Chivers, the story of Farrah, an Aurora survivor (10 Photos)

For updates on Farrah’s condition and to make a donation, CLICK HERE.

An email has been set up, messagetofarrah [at] comcast [dot] com, if you want to contact Farrah to offer any kind words.

Watch the Dateline video of Farrah’s story below

UPDATE: Due the the volume of donations, the donation page is refreshing slowly so the financial totals don’t yet reflect the amount raised, which is amazing. Be patient! More updates to come.

UPDATE #2: We just spoke to the founder and CEO of Go Fund Me, he’s been very helpful by allocating server strength to Farrah’s page to handle the donation load. We asked him if there was a record donation amount in a single hour. He responded, “There was, but theCHIVE shattered that record just now.” We have surpassed the $60,000 amount in less than an hour.

Update #3: At the one hour mark, donations total $74,000. Unreal. Keep going!

Update #4: $85,000

Update #5: $95,000. The final push!

UPDATE #6: $100,000 in an hour and a half. This is unfreakingbelievable.

Update #7: $120,000. And the Chivers have hit the accelerator.

Update #8: $135,000. Also, we linked to hero Michael White’s donation page and theCHIVER’s have almost raised $10,000 for him!

Update #9: $140,000

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  • babyfartmagizax

    Time to break another goal Chivers!! Lets do this! Stay strong Farrah..our prayers are with you! #10

    • Hubert_Cumberdale

      Hey Guthrie.. Go make me a pizza.

      • Woody

        Guthrie Atkinson had been waiting on this post for a long time….and……he's still an idiot

    • Teabagger

      AWW You said something nice.

    • Tuff Guy

      How much of your Domino's salary are you donating??

      • Hubert_Cumberdale

        Y U take my peeture??

      • babyfartmagizax

        At least I don't change my profile name every week, and then try to disguise another "hater" comment under a different name… Knockout Ned/Ned Plimpton

        • Hubert_Cumberdale

          No. You're just an asshole who gets off being first on message boards. You totally waited for an appropriate time where you KNEW you'd get multiple thumbs up to come back. I GUARANTEE you didn't even read the post. There's no way you could have & commented first. You're not Stephen Hawking. You're a pizza boy from Canada named Guthrie Atkinson & I don't like you. You probably aren't even donating.. You're clown shoes man. Fucking clown shoes.

          • HOOK

            Yes ,Yes,Yes and he's 'Leached on' at the wrong moment.Don't let our "Saskatchewan Boy" take away from the moment of helping out someone in need…..Don't need the distraction Son..

            • humperdink

              Exactly… You sure aren't KCCO'ing are you there Ned Plimpton

            • Hubert_Cumberdale

              How is he helping?? He didn't even read the post. All he cares about is gaining user points. That was his sole purpose for commenting first.

              I actually read the damn thing and am donating.

              • HOOK

                He's not…Clearly we see why he's in it….KCCO

                • Canadianmedic

                  We Made it with or without his Donation but lets keep it going!!! I effing love theChive for this stuff!! it's what makes it not probably but the best site in the world

                  • babyfartmagizax

                    I donated…If you really want to waste your time searching for it, by all means go ahead. Chive on!

                    • HOOK

                      Well done…..You deserve a Thumbs up!

                    • Canadianmedic

                      I didn't say you didn't, and if you did that's awesome. The real point is that this chick gets healthy and doesn't have to worry about anything but working on that!

          • RichMahogany

            Hubert, how about you save your negativity toward babyfart for another post? There are more important things afoot than who posts first on a freakin' website.. KCCO

            • sandy astroglide


    • Underbaker

      God Bless and KCCO!!! Wat at $121,536.00 at 3:30pm CDT.

