• jgos929


    2nd from the left. All day long I would!!!

    • true story

      the fat one has the biggest tits to try and distract her prey from how girthy she is

      • dirtysteve99

        That corset is a feat of engineering in itself.

        • Notmyname


    • kcco

      I don't care what anyone says, there is no one in the entirety of the internets that would take a run at the 2nd from the left. She is the only one who doesn't have ridiculous sized implants, and is hot!!!


      • kcco


    • Bear

      but thats it

    • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

      Yeah… except that's the 14 year old…

      • TheSimonizer

        no it's not. She's not in the picture. the 14 y/o is the curly redhead.

        • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

          You're right. I was judging by boob size not face. My bad.

    • uron

      2nd from left is not bad, but shouldn't the rest of them be living under a bridge somewhere stealing goats and scaring small children?

      • Rolling.

        Some of these comments were pretty damn funny, but you sir, gave me tears of laughter. Well done!

    • Meowmix

      fake tan? check. fake boobs? check. thick layer of trashy makeup? check. Add in the dead hair and fucked up family, and the total comes out to: Hell no. Have some self-respect dude…

      • goatpunch

        I don't think the tan on that one is fake actually. The makeup is a bit much for my taste, but not as bad as the others, and still within reason. The boob job is modest, but most importantly she is in great shape. You are a liar if you are trying to say you wouldn't drool over her when she walked into a bar

        • http://www.facebook.com/okumaironpaws Derek Lee Skinner

          Blonde hair is a turnoff for me, so….no I'm not lying when I say I wouldn't give this complete slag a second look.

          • dub

            Blonde hair is a turnoff for you? Who are you trying to kid, Lee?

        • Meowmix

          Sorry bud, not for me. I'm not into the whole Hepatitis thing

    • Joe

      That would be the 14 year old. Congrats.

    • jordan

      God damn ladies I'd fuck you till the went down

  • Dibdy

    Good for her, natural is better.

    • SpacemanSpiff

      "However, Britney plans on going to college and entering the business world and therefore feels no need to have implants."

      The passive-aggressivism is strong in this one

      • cmand,

        Proud of her.. No reason not to brush that mop though!

    • teebone

      yep good for her; unfortunately, her mother and sisters are a bunch of run-down, disgusting cum-dumpsters. Good job England.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        We're sorry.

        In our defence, a team is already on the way to that house to ensure no further participation in the gene pool.

        Except for Britney.

    • Knockout_Ned

      She doesn't look like she's doing too bad in that department anyways!

      • captain obvious

        that's what I was thinking, she already has nice tittays so wtf-

    • Notknowing

      I agree. Natural is the ONLY way to go. Good for Britney.

    • http://bellabelleza.tumblr.com Bella

      I agree. I mean, as a girl I don't think implants are good, but it's not my body. I was a (natural) 32G and I got a reduction recently. So, to each their own.

      • This..

        You have just smacked god across the mouth..

        • tony

          a lot of one liners in here but u totally win …. fucking just made me piss myself… and bella…PICS!!!!! lol

    • SockMoney17

      Good for her. Anyway, the rest of her family look like a bunch of trailer park smokers.

    • davewoo

      Looks like a few of them should consider lyposuction!

  • anon


    • Eric

      There using pounds moron go educated yourself

      • Mation

        "Go educated yourself?" Really? Check what you've typed before you hit that little submit button if you're planning on calling people morons. Just saying.

        • Jeff

          Relax King Mation. Typos happen. I'm sure you triple checked your post just to make you were fine, as I am now for calling your bitch-ass out.

          • negative nancy

            *just to make sure..

            so close.

            • boeie86

              He forgot something, that's different

              • negative nancy

                considering he admitted to triple checking his post.. i'd say it's the same.

                • KCCO

                  Wrong? He said that Mation triple checked his post so he wouldn't look like a retard by making a typo when calling someone else a retard.

                  • negative nancy

                    imagine there is another comma after the word "now" in his post.

                    I'll be tutoring English here all day.

                    • JinGJ

                      As long as it's done in that shirt, we won't be in acoma.

                    • http://www.facebook.com/frumundamaballz Michael Alen Pugh

                      You mean in A COMA… when they said a comma…

                      is everyone here just trolling people like me… or are there really people this idiotic?

                    • Guest

                      U Sumtimez hav 2 wunder 😉

                    • tom

                      I English fall typo garden char

                    • Parallendicular

                      What a sad way to waste an entire day.

                    • RDS

                      I dunno…a comma after "now" doesn't make sense, because that links "for call your bitch ass out" with *King Mation's* triple checking of his post. (you checked your post – like I'm doing now – for calling your bitch ass out). That makes no sense. I believe the proper interpretation is that Jeff recognizes King Mation triple checked his own post, just as Jeff was triple checking King mation's post to see if he screwed up, in order to call his bitch ass out.

