Tickets for theCHIVE’s official New Orleans Meetup available right now!

Here’s your chance, Chivers. This Friday, September 28th, theCHIVE is coming to The Big Easy for an official Chive Meetup and a free screening of Seven Psychopaths before anybody else sees it. We’re hosting the screening at the AMC Elmwood at 6:30 pm. Seven Psychopaths stars Colin Farrel and Woody Harrelson (Opening Oct. 12th). We’ve seen it and it’s deliciously hilarious.

Right after the screening we’ll all head over to the Bourbon Cowboy in the French Quarter. From 9-12pm, we’re going to tee off on Bourbon Street. Tickets are cheap (thanks to Seven Psychopaths) and the cost includes as much beer as you can drink for the night.

Tickets available RIGHT HERE. (Limit 2 per person)

AMC Elmwood
1200 Elmwood Park Boulevard
New Orleans, LA 70123

Bourbon Cowboy
241 Bourbon St.
New Orleans, LA
9pm – 12am

Mac has been invited. We apologize ahead of time, there’s no excuse for him. Enjoy the Seven Psychopaths trailer below.

UPDATE: Many of the tickets are ‘PENDING’ but don’t give up. If a Chiver goes to checkout, he has 15 minutes to purchase or his/her tickets are released back into the pool. Many Chivers are getting lucky so keep refreshing!

UPDATE #2!: We’ve had a lot of Chivers and Chivettes email us because they just can’t make the early 6:30pm screening, but can make the Chive meetup, some have some very valid points. If you want to attend the meetup only, that’s ok. Just print up your ticket and have it ready at the Bourbon Cowboy. But do try to make the screening, it’s going to be a blast.

UPDATE #3: All tickets SOLD OUT.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jbq4nGObfqA&w=585&h=329%5D

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  • orielly

    whew, got one. my girlfriend screeming in my ear 'did you get them!' the whole time

  • Cindy

    there'd better be beads cause i'm not going to wear a bra

    • James

      You had me at no bra!

    • https://www.facebook.com/rocafella89 Jerry Mitchell

      Ugh. And I gotta miss it

  • Andre

    Can I not go to the movie and catch up at the bar?

    • dlan

      Thats what it looks like i think


      6:30pm (must attend screening to gain entrance to meetup)

      THIS GUY <- taking the afternoon off, pre-game time

  • Jennifer

    thank god

  • http://www.facebook.com/emily.gosling Emily Celeste Gosling

    I hate my job. I can't go!

    • https://www.facebook.com/rocafella89 Jerry Mitchell

      I know that feeling. Meet at 6: 30? Oh, I gotta start my shift at 6 -_-

  • dlan

    So its soundd like you have to go to the screening otherwise you cant show up at the bar?

  • Chiver

    you guys are lucky

  • becca3416

    See y'all Friday!!!

  • bob_the_cook

    Hey there are stickers and decals available in theChivery RIGHT NOW!

    • Chiver

      Ordered one of each, but I wish they wouldn't constantly have such awesome stuff available sporadically, I have a never ending stream of packages coming from TheChivery!

      • Diedre

        I have one chive package coming today and one tomorrow…just ordered decals, koozies, and the white tank. Going to try and get my chiver his military kcco tomorrow

  • Patches

    Bing bang done. Excellent.

  • tvsaint

    See ya'll in New Orleans can't wait….

  • Popowich

    Awesome!!! I know its been talked about, but it would be great to see a Western Canadian Tour sometime soon!

  • Chi-T-Bone

    Hopefully we can meet up at the bar – even if we don't go to the movie!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be down there for my bachelor party….

  • Mac

    It's also John's birthday that weekend, so put a reminder in your palm pilot.

  • Bob

    Really need to know if you have to attend the screening to attend the meet up before I order these tickets! Some of us have crappy jobs and can't get to NOLA that early!

  • patrick907

    sold out! what so fast

  • James

    Wish I could get out of work and go, would love to see Cindy without a bra!!

  • CallMe Maybe

    Mac = 8 Psychopaths?

  • jason walter
  • becca3416

    What about those of us who work until 5 and can't make the screening? I Already bought my ticket before reading that disclaimer. Please tell me we can still meet up after the premier or I may cry for a week.

  • Cruz

    When are you coming to DC? You do realize it is the mecca of beautiful ______ women (ex. Asian)

  • Jeff

    Its new orleans, ill just slip the doorman a 20

    • Rob

      the private parties at the cowboy usually don't have regular doormen. the event is supposed to supply their own people.

  • matthew

    Man can't believe I going to miss out! Sold out faster then the shirts!

  • Chris

    already pending for chiver tickets 🙁 sad sad day!!

  • mandisue1986

    My husband will without a doubt love me even more then he already does!!!! I got him and a friend tickets to go with his other friends have tickets as well!!! And I also booked him a hotel room so he can have an amazing night!!!!! So excited!!!

    • HatBomb

      Damn, where do the hide the wives like you?! Awesome wife is awesome.

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