    • Giblets

      Happy to help in my small way , stay strong Farrah and family

    • LisaofLove

      For Farrah!!!!!! http://video.msnbc.msn.com/dat eline/48280384

    • https://www.facebook.com/Aremihc David Holt

      We should shift our attention to her boyfriend who was hurt trying to shield her and save her life. A few Chivers have, now let's show them what the community is! http://www.gofundme.com/wa2ko

    • https://www.facebook.com/Aremihc David Holt

      We should shift our attention to her boyfriend who was hurt trying to shield her and save her life. A few Chivers have, now let's show them what the community is! http://www.gofundme.com/wa2ko
      Read more at https://thechive.com/2012/07/26/chivers-the-story-

    • Lisa

      Friday morning 10:40 a.m. Colorado time, according to Farrah's http://www.gofundme.com/W6WHC web site: $154,831.00 Nice! 😉

  • John

    Thanks again to all our Colorado Chivers for making this possible. Let's show the world why we're the best community on the internet today.

    • spottskelly

      Agreed. Donating.

      • spottskelly

        Got that Damned Lumber in my eye again. Thanks John….

      • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

        Victoria posted a link to Mike's page and now you can watch the front page of gofundme blow up as people make donations to him as well. Not even posted directly on the chive and I just watched that donation amount go up over $1000 in 2 minutes. This community really does know how to give. Anyone else that wants to help Mike as well, this is the link. http://www.gofundme.com/wa2ko

        • spottskelly

          Made mine, just check in and its up to 8300.00 in a manner of minutes. You Gotta Love it.

        • Josh

          Why was he called Michael Smith in the original message on the gofundme page before being changed to his real name, Michael White? That freaked me out of donating to him.

          • What?

            And now the link to Michael's donation page is gone?

        • Lisa

          $14,630.00 as of 10:59 a.m. Friday morning. 🙂

    • HOOK

      John, clearly the Chive community will follow your lead.Well done sir.

    • http://twitter.com/bdaley84 @bdaley84

      Thanks for letting us know, John. Keep fighting, Farrah!

    • CLTChiver

      Between this and the Canada KCCO's in an hour….the internet is going to get rocked! Chive On!

      • Tomato

        Like the mn chiver said. Farrah needs this more than I need a shirt.

        I will wait for the next Canadian chive shirt release.

    • Lowrent75

      Yeah..We got this.

    • B Dub

      Class act John. You know where this is going….over the top of any expectations due to the generosity of Chiver Nation! Donation coming up!

    • theKev

      Victoria posted on the donation site a link to the chive, but unfortunately she posted it as http://www.thechive.org Might want to get in touch with her and have her change that.

    • HatBomb

      Time to break the internet, again. Thank you for this, John. KCCO Farrah, the Chivers are all over this. Best of luck in your recovery.

    • Seth_Michaels

      $100,000, John? Child's play. Chivers, let's roll!

    • iczorro

      I'm enjoying the thought of their faces as they watch the total skyrocket.

      • HatBomb

        And watching that total EXPLODE. That funding site is going to find out just how well hosted it is very shortly, Chivers only know how to donate one way, by breaking the internet with goodwill.

        • loveschivecommunity

          "breaking the internet with goodwill" Best description ever.

          • HatBomb

            Thank you, I must admit, I was pretty proud of that one. And extremely proud to click that donate button KCCO in the comments.

    • Lowrent75

      I am laughing at Victoria's comments and the money pours in. She really has no idea on how this will go. Good on ya folks!!

      • spottskelly

        She is totally Floored… and "breaking the internet with goodwill" has just begun.

        • HatBomb

          CO in KCCO has a special meaning today.

      • myself

        I don't think she had any idea how well we can mobilize. It's nice to bring some joy to such a tragedy.

    • sfb101

      OK let's do this!

    • Makster87

      Donated and we are going to kick ass as always!

    • Question_Mark_

      $20 on the way. KCCO

    • jimbozo

      Gonna break the bank. Over $10,000 already. Damn!

    • RichMahogany

      Love hittin' refresh and watchin' that donation number climb. Glad to be a part of the best site in the world. KCCO, Farrah. Much love!

    • PA2AK

      Looking at the donation site…the donations are rolling in faster than views on Hump Dar!

