• Picard_

    #3 Well after seeing her I'm tugging on something, and it ain't clothes.

    • awesnapyo


    • Huh?


    • tugging?

      your penis? are you tugging on your penis?

    • Juby

      Nice see-through pussy-belt.

    • Satru

      Hi Sexy your name please

    • Bob

      I love your tits

  • http://twitter.com/TheOnlyGonzalo @TheOnlyGonzalo

    #11 #26 made my morning

    • Macro

      #11 Jessica Jane Clement

    • john

      Who is 11 seen her on her like 4 times

    • TUHIN

      Fuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • Marco

      Damn what a nice ass she has I really got to fuck that

      • bagabwa

        i'm hoping one day dreamers like us can be called to fuck these gals.cant wait for that day.

    • surendar

      so sexy

    • bagabwa

      i totally agree with you on 26.the way she's tugging at the panties is a good sign when we lay our pipes in between her butt

  • J_ny

    #15 I'll be thinking of you all day! God you're Soo sexy!

    • I.Am.The.Batman.

      Hmmm….Veronique Popa

    • HOOK

      Talk about Spinner, that could be held in one hand and played with alllll day…

    • tom turbo

      #15 and #29 need to eat a sandwich. Like riding a clotheshorse. …

      • FunKiller

        It's cool, I'll take em then!

    • pornolover

      where are u now

  • Jen_eh

    That's hot. #12

    • Dan

      She's tugging it the wrong way

    • ASHU


  • kim

    #33 outch!

    • http://www.facebook.com/skylar.r.young Skylar Ray Young

      Honestly though, that does look like it hurts…

    • Matt_KCCO

      Let them breathe!!! I'll save them!

    • Blanca


  • Hard time

    #33 let me help you loosen that a bit

  • Xsoldier2000

    #15 damn you chive, now Imma be late for work.

    • AssHaterson

      This pic reminded me of something…. I think we're due for another hip bridge post. Amirite?

    • Matty

      Heyy your the hottest girl I've ever seen can u FB me matty sawford would be dream come to lol

  • Warcity

    The Chive has stepped up its game. To many to post all the numbers but I haven't seen any comment on #22 yet. So here's a salute to that beautiful bum!

    • OhioChiver

      Sheer ecstasy 😉

    • http://www.facebook.com/anselmo.yambay Anselmo Yambay

      I love a you!!

    • bagabwa

      these bums are all beautiful,the problem is when can we get to fuck such beauties.hope one day we can be called to eat as much of these bums as possible

  • otis



    One of the best new posts in a while!!!

    • Chunk Pants

      Disagree. There were no chivettes

    • Steve777

      Awesome post! I especially like a hump shot with panties at half mast. Just something about that pose and the removal process. MOAR please…….

  • BruceWayne


    • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

      Agreed, that pic never gets old

    • Kowabunga


      • BruceWayne

        Needs to be.

  • Joe

    #6 wow

    • Ramblinwreck

      #6 must be found!

      • Definitely

        http://crazyblue.ca/dotty/ well here's some more…

        • dave

          you are my hero

          link is nsfw – but worth getting fired for

    • slick

      Tanner Mayes?

  • http://twitter.com/tahwatts @tahwatts


  • Timmy

    No 31, give us a look

    • HereYaGO


  • Fatmangus

    Nice job Alec. NOW you're gettin' the idea. Nice work, keep it up.

  • The DK

    #20 #26 my god im glad i woke up this morning

    • Child Please

      #20 Might be the hottest chick ever posted on here

      • erskinebhoy

        Gemma Merna 🙂

  • Ramblinwreck

    #3 #6 #14 #15 #18 are perfect. Best post in a while! Well done.

    • Xsoldier2000


  • stu

    Nothing more awkward then an erection in work

    • ftlt

      Thank God I have a desk job…

      • stu

        I'm a priest

        • sfb101

          Look for your boys over at the berry…

          • stu

            Class, thanks for the heads up

  • flatlander

    I kept staring at these, hoping they were GIFs

    • Scott

      I got stuck on #8 praying that it would be a GIF. Sooo sexy.

  • XL22

    (Picks jaw up off the ground) WOW!

  • mobdin

    Fantastic post! Gotta love #6 #11 #19 #30 #31

    • Anonymous

      31 could be checking out her brand new penis. Those Asians are really good at those surgeries.

  • whatadingus

    #25 Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, this carpet feeeels gewd.

    • DjDiddles

      Taco flavored kisses

      • guy

        Taco Taco Burritoooo

    • Lisa

      I think that's Jennifer Lopez and she's thisclose to a nip slip. 😮

      • weekendplaya

        Jessica Burciaga

        • FunKiller


  • Truth

    #23 can tug anything she wants on me.

  • Whorebait

    Chive… come on with the audio adds!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jon.rosser.3 Jon Rosser

    More of all of them!

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