• Howard.is.god

    Número UNO

    • _DoC_

      Número doucheo

      • joe shabadoo

        ^^ he mad

    • smarties

      And now for the chive zinger: Everyone one of these good looking ladies is ACTUALLY A MAN

    • Sick350Z

      Where's the cup?

  • _DoC_

    #14 #37 Oh my….

    • Warren

      She stole someone's watch between those two pictures.

    • Yajari

      All I was thinking was … Chive is pulling that girlie boy crap again.

    • _DoC_

      Moar tinyurl.com/8b9bpdo

    • Sick350Z

      #69 #45 Same girl?

      • crazyk85

        Fun fact. Every Asian girl in this post is the same girl.

  • http://www.facebook.com/clt.chiver Clt Chiver

    You had me at #1 but then #102 happened!

  • Trav1121

    136 pics? Where are this many photos during SC or hump day…? Rick is a machine!

    • _DoC_

      Ricks on a roll

      • r@f

        Never gonna miss what you did there.

    • acupofjoe

      Must have been unusually horny.

    • Dan

      Noob mistake. He should have dragged this out over 3 weeks.

      • Skermitt

        I got bored after about 114…

    • sixorchive

      wow chive, way to take my two least favorite posts(cars and asian chicks), stick them together, and draw it out for 5 times as long as it should have been.

  • tv_paul

    #96 I wonder how many times a day a guy will start singing/yelling "Me So Horny" to these girls when they're behind a steering wheel?

    • FunKiller

      Too boku

    • _DoC_

      I wonder how many times that song is going to go through my head all day now thanks to you.

      • tv_paul

        Sorry, I remember one night I couldn't sleep and whenever I closed my eyes the Beastie Boys intergalactic video/song keep playing in my mind. It was a nightmare night.

  • Wychiber

    Heyyyyy #137 is not car model but I'll take it
    Also moaaarrrrrr of #23 #122 #57 and #69

    • _DoC_

      Funny that you mentioned 57, but missed #56

    • Biff

      #45, 69 & #137 are not Asian either so what on earth were they included here for?

  • Wet_tosti

    #134 Misty called, she wants her shorts back!

  • darkSurge

    They all deserve a nice big Coke!!

  • Ponderous

    #137 isn't asian, she is caucasian

    • guest

      Can't get anything past you.

    • Job

      doesnt matter, had sex

      • Jack Wagon

        Good thing the post is Asian Car Show Girls and not Asian Girls At A Car Show… dipshit.

        • Tyler

          She is on a boat.

          • Tyler

            and also #56

    • Point

      More likely cockasian.

      • Sick350Z

        That's just dumb

    • Ace

      I see what you did there.

    • jkim

      so american have to be white ? if you are born in asia then ur asian

      • freak7782

        That's not how genetics works. Asian is an ethnicity. American is a nationality.

  • morebeer

    I viewed this post with a lot of mistrust

    • guest

      Since that postmodern model gallery I don't blame ya.

    • GeoQuin4

      Agreed – Can't help but wonder why I have a -2 here…

    • The Woim

      Totally, i would take off the panties as carefully as an EOD expert does a roadside bomb.

    • Rick_

      I scrolled unusually fast as well.

  • Tpeck

    I thought half the pictures were showing how they're actually dudes

  • tv_paul

    #137 Keep the asian car show girls , today I prefer motorboatin'

    • UB2SLO

      You motorboatin son of a bitch! You old sailor you!

  • http://twitter.com/JustinYnolds @JustinYnolds

    Add this to the list of jobs I never want my daughter to have.

  • guest

    Where is fook you and fook me?

  • ripii1981

    #37 i'm in love. anyone know who this is???

    • TatooKing

      His name is Carl.

      • ripii1981

        well played sir

    • _DoC_

      Couldn't find her name but here is moar


    • gmaiztegi

      Im Ji Hye

    • The1AboveAll

      Im Ji Hye, she is a show model from South Korea

  • K.P

    In the mood for a little Japanese

  • Popowich

    #6 #15 #45 #69 Hello ladies! Looking marvelous!

  • Adam

    #31 To the kid in the back–I'm thinking the same thing you are.

  • All that is Holy

    There all the same girl and no ass pics…….

    • All that is Holy

      oh that sounds too much like asian joke sorry…

    • Der Freischütz

      They're *

  • chicago

    vedy nice. All the flat tummy's, no rolls and single chins [not counting names]. what a culture.

    every post must have a Blonde #137. Thank you for it chive.

  • Sea Sick Steve

    I am 100% on board with #50

    • Reality

      Sorry. It has a penis.

  • Ron Swanson

    Damn I love living in Japan yall have no idea how much these women truely love American men, If you can get here it is the holy grail of sleeping with attractive women.

    • Some dude

      Classy comment bro.

    • but cole Litcor

      eye luv ewe long long tyme and lick yer butt'ole

    • Biff

      I hear they've developed a taste for black Americans, true?

  • ColorForDAYS

    I stared at the screen so long my eyes got all squnty.

  • jedi

    definitely #6.. FTW

  • GeoQuin4

    Can #120 be my next Dell customer service rep? The strange sounding Indian guy doesn't sound like he'd look nearly as pleasant.

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