      • HatBomb

        This should be some sort of measure for internet donating. What percentage of the speed of Chive donation frenzy are you maintaining? 20% would be a very solid accomplishment.

    • http://twitter.com/erinwillett @erinwillett

      Updates! (over half way there already)

      • Heisanidiot

        Well, at post time it was 37K+ something and under 800 donations. After about 40 minutes up around 800 donations and 22K (plus whatever "lag" there is). Only another 150K to go!

    • MikeTheChiver

      To me, this is the best part of theChive community. Sure the shirts are cool, and who doesn't love mind the gap, but this is what it's all about right here! KCCO!

    • http://twitter.com/kfbooth08 @kfbooth08

      Thank you John, for finding and fostering such a diverse and amazing community. KCCO

    • thrannix

      Donated. Happy to help, Go Chivers!!

    • a-nom

      Donated – No Jon, thank you Jon for making it possible for us to have this community.

    • anonymous

      i'm just hitting refresh and watching this number explode. in the last 10-15 minutes i've watched this number go from 47000 to 57000+!! great job chive! i think you just put the colbert bump in its place!

      • anonymous

        by the time i finished writing this comment. it was already up to 60000!!

    • $am

      John, THANK YOU for all your kindness. I am a Colorado Chiver who read all or the comments here and now I am wondering who is cutting onions by my desk. The outpouring of love and kindness from theChive community is overwhelming to me each time we are asked to step-up and help someone's cause. I just want to say THANK YOU from Colorado and CHIVE ON!!

      • Cass

        Agreed 100%. I live 15 minutes from that theater. I could have been one of those victims. I am donating and thanking everyone else who is doing the same. Thank you Chive; thank you Chivers. And thanks for helping me KC&CO this past week.

        • $am

          Is that you, Bro? Keep Calm & Draw On!!

          • Cass

            Afraid not; I'm a Chivette =)

            • Sam

              Small world. I have a friend named Cass who is an artist and lives about the same distance from the theater. It's an honor to meet you Cass, and as always, KCCO!

    • J-Read

      Amazing what the Chive community can do. You have created one incredible following! Well done sir, well done!

      Chivers, Stay awesome!!!

    • guest

      Let's ROLL!

    • Dez

      With all the Chive's resources, why just limit donations to 1 victim? There are dozens of victims that I'm sure need help as well. Why focus on 1 person when you can help all of them? Great gesture but you guys should expand on it to help all those victims.

      • _DoC_

        We cant save the world, but we can make a difference one person at a time.

    • Osgood

      Donating is awesome and we all should but I did see an article, I didn't actually read it, but it said that most if not all of the costs for the survivors hospitalizations would be written off by the hospitals however I am sure they will still need more help in the future.

      • jer

        from someone who has had major intestinal injuries, she will be in recovery for months and the pain on the body cna last a life time. I survived a shooting 6 years ago and still have pains in my stomache and intestines. She seems like a strong woman I have faith she will make it out just fine, especially with Chive's support

      • jer

        she will need some assistance with future DR. visits. I got shot in the guts 6 years ago and still have to go to the gastro dr every 6 months for check ups and to make sure all is well.

      • Osgood

        $20 just donated, felt really good!

      • milwaukee chiver

        There is truth in that article but at the same time she does not have insurance. There will be months of physical therapy and costs associated with everything after the hospital stay. Not only the physical pain but the mental pain as well, something like this event, with the goodwill from people who never met her, can change her life with a simple donation and a KCCO statement.

        • Cass

          From what I've read, only certain hospitals are helping with the bills. Some haven't issued statements and others are just putting a cap on how high they'll let the bill get. I don't know which hospital Farrah is in. I get the impression that these are good people; the money will be put where it's needed no matter the hospital's decisions. KCCO.

    • milwaukee chiver

      Over 65,000 already, let's get this done before I leave work

    • jer

      anyway to get a pic of her and her BF up there so we can see what the hero looks like?

