• thezeb

    I'm surprised Lucas hasn't tried to sue him yet.

    • truth

      If Apple made Star Wars…their yard would have been torched by lawyers with pitchforks.

    • theBOS

      I'm surprised his mom allowed him to put that in her yard…

    • Amber

      Did you know that Disney just bought Star Wars?

      • fact

        Posted two weeks ago.

  • Big_James

    That is pretty bad ass.

  • Socal Dude

    #3 Lulz

  • Kevin

    I have the weirdest boner right now

  • Mike

    Anyone for a match?

    • Mike


  • J. Phine

    Love it

  • NebraskaGuy

    #7 Bring me Solo!

    • tv_paul

      Bring me Silo!

      • NebraskaGuy

        Nice! 😉

  • tv_paul

    Star Wars Revenge of the Scythe

    • boB

      *groan xD

    • mongoose5271

      Well played, sir….well played.

    • Dennis Franzia

      Straw Wars?

  • PiratesFan

    #24 Would have been even better if they built it to scale.

    • JP Sousa

      The Third Death Star felt the full effects of Government cut-backs.

    • hannah

      really its actually pretty amazing as is…. lets see your scarecrows dumb ass

  • N2MotoX

    #28 For starters…..How can you not like Star Wars?

  • daveh873

    #24 That's no moon… it's a bunch of sticks. Why would you even think that's a moon?

    • hannah

      really guyy your actually a moron try using your imagination possibly or maybe you should try making one out of all natural materials…. your a failure

      • daveh873

        Wow. It's a play on a line from the movie. "That's no moon… it's a space station!".

        Maybe "your" actually the moron. Or more likely you just didn't know the quote or the difference between "your" and "you're". Either way, calm down. It's only the internet.

  • fucked


  • Chiver_Sammy

    #7 Beware Chivettes, you'll get shackled and forced to wear a bikini if you try to get to the front door…

    • John Hammond

      Chivettes in slave Leia costume thread anyone?

  • Joel

    Was a description needed for every person?

  • ThePacHimself

    down the street from where i live. nbd.

    • ben

      me too

  • MylesofStyles

    #22 Check out the donkey dick on Obi Wan.

  • reclaimer

    #15 made out of hay i am

  • mynameisjulian

    I think I'm in love with the chive halloween girl

  • http://thetop5five.wordpress.com jayaye1587

    Reblogged this on thetop5five and commented:
    Awesome Star Wars scarecrow display! Check it out!

  • crazydog

    What Malachi and the other children of the corn do for entertainment..

  • twoedges

    You screwed up the post with the captions… anyone that needs to read the captions to figure out who is who does not deserve to live on this planet

  • KCCO

    #16 Flavor flav was in Star Wars?

  • RAD

    Hamilton MAss on DECK!#$*!$*$!*(!($!((!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chron247

    Very cool. Must have taken a while to put all this together. I wonder how long before some punk kids come and destroy or steal these off their lawn?

  • nashdaddy09

    imagine the horror if the lightsabers were real.

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