The greatest story ever told (Video)

Bert Kreischer recounts a trip to Russia during Joe Rogan’s podcast that may just be the greatest story of all time.

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  • god

    first lool

  • Ryan

    Two things that will make you a more interesting and happy person, TheChive and Joe Rogan's Podcast.

  • Jeremy

    Powerful Bert Kreischer!

  • ocitsalocs

    haha I remember seeing this years ago. Still a classic story haha

    • https://www.facebook.com/mortenfriis Morten Friis

      Ahhhh – so you saw this video, with the audio from a Joe Rogan podcast from 04-05-2011 (podcast #95), years ago? Makes sense.

  • Mikeg01FSF

    Joe rogan vs chuck norris. Who wins. Go!!!

    • Nuge

      Chuck Norris

    • Mentos Fresh

      Joe Rogan. BJJ brown belt, 10PJJ black belt, Tae Kwon Do 2nd dan black belt and U.S. Open Champion, Stand-up comic, Fear Factor host, UFC commentator, psychedelic drug experimenter, medical marijuana supporter/user. Dude is epic.

  • Joshua

    What. The. Fuck. I can only hope I get a day as great as that!

    • 87eddiemac

      My only claim to fame like this was racking up some many drunken charges one day with two college buddies that the judge the next day condensed them all into a single "committing mayhem" charge.

  • EdsAri

    if i havent heard it its new to me! thanks CHIVE!. 5 years old and still fucking HILARIOUS!

  • passwordistaco

    When Rolling Stone declares you "Number One Partier in the Nation" you better have a Russian mob train robbery party story.

  • The Machine

    I'm changing my name to The Machine

  • noodle

    I wanna party with the machine

  • MylesofStyles

    Next time I'm required to wear a name tag, you can bet your ass it's going to read, "THE MACHINE".

  • Zedhere

    The JRE is the greatest pod cast of all time.

    • PJ


  • me...bn

    I want to party with The Machine!!!

  • Kylie

    Great story. You should hear the one about him and Tracy Morgan getting kicked out of a club. THE MACHINE!!!!

    • Wannamaker

      Haha! Now that's how you get out of a tab at a bar!!!

  • SGT_Fati

    LMAO! Seriously, do you have time to tell it again?

  • Rapture

    Couldn't get pass 20 seconds. Pretty much if you can listen to this bullshit you you're fucking annoying. End of line.

    • Ryan

      Ohhhh somebody is pissed because their life is boring and can't appreciate a good story.

    • Igor

      <<< spits vodka in Raptures eyes

  • AssHaterson

    Anybody notice the fleshlight?

    • Wannamaker

      How about the Volcano burning in the studio?

    • I don't know

      Before every podcast until recently rogan did an ad for the fleshlite.

  • davidhendu

    Lol awesome story. I wish people cared to hear mine this much.

  • in1ear&outurmother

    Powerful Bert Kreischer ….Train by day.. Joe Rogan podcast by night!!! KCCO!!!

  • Samster

    I understand that this dude is acomedian and the whole story might be made up but the sad part is that it is totally plausible. Russia has been corrupt for centuries.

    • Doohickle

      i would agree it may be fake if it wasn't for the fact i had a friend who went to russia about 4 years ago and the stories he told me were almost as crazy

  • PJ


  • BladeIcewood

    yup. for sure best story ever

  • Reid

    Love the JRE! Laughed when I noticed the Flesh Light on the ground! Haha I wanna see a Joey Diaz story done in South Park form!!
    Cheers bitches!

  • D_C

    Bert told the story much better on the TNT Radio Empire:

  • Noliftlines

    Notice Sarah Palin is one if The Machine's classmates?

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