      • mikeltn

        #9 is a pic with her BF. She's a lucky girl to have him and especially his dad protecting her that night.

        • jer

          thanks, I now realize I misread the article adn see tht it was her BF's father.

      • HatBomb

        You can also help her BF with his recovery here: http://www.gofundme.com/wa2ko

    • Hu Flung Poo

      Thank you for all you do John. KCCO forever!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/molly.edge.7 Molly Edge

      Donated. I have family in CO and couldn't imagine if this happened to one of them. It is so inspirational to know that there are sites like this that are fun and great to read that ALSO give a hoot about helping people in need. Thank you, Chive! I LOVE YOU!!!!

    • Marshall C.

      Donated and proud to be a chiver

    • Mike Litoris

      Done and done. Posts like this make me proud to wear my Chive shirts.

    • Dark Helmet

      Donated a few minutes ago and am constantly refreshing the site to see just how generous we really are. It's just shy of $74k! Way to go Chive community!

    • ben

      Proud to be apart of this community. Farrah keep calm we are all here for you.

    • Popps97

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Great job so far all! Almost $40k donations in under 45 minutes. Amazing!

    • Awesome

      Check out the homepage of gofundme.com It's all Farrah's face. Pretty funny and amazing. Great job, Chivers. KCCO

    • Ed Jones

      John, dude. Great work with a great heart. After 25 years as a cop, you (and the Chive nation) restore my faith in the human race. KCCO bro.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.cruse Jonathan Cruse

      We're going to blow them away, huh? $100k is child's play for us Chivers. Class act, John. I just wish I was there to see the looks on their faces as the dollars and KCCOs roll in.

    • Mark Maxon


      You, the rest of the folks at theCHIVE and all the Chivers out there are truely an amazing group that I'm very proud to be a part of. What was originally a way for me to kill some time at work has become something else all together for me. You have created a real community here and this latest fundraising effort for Farrah shows that you are really one of the good guys. Selfless generosity at it's best. We need more people like all the Chivers in this world. KCCO man!

    • Joe

      This is why I am proud to be a part of this community and this site. It's important to post pictures of boobs and butts, but it's even slightly more important to help people and do something good in the world. KCCO!

    • Ben Cruz

      Hate to have such a terrible thing happen to so many innocent people. We live in a dark time, and theChive is a huge bright light that shines upon it all. So proud to call myself a loyal Chiver. KCCO Farrah, you and all those affected in aurora are in our thoughts and prayers.

    • BroRadley

      You have created something truly amazing. Something to be proud of.

      I bet you could kick like 1,000 puppies and still have good karma left over.

    • Shane Donnelly

      Couldn't donate fast enough. KCCO from Delaware Farrah! our thoughts and prayers are with you all! Proud to be a Chiver….

    • Tomato

      The site has a 20 min lag when updating donations. We probably surpassed that 100k! Already. Not that there was ever any doubt.

      Well done. KCCO!

    • Red

      Screw the bad guys, let's put this girl back on her feet.

      Let's win one for the good guys!

      Get well soon girl!

    • TommyK

      Wow, crossing $100k as I type… amazing work!

      • mikeltn

        Time to see if Chivers can hit $200k

    • https://www.facebook.com/Dweppler08 DeAnna Michelle Weppler

      broke 100k! 🙂

    • RichMahogany

      100,000 what? Didn't even tap the brakes at that country road stop sign..

    • Fatmangus

      Exceeded the goal in less that two hours. I'm proud to a part of the Chive family.

    • VaderWRX

      The wall behind her looks pretty damn plain. Can we get a KCCO poster to put up there?

      • _DoC_

        Agreed! KCCO poster and updated pics with all 3 of them.

      • HatBomb

        That is second best idea I've heard today, right after "Donate to Farrah". She needs the full gift pack, with a selection of KCCOs.

    • jttttt

      This is why we chive. Great job, lets leep it up!!!

    • Ed Jones

      Just to let you know, sir, 107K in just over 100 minutes.. You (and yours) are rather awesome.

