I'm confused, do you want chive gone, or do you want them to have more black content?

      • kevin

        If u go to any state r federal penitentiary u will find more blacks. Thank u and have a nice day.

  • your father

    did anyone else see this?… or just not wanting to respond to this d bag

  • https://www.facebook.com/anthony.gomez.90 Anthony Gomez

    You have the right to state your opinion. You're welcome by the way.

    • nope

      for what. what doyou do for us really?

  • TFred

    Lmao your worried about the chive when there's a BET channel? Can people stop with the self righteous BS and just live their own life. If the chive does something you don't like DON'T COME TO IT! It's your sole decision to visit this site. *venting complete*

    • your mama

      fuck you tfred

      • Shocker

        hey 'your mama', to get on a website that you supposedly hate and to go off in a long rant shows several things about you. 1) you are probably some punk kid looking to stir up people, I base this finding off your chosen screen name and your response listed above. 2) You probably visit this website often and look at every picture and have probably submitted pictures of either yourself or something dumb that you find funny, but it never got posted. and 3) You live in your parents basement and deliver pizza's and keep telling yourself your gonna get that GED some day so that you can go to college, which we both know you won't, b/c that would mean you would have to grow up, move out and stop looking at the Chive every 30 minutes for a new post. If you would like to sue me for this posting, please feel free to contact my lawyer at GFY@URAMO.com

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