                      You're welcome.

                    • negative nancy

                      Who's Jeff?

            • truth

              haha… I laughed out load

            • @negnancy

              People who correct grammar on the internet at pretentious douche bags. Go fuck yourself. Did i get that right, ass hole?

              • Patches

                *are pretentious. I'm also fairly certain "douchebags" and "asshole" are generally one word, not two.

                • Advert Vet

                  ER MAH GERD! TERPOS!

        • tapsnapornap

          Also *They're* using pounds, let's not forget that

          • 3smash


        • Dingo


      • http://www.facebook.com/frumundamaballz Michael Alen Pugh

        ***** They're using pounds moron. PLEASE go educate yourself. *****

        Always say please… dork.

      • Yak

        "There"? I think you mean "They're". Go "educated" yourself. LMAO.

    • Gisaku

      Nottinghamshire is in england. And I think she is really pretty. Especially when compared to her "augmented" family…

    • usmc_chiver

      at the cost of 50,000 POUNDS, the does not put her surgery in america….

    • Magie


    • weldsoft

      Nah, they're in the UK.

    • canemike

      Yes I believe Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, is in Alabama.

      • HillbillyNinja

        Hooo-doggies! Aint them some breastesses?

        Did I get that correct, grammarains?

    • Punchasize urface

      yes, because we use foreign currency for shits and giggles in america sometimes. learn to read dip shit

      • Advert Vet

        Probably just read "boobs." Can you blame him?

    • Jay

      'Brittica… 'Nglish… 'Nited 'Ingdom… ???

      • dirtysteve99


    • Kevin

      No Moron, last time I checked, we spend dollars, not pounds, nor would you find Nottinghamshire a typical name for an American city. Chive on!

      • A_O

        nottinghamshire is the equivilant of a state

    • clint

      EVERYONE has been trolled. Kudos.

      • Toll Troll


    • Advert Vet

      This is why we're in 17th place in the world for education.

    • bob

      Nottinghamshire definitely sounds more English than American…

      • A BiPolar Guy

        Bosh, my good man, that's in America. I was just saying to my friend the shire-reeve of Nottingham, how good it was that here in America were are not troubled by the lessor nobles taking to robbery under transparent aliases like Robin Hood.

    • kingspade97

      does the euro symbol mean anything to you

      • skyfireCO

        That would be the symbol for a pound… a euro is €

        • fact

          You are hot… how about you submit a pic or three?

        • KISSmyLUVGUN

          He's' not wrong SkyfireCO definitely Chive worthy. It's your solemn duty as a Chivette and you must honour it!

      • dumb americans

        dumbass americans.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        £ is the "Euro symbol"??


        *reads comment again*

        *facepalms again*

  • matt

    throw that whole family in a fire

    • JG Marine

      Spare the youngest one- she actually has a brain.

      • knyfe

        she should use that brain and learn how to brush her fucking hair.

    • passwordistaco

      Ugliest bunch of big tittie blondes in all the world.

    • Wet_tosti

      You will burn a hole in the ozone layer with al those silicone!

    • Little A


    • I do

      I live near nottingham, the whole fucking place needs lighting up

    • thens


    • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.ormon Charles Ormon

      i agree that chicks are fugly as hell

  • Will

    She doesn't need to big boobs to draw attention away from her face like the others do.

    • Oskar

      Someone's been watching the Philip Defranco Show.

    • Chris

      So wait… does that mean we just checked out a 14 year old??

      • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

        yes… yes it does…

    • http://www.facebook.com/langer23 Christopher Lang

      Don't look now, momma's got her boobs out…

      • The_Dood

        Showing everybody in town…

      • GIPPER

        Rodney Carrington……lol!

    • Pat

      My thoughts exactly

    • biggles


    • phil latio

      Agreed. Most of them should have spent that money on Face Transplants.

    • DaUndeadDodo


    • bob

      thats exactly what i was thinking…. yeeesh!! those chicks are scary..

  • Sterling Archer


    • Raz

      Well said mate. Was actually scrolling down the replies to see if anything had said it already! Top man!

  • steve


    • Jeff

      I feel bad for that dude… a brother??

      • MadMan

        No, he's obviously white…

  • Kevin

    I feel icky thinking about a 14 y/o's boobs. I need a bath.

    • Chad

      I agree. Thanks Chive for getting everyone to check out a 14 year old's chest, Wrong.

    • lolwut

      you're just in denial, you know you'd hit it

    • Frank


    • Knockout_Ned

      "Cleavage has no age." – Jerry Seinfeld

      • tapsnapornap

        "There was cleaveage!!!"