    • _DoC_

      BLAM! And thats how it's done. "This is unfreakingbelievable." – the only thing that would be "unbelievable" would be if we *didn't* shatter that. Nope John, I wasn't even concerned.

    • Pfizzle

      Bravo Chive, bravo.

      You've done it again.

    • Woodenhead

      Bravo guys and girls and stay strong Farrah!

    • bern

      I know this will get dislikes–but the hospitals in Colorado recently stated that they would be covering the costs for the victims.

      Not saying that people shouldn't donate–future surgeries she'll need probably won't fall under that umbrella–just thought it should be stated for clarification.
      Read more at https://thechive.com/2012/07/26/chivers-the-story-

      • _DoC_

        The participating hospitals would cover the "initial stabilization" – meaning making sure they are not going to die. Once stable, the costs will still go through the roof, especially for her. 100k is not going to go far for her, sadly. Even if she gets insurance a few months from now, this would most certainly be declined as a "pre-existing condition".

    • StickyWickets

      John, it looks like this girl is going to need a new (green) t-shirt…hint hint. And I'm just throwing this out there too. Maybe the proceeds from the canadian shirt sales could also be donated.

    • Sheila

      Been a quiet Chivette for a little over a year and never been prouder than today! Way to go Chivers!!!! Love how this exploded!

    • StickyWickets

      John, it looks like this girl is going to need a new (green) t-shirt as she recovers. I'm sure you can help her out with that. Also, I'm just throwing this out there, maybe the proceeds from the Canadian Shirt sales could also be donated. KCCO man, this is why I love this site.

    • baddbuzz

      The bank stocks are falling today, THE CHIVER NATION ROCKS. . KCCO

    • CorwinNorway

      Don't forget about her heroic boyfriend Michael White, who also needs our support!

      He should be given a medal for his heroic act!

    • askdfg

      John have you seen this? https://www.facebook.com/FarrahSoudaniFund
      Looks like the 2 funds aren't linked

      • HatBomb

        That is a little strange. Are we sure we are donating to the right people here?

        • askdfg

          I believe it has been cleared up.

    • Buzzsaw

      This is what we do, Chive on too everyone who donated to this brave woman and to Farrah, stay strong and chive on.

    • Vic

      a little late to the party. Just donated!

      • Vic

        ok donated for Mike also!

    • Garret

      I'm not sure how you do it John, you just always seem to bring out the best in people in the face of adversity. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to help. KCCO!

    • Alexandra

      John, maybe you should put a link to Mike's donation page ? http://www.gofundme.com/wa2ko
      That way, we can honor Mike Sr as well… Let's reach Mike's goal!!

    • Tony

      Robin: “Holy unbelievable generosity Batman! What is this?”
      Batman: “I am not entirely sure Robin but it would appear to be John and his band of Chivers have teamed up against the forces of evil to change the life of a total stranger. Taking all their hard earned beer money to help one who has found themselves in need of a miracle.”
      Robin:” Gee Batman, that’s amazing! I wish I was a Chiver! Let’s go become Chivers now Batman!”
      Batman: “Agreed, but First! We must help out the Chivers defeat the forces of evil in any way we can. TO THE BATVISA!!”

      • https://www.facebook.com/jenny.mcadams.14 Jenny McAdams

        effin amazing!!! KCCO!!!

    • http://twitter.com/Bitchlorette @Bitchlorette

      You guys are so amazing. I'm covered in snot. Donating this instant.

    • Ethan

      John, maybe a new shirt with proceeds to the tragedy? "Keep Calm and Aurora On"? I'd buy a lot of those.

    • Ryan Kough

      I think she deserves a Pink KCCO to her bedside after her surgeries
      KCCO from the Hoosier State

    • http://www.projectmason.com sowasred2012

      As much as I come to the Chive for the LOLs, it's seeing everyone pull together to help someone out like this that makes me stay. It's fucking awesome.

