Chivettes bored at work (26 Photos)

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  • electric boogalo

    Did Chive just pull these from Reddit too? Suck it haters.

  • upy3rz

    I submit this post as a reason why I hate my job…All the chick I work with are old and/or fat. Any of these places hiring?

  • Chivettes bored at work (26 Photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

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  • Ron

    #25 takes the cake. And mmm is she cakey

  • Christian Themainattraction Cockburn

    You must find #4 by all means necessary!

  • Gmoney

    #5 and #17 same girl? or great place to work!

  • rikooprate

    #13 There you are again! I LOVE YOU!!! 😉

  • 03_SE_XTERRA

    #4 may be the best 3 photos ever taken… #20 & #25 kick ass also

  • Chuckosaurus Scientifico

    #22 is that a UTMB cubicle?! MRB!

  • Oscar

    #4 #7 #23 There better be MOAR, and fast!

  • dave

    Find #7 and #20 immediately!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lfsg

    #4 got me with those eyes!

    • J. D. Rage

      I like her butt!

  • DickFister

    You are soooo damned cute …

  • HaloLtd

    My Workplace sure could use some bored Chivettes


    #2 ER-MAH-GERD

  • Bryan

    OMG! Your amazing!!! For the love of everything holy please MOAR!!!!!! Better yet, moar in the suddenly single section

  • Bus


    I need to find an oil field…

    • Yeah


  • Bradyized

    #7 #9 I would like to apply here. Thank you!

  • roastednuts

    I am pretty sure that #7 has posted before. She was the second post on August 1…

    • Yeah

      Whoa. You've got like super powers or some shit. Nice catch!

    • Yeah
      • roastednuts

        Thanks for getting the pic in there! 🙂 She's got great legs and other stuff. Plus her desk is organized. Can't beat that.

    • liz

      Haha u did find me! Thanks Chive for posting me again;)

      • roastednuts

        I knew you were the person in both pics! Nicely done!

      • roastednuts

        I thought maybe I met you recently on a trip to DC. But, I emailed that young woman and asked her, and she said she doesn't chive. Maybe she will now!

        The day I met her she was wearing a pink dress and white sweater. Do you have more pics posted here Liz?

        • liz

          Nope not yet! Trying though…chive is picky and hard to submit to 😦

          • roastednuts

            Well, from what you've shared with us so far, you definitely look like chive material. Hopefully they make you 'Chivette of the Week' soon! You definitely have my vote Liz.

            • liz

              Thank u!!! Awesome thing to say! 😉 cheers!

              • roastednuts

                You're welcome. 😉

                How awesome of you to say 'hello'! You made my day. Of course, I can never show my face around that other girl's office again. But that's ok, I'll KCCO!

              • roastednuts

                Hey Liz, did you see that you made today's find her? (8/20)

  • Ispeakchive

    #2 I'm North Dakota bound!!

  • Andy

    I really enjoy these posts, my productivity is shot, but I love the posts. On a side note, please bring back MILF Sunday!!!!!!!

  • ZoxyMusic

    LOVE #4

  • Fred

    #4 hoooooooooooooooooly fuck
    #1 put those in my mouth

  • Joe

    If so I'm keeping calm there also…..

  • Don Franklin

    #1 I just got back from Marshall's and didn't see any of those. I want a redo

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