    • Poncho

      Agreed. Chive this is low, ever for degenerates like you

    • http://whatteachersthink.tumblr.com Teacher

      Thinking about a 14 y/o's boobs and the first thing you want to do is lock yourself in the bathroom?

    • wolverabe

      o well.. i still fap'd

  • http://www.facebook.com/adel.arellano Adel Arellano


    • https://www.facebook.com/matthelo Matt Otto

      way off

      • Jim Ritchels

        So far off.

    • http://www.facebook.com/adel.arellano Adel Arellano

      I was the first to post "first"!!

      • commander cool

        that just makes you the first of the losers. would you like a "first of the losers" medal?

  • Harrington

    " £50,000 on their boobs"

    Nope U.K.

  • Anomaly

    this is news?

    • no doors

      this is a news station?

      • LuketheTerrible

        this is a station?

    • Sheila

      this is SHOCKING £50,000 spent and not one good boob there to look at!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/mrliam69 Liam Meadows

    Makes ya proud to be British 🙁

  • D Again

    She's 14!! They need to get there head's checked

    • Gramer Nazi


      • techno_viking


      • tapsnapornap

        you forgot heads, head's is possesive, not plural…but there's already a hot English tutor offering free lessons all afternoon so I'll shut up.

    • Uh oh

      Why the apostrophe in heads??

      My I.Q. drops daily here.

    • https://www.facebook.com/RDRKeeper Rheiniel Del Rosario

      Plus they said 18, the operation done when she's 18 😐

  • m.c.

    2 awkward family photo posts in the same day?

    • Notknowing

      LOL, good one. She looks none too happy in the pix.

  • Happy American

    I'm not one for huge, fake boobs, but none of these women are very pretty in the first place. Be better of to spend that 50k at the gym.

    • Lou

      or plastic surgery on those faces..

      • JinGJ

        Walmart bags are cheaper and can still get the PSE.

        • perdurabo0

          Asda bags, in this case.

  • Advert Vet

    Smart girl. Why would you even want to look like the rest of that family? Shit's gross!

    • B Dub

      I agree. The expression on her face in #12 says it all. She's fed up with her sisters and mom 'trying' to look sexy or cute all the time. She's a good looking kid who has a head on her shoulders regardless of the messed up environment she's been raised in. Good for her, and good luck in college!

  • BitchHunter

    #2 i still can't tell which one is the mom, they all look haggy to me

    • Verbal_Kint

      They'd all look awesome after a few shots and a six pack though.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        He does speak the truth….

    • Notknowing

      …the one in black with the biggest tits. Thats my guess. The only one NOT wearing a bathing suit.

    • Jessica

      The one in the middle with te gross stomach is the mom

  • Zack

    Those women make my wiener soft

  • usmc_chiver

    They all have big tits, and not a single one of them looks any better for it! Excuse me while I go throw up. Pedobear's gonna be taking over my computer for a bit…

  • Lello

    This gonna sound creepy but if she is only 14.and she has fair size boobs… I don't think she'll even need implants by the time she's 18! Regardless good on her for not wanting the implants

  • Just Sayin'

    Doesn't matter. She's fucked growing up in that family anyway.

    • Son of Mongo

      Sometimes people rise above their upbringing. It's not unheard of, though I do admit it can seem rare. All we can do is hope she has the determination, and the sense, to decide that she's surrounded by examples of what NOT to be, and not to waver under her own family's pressure.

    • Sam

      It's playing the lotto. Will she be a unique individual for her entire life…or will she become vain and shallow, seemingly like her family, once she gets older.

      Personally to me though, looks like she'll fall into the family line once she gives up her highschool dreams to pop one out. Bet her moms annoying as fq to be around aswell.

  • Sean

    Not even all the alcohol in the world would make me drunk enough to fuck them….they ugly

    • Verbal_Kint

      I've hooked up with worse in college. You gotta give the booze it's time to work…

    • Marty

      They ARE ugly.

    • RDC

      you lie!!

  • Aoi

    Dont like fake boobs, it's somehow stupid, natural breasts are beautiful no matter size.

    • http://twitter.com/Milfanie @Milfanie

      Unless they're Lena Dunham's from the show Girls. *shudder*

      • JustbinK

        ^^Truth lol

  • givethedjabj

    What a bunch of old hags

  • savagecabbage

    And they my fellow chivers are what are called pikeys, or gypos, or knackers. Whatever your preference.

    • Meh

      I thought the correct term was "Chav", or can it be added to the list?

      • dirtysteve99

        Yes it can.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Basically any uneducated, tasteless burden on the state with no hint of common sense or decency.

        • Son of Mongo

          So, politicians?

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