    • Andy in Alberta

      I say our world is gonna show Colorado what CHIVERS are made of my brother!!!

    • Matt

      Thanks John,

      As a community member in Aurora The Chive's efforts have really been important to me. I'm growing a bit concerned by what appears to be family dissent. The brother of Farrah seems to want donations sent to a different site. Reassure us that we've donated to the appropriate place. I've sent this out to many people and hope all is legit.


      • Izo

        From a Colorado native, thank you everyone. This has shaken our cities, and our state, and the nation as a whole. I wear my BFM today with a special kind of pride, knowing that the international Chive community has, once again, come together for a deserving cause. You folks inspire me. This is a website we visit everyday to enjoy some of our most basic human traits. Laughter, arousal, nostalgia… But at times like these we share what truly makes us human. Our love and respect for the people that we so fortunately get to stroll this world with. To use my favorite meme… Faith in humanity. Restored. KCCO

  • Bro

    Get well soon KCCO

    • PrincegeorgeBC

      Instead of buyin my long awaited Canadian kcco tees, I'll be donating that money to Farrah!

      • a-nom

        I did the same…priorities are key and this is what we do. It isn't easy to say that you're "probably the best site in the world" but to back that gusto up and how we as the community have responded shows that it really is the best place on the internet. KCCO to all – Faith in humanity is continually restored here.

    • onethirdjewman

      I was a bit confused. Did her boyfriend survive or not? It just said that he got shot through the lung, which I imagine is possible to survive. Just wanting to know.

      This amount in this time is mindblowing. Proud to be a part of this community.

  • Lok_D

    Here we go Chive Nation!!! Pour it on!

    • Lok_D

      Just donated and checked out the status and incoming donations…most of them say KCCO along with the donations. This is such a cool community. Well done Chivers and Chivettes.

    • Jaives

      That would make a good shirt. 'Chive Nation'

  • awhite2020

    Ready, Set, Donate!

    • jeremy

      "Final Push" at $95,000??? Cmon, we can hit $200K!!

  • Brass

    we are here for you Farrah!!

  • mrpko

    Let's do this Chivers!!!

  • Bryan

    #9, #10

    This is what theCHIVE is all about. Damn proud to call myself a Chiver. Let's get this done.

    • Vols fan

      I couldn't have said it better myself…well done good sir.

    • a-nom

      Indeed. Keep Calm & Chive On & Help Others!!

    • Question_Mark_

      100% agree. This is what being a Chiver is all about.

    • Aaron Anderson

      Agreed brother!

  • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

    Don't even have to think twice about contributing to this. Easiest decision ever.

    • Kasey

      I cannot agree more.

    • Red

      Ditto MarthaJeane.

    • Trailer Ray

      It feels so good to know that I'm only one person who visits a website daily, a "Chiver". And when they post a story like this, I donate $20 in hopes that it will make a difference. Its only $20 but because of the Chive community, my $20 turns into $140,000. KCCO!

  • J. Phine

    Get well, KCCO.

  • Ted

    #8, #10

    I just have a piece of lumber caught in my eye.

    • HatBomb

      I may have a whole two by four…

    • Jake

      I love the Chive community. #8 Obama may not be the best president, but he is an awesome person.

    • CheeseStandsAlone

      They've got to get rid of that lumber mill next to my house. My wife saw me bawling like a little girl with a skinned knee while a read this. And I am not ashamed

    • greg

      no im just straight crying

  • StareDecisis

    Let's do this!

  • Will

    "we all know the Chivers see financial goals much like a lonely stop sign on an empty country road – something briefly regarded before hitting the accelerator."

    Couldn't have said it better myself

    • socalmarti

      Amen to that!!!!

  • rsjem1979

    Mike Sr. is my goddamn hero. That made me tear up in my office.

    • CanadianChivette

      I cried so hard when I read what he had said. What an amazing man. An amazing family, really.

    • Chris

      I couldn't agree more, I'm a tradesman in tears on a jobsite. Let's help make her world a little better place. Proud to be a Chiver!

    • Alexandra

      We should try to help his son as well then! http://www.gofundme.com/wa2ko

      • The_Dood

        What she said!

    • Shannon

      Damn straight , the selflessness was in credible .

    • http://twitter.com/OhMrJ @OhMrJ


    • onethirdjewman

      I think Mike Jr. deserves just as much recognition. Did he make it?

    • John87

      Same, had to stop reading for a sec to compose myself! KCCO

  • JJL

    lets do this

  • myself

    Once I get whatever the is in both of my eyes taken care of I shall going the ranks of donators.

  • BGrimsleyII

    Its motives like this that make me happy and proud to be part of this community. KCCO Farrah, better days ahead.

  • Tyler

    Okay, men cry too.

  • Woop

    Challenge Accepted. Let's bust this chivers.

  • Bob

    Helping Farrah is of course critically important, but how about turning this inot a fund for all the victims and families. We've all seen many reports of folks in need of help and I, for one, would like to donate whatever I can to all of those in need.

    • http://freshdub.tumblr.com KCO617

      Bob, that's your prerogative, but let's help Farrah out and then take on the next challenge.

    • myself

      If it was a massive fund for all there inevitably would issues with dispensing the donations. Farrah needs a lot and there will be others who are in need, but not nearly as direly as Farrah.

      So, one at a time is best.

    • Awesome

      Maybe we can in the future, but for now let's concentrate on Farrah. Not hating on your suggestion, but let's help this one first. Then we can see how the Chivers can help the others. KCCO

    • Sheep_Dog30

      The act of "paying it forward" is all that matters. It does not matter if it is one at a time or all together. If you can help, please do so.

    • PA2AK

      I'm willing to put money on it, that whatever is provided to Farrah in excess of what she needs…she'll put it to good use helping others that need it. I agree with your point too btw.

    • https://www.facebook.com/shandell.baker Shandell Marie Baker

      "Things are clear now, a family and their their fragile daughter needs our help. And while our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of this senseless violence, today is for Farrah."

      Hello Bob, Mike Sr. is my mother's boyfriend. Michelle Reese (my mom) was there the night it happened and held Farrah's head and screamed at her to keep her awake while Mike went and got help. All victims need the help, my mother included. She was admitted into a mental health hospital yesterday due to previous problems that were being controlled until she was traumatized by this event. My mother does not have a donation page but is still receiving help from the pages that are for everyone as well as government funding. I too think that there should be a Chivers unite for all victims but I also agree that today is for Farrah. Please help Farrah who is in just as much need if not more than other victims of this tragedy. If I can donate for her when my own mother is a victim, you can too. There is no rule that says you can only help one.


      Shandell Marie Baker, daughter of Michelle Reese, a humble hero.

    • naluukti

      This is probably old news, as you posted eight hours ago, but to donate to the general fund for all the victims you can do so at https://www.givingfirst.org/cova/overview
      John must have put up the link after your comments.

  • pritter72

    Let's Roll!

  • thunder88

    lets do this.. kcco farrah

  • CaliKid

    Broke and in college, but she needs it more than I do. Donation on its way! KCCO!

    • BYU Chiver

      Same here man. Don't have much besides my room in an apartment, inexpensive food, and a few overpriced textbooks. However, I can skimp out on a date or a dinner with friends to help her out even though a small donation won't make much of a difference. Chive on my friend.

      • derp.

        do you know how many small drops of water there are in the ocean? Small amounts add up fast.

      • HatBomb

        Every donation makes a difference. Look at the total right now. Her mom is trying to update every time we bump it $10k, by the time she gets an update for $60k, we are breaking $70k. The Chivers operate on volume, and everyone is an equal part of that.

  • Doug

    Donated!!! Chive community is what its all about. We will definitely rocket her past that goal!!! Go Chivers!!!

    • who cstes

      There I'd more important things going on in the world than worryinf about this shit

  • StingRay

    Good luck!!

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