• chip"themeat"hayes

    I can't stop looking at #17

    • Dutch

      that may be the hottest photo to hit the chive in a while

    • HatBomb

      Lucky Meatball.

    • Xanaxtasy

      We need more of her

    • brucelee

      FIND HER!

      For Edmontons sake.

    • Mike piper

      Shes easy to find. Shes on site with us at jacobs. Never knew those titties looked that good. Since i know shes open for buisness im gonna try and get a piece

      • Edmonton Chivette

        Ya… With an attitude like that.. Good luck

        • Plant6mw

          Hot puck sweetie

    • john

      I'd like to see those pictures after a busy shift in extraction. Mmmmmmm

  • javi


    • http://www.facebook.com/ColinJoliat Colin Joliat

      First downvote

    • FunKiller

      First at gettin thumbed the fuck down….how's that feel anyway?? Lol

      • Jack Wagon

        Who is the pole smoking shit nozzle that started the "first" bullshit? And why in the hell did the lemmings have to follow? Ass holes

  • sean

    Really? No first?

  • sean

    Uno has a gorgeous set of chompers to say the least

  • Matt

    #14 I'd like to play a little game called "Just the tip". Just for a minute, to see how it feels.

    • dmatthew12

      or maybe a little "half, half, whole"…either way

      • mre

        who knows, it might end up with "ouch, ouch, you're on my hair"

    • https://www.facebook.com/lyle.lance Lyle Lance

      They look real, are they real? They built for speed or for comfort? You motor boating son of a bitch you old sailor you. haha. Great movie, Great Picture.

      • Dick Bearcat

        Phones being dumb won't let me hit like….. I fucking thumb up your comment… And her boobs…

    • Chris


    • Re'nava

      I drank a beer the other day called "Just the Tip" from Burley Oak Brewery in Maryland.

    • IRawdoggedyurgf

      Well played good sir

  • OhioChiver

    #6 I'm afraid you'll have to come into the examining room with me for a moment. 😉

  • mmhmmm

    #11 I love you.

    • Colin

      she looks like a dude I know

      • mmhmmm

        Can I get his number?

      • Brian

        You know some very pretty dudes

    • GCF

      No question – by far the best.

  • Huell

    #12 If I worked with you, I'd NEVER be bored at work… You still might be.

    • SOhioChiver

      you're BEAutiful!

      • http://twitter.com/KenStorm989 @KenStorm989

        Seriously Holy Cow are you stunning! Moar Please!

  • beasty

    Enjoying some "me" time right there in the picture, looks like.

    • SOhioChiver


    • AnyoneForCoffee


    • J-MizzleYYC

      Never seen nomex cover-alls look better!

    • KCCO_SLC

      I want to be your meatball, too. There is nothing wrong with having two balls- it is normal, and natural.

    • Plnt6mw

      Nice pic sweetie

  • Reno


  • chesterdrawers

    #20 This is going to sound weird, and we just met, but, If you like your freckles and want freckled children, call me… maybe…

    • R J

      I want to count her freckles. One freckle, two freckles, three … three freckles ha ha ha

  • LSUchiver

    Fun freckles

  • 00GTStang

    #12 #13 #14

    Wowwza! can i come work with you?

    • JonnyRocket

      13's nails are too crazy for me

  • AB

    #19 i want to work where u work… just sayin

    • roastednuts

      Liz, is that you? I swear you surf thechive as much as I do. 🙂

      • liz

        Its me! Lol they posted a pic I submitted with another one (white skirt)..kinda awesome if u ask me! Maybe some new pics soon but running out of ideas…they only post the bored at work pics I send in all kinds!!!

        • roastednuts

          Well my only complaint is that they aren't posting the other pics of you! The couple they have put up so far are pretty awesome. If you worked close to me I'd be your photog, just sayin.

          • http://twitter.com/KenStorm989 @KenStorm989

            Yea Hey Liz, any Pics they dont post feel free to start a twitter and post them there, and let me know when you do, As Abraham Lincoln would say "thats one hell of a rack you got there"

          • liz


  • Tillman61

    #20 Freckletastic FTW! Thank you!

  • https://www.facebook.com/stephan.tamminga Stephan Tamminga


    Freckles 🙂

  • Ruffio

    #19 makes me want to motorboat.

  • tv_paul

    #18 Well that looks very inviting.Thanks for sending, please send more.

  • habsfanx

    Dammmm if you girls are bored now ,,,, Well im excited right now LoL …. KCCO

  • tv_paul

    #5 I'm sure there are some Chivers that would like to offer you at least one (if not more) positions that they'd like you to fill.

    • collegedad

      We're hiring… you just have to prove its you at the interview!

    • KCCO_SLC

      You'll need three references, a cover letter, and .. I'm kidding, you're hired.

      Just be sure to submit another for sexy chivers on Friday.

  • Epitomizer

    #14 Fuck fuck fuck. Motha motha fuck. Motha motha fuck fuck. Motha fuck. Motha fuck. Noinch noinch noinch.

    • GatOne

      Very original indeed…

      • Epitomizer

        More of an homage to a funny mother fucker who loves hot chicks.

  • temujin1234
    • theWizz

      you have shitty taste…

  • Harry Balasagna

    #11 Oh my goodness!

    • flyerfan

      looks like zach parise

  • wolfpack

    #12 Kind of reminded me of a young Nikki Cox. Simply gorgeous! Let's make her a Chivette of the Week! Mac, get on it…

  • KCO617

    #14 FAP approved.

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