There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (110 Photos)

There was no SC last week. We were in Houston doing all sorts of stuff to ourselves and others around us. If you don't see yourself this week, check back next week!

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes, submit here.

Happy Friday and stay tuned for the HQ DAR.



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  • r1rider

    #31 Marry me

  • Master_Rahl

    #17 #18 #19 What an excellent variety pack. Very sexy, ladies.

  • forthewin

    #33…. thanks for being honest

  • Tweety

    #14 i tawt i taw a puddy cat

    • Bogus_Shizzall

      Still looking great Danielle

    • Red

      She gives a woody that just won't quit.

    • Tony Giap

      with all these other girls, you really chose this one.lulz

      • shralp

        Clearly you didn't hear their story.

    • Stank

      What tool! "With all these girls". First of all. Really? Instead of just saying to those kind enough to share? Second-Sexy isn't a body type or makeup or youth or lighting. Third-……..forget it.

      Thank you. Very sexy pic. Every day. Not some time consuming "forced" set up picture.

  • @JulyettaPCrosby

    #26 FTW!!!! moarr!

    • F3n1x187


    • Kristen


      • Inigo Montoya


      • Clinton James Kelley

        Ya'll smoking nasty crack.

    • Rob

      #26, Her backside is one place i will love to kiss all night long

    • NavyMarine1978

      Moar please…love the curves

    • Brett

      She is #4 on TASCAS as well…

  • Lonestar_Sapper

    #4 I'd strap her on like a feed bag.

    • JHL1

      #4 Lookin' great!

    • lucky

      hi look good

  • Cory

    Gtta love them chivettes!!

    • Just sayin'

      Love #34

    • Kristen


      • Shabooms

        go to the gym…better place for your unwarranted aggression

    • GoodGod

      I need #6 in my life. Now.

  • whyme1973

    #105 Fuck!

    • Wesley Ricketts

      And she's from my home state of MD! The first two MD chivettes I've seen on here woo hoo

  • back2worknow

    Finally good stuff #83

  • PDiddily420

    Love me some tig ol' bitties!

    #13 #99 #105

  • BGrimsleyII

    I bet you do…

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Smoking hot

    • NcouthYouth

      HAHA totally missed that. So good.

    • keystone183

      BEWARE………..the clap…..

      • Kristen

        Agreed. They're all whores, and this picture is my thesis.

        • keystone183

          Jealous, much?

          • moose_nutz

            No doubt. Like we need another Paula around here.

        • snowman

          i hate to agree with you, but if you toss up a picture on the internet of yourself half naked with underwear that read "i <3 dick" you're going to regarded as a slut in most social circles.

          • RIggs

            Either a slut or just plain awesome.

            • evan

              wait….i thought sluts were just plain awesome

    • Major Tom

      Got a feeling we won't see her in the recently single galleries

    • SOhioChiver

      based on what I know about #33 we could be very good friends.

  • CowboyChiver

    #14 Thank you!! And tell your friend to get well soon & KCCO!!

  • mid13

    Every week you have SC, I scroll in hopes of seeing myself. And I never do. just saying, kinda depressed.

    • Squiggy

      Maybe if you let John fuck your filthy mouth, you dumb broad…..

      • Kristen


    • Steve

      No worries, you will get on. You profile pic is WAY better than the rest !!!!

  • Taco_Depot

    I like #45 b/c of Boobs. And being extremely attractive.

    • JHL1

      Yep, #43 is hella-sexy

      • JHL1

        Who switched my 5 with a 3?

        • Macro

          #45 is the best of the bunch.

  • Caleb Todd

    why is #102 so familiar?

    • Forest

      'cuz she's the hottest Chivette ever and (future) star of Thing That Bounce, redux. Meaghan FTW!!

    • Bmilb

      need moar!!!!!

    • JESSE

      maybe because JOHN can't go a day without posting this photo.

    • Daniel Aaron Evans

      Because she's been on here quite often lately. @meaghanjameson. This might refresh you too…

  • suck me dry

    all the way off

    • Lips

      OK !!!

    • tdog

      Get a real post

    • NavyMarine1978

      Beautiful smile..Moar please

  • MaaaGooaaad

    #49 #54 #89 All stood out to me. But I just did a quick glance! I could spend all day!

    • SOhioChiver

      I think I see #89 's furburger, sexy landing strip!

  • MarkMadness

    #81 What's the haps on the gaps!!!

  • Alex

    #64 Friendzone, you're doing it very right or extremely wrong. Thanks either way!

    • xavi00


    • SOhioChiver

      I don't know if I would say we are BEST friends, but I do appreciate the picture! ummm MOAR!

  • sjd

    Meaghan can through with her gif……things that bounce on the way?

  • paulhitchcock

    Holy early Sexy Chivers! #5 wins the internet.

    • MOAR

      Can't. Stop. Looking.

    • MattyDeuce

      Yeah, super sexy and only shows her smile….THAT, to me, is a beautiful thing.

    • quailman8907

      She absolutely does. Stunning!

    • xsacredhonourx

      Out of this list, I paused on her the longest. Absolutely beautiful.

    • Esr0d

      What a gorgeous face. Moreover, her teeth! Look at those perfect teeth!

    • Ethan

      Absolutely gorgeous. Chive most definitely needs to Find Her.

  • Jonny Hammer Sticks

    #47 for the win.

    • P90

      Agreed, Mikey was always my favourite. (Oh and the girl is hot too)

    • Rob

      #47 I love her outfit & more. let me wax your shell

  • Dillon910NC

    wilmington nc…. glad to see you! havent seen but 1 other NC chivette represent

    • leroyjenkins

      amen to that #44. I rep my OG Chive and BFM when I can in the Port City.

      • NCChiver

        need some more NC Chivettes no doubt but she is repping it well!

    • Lyle Lance

      I agree with you guys, NC definitely has the talent, especially here in G-Boro and in CLT. Chive On!

  • Rin Tin Tin


    • Shannon Coverdale

      ERRHMAHGERD Not even close !!!

      • Rin Tin Tin

        First in dog years

  • HamptonVA Chiver

    #99 Didn't notice them at first :), #104 for the love of all that is holy MOOOAAARRRR!!!!!

    • BamaChivette

      #104 is beautiful!

      • etcrr 132p

        she is very hot and sexy thank you for your cervix

        • I Need a Detox


          Cutest girl on theChive thus far !!!!!

      • guest

        #104 the army girl or blue bra? when you click the link for the girl in the blue bra it says shes 104!

        • SpecialToast

          &lt;div id="idc-comment-msg-div-432291821" class="idc-message"&gt;&lt;a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(432291821)"&gt;&lt;span&gt;Close Message&lt;/span&gt; Comment posted. &lt;p class="idc-nomargin"&gt;&lt;a class="idc-share-facebook" target="_new" href=" = just commented on There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (110 Photos) : theCHIVE" style="text-decoration: none;"&gt;&lt;span class="idc-share-inner"&gt;&lt;span&gt;Share on Facebook&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/span&gt; or &lt;a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(432291821)"&gt;Close Message She's actually in the Air Force, they always have the hottest military girls.

        • keef

          air force

      • hellojello

        She has the most perfect face I've seen on thechive, ever.

      • Professional Stalker

        Kayla Manthey

    • mags1903

      I'm on board, 104 definitely MOOOAAARR!!!

    • NavyMarine1978

      Moar from the lady in uniform please

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