Cyber Monday is officially here! Keep track of the launch times below

Welcome to an unprecedented day here at theCHIVE. Over the next 10 hours we will be bringing you all of theCHIVE’s most popular designs every hour on the hour, leading up to the maiden voyage of Murray Christmas.

Murray Christmas is here! One of the most anticipated shirts in the history of theCHIVE is finally available RIGHT HERE.

This is a 24-hour presale. We are going to make a genuine effort allow every Chiver and Chivette who wants Murray Christmas to get him. The sooner you order, the faster you will receive your shirt.

Murray Christmas is available RIGHT HERE.

* We cannot guarantee a full 24-hour presale if Murray sells way too fast.

We’re also opening up all of our Cool Shit RIGHT HERE.

The KCCO is available RIGHT HERE.

Yes, we also have KCCO Portable cornhole boards RIGHT HERE.

This will be a big day but once everything is gone, it’s gone. Good luck! Murray Christmas!

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  • renault

    Today is going to be a beautiful holiday bloodbath

    • Get Mad!!


  • finally

    Got a KCCO! It was only my 6th attempt

    • Adam

      Me too!! I've waited very patiently for my Canadian KCCO and finally have it ordered! Next, all I effn want is Paddys Day KCCO.

  • ringo

    i'm so dialed in right now.

  • Ashley

    Today is a good day!!

  • Rusty

    Maybe this question has been answered somewhere, but I probably missed it. If I'm lucky enough to get different things throughout the day, will they all ship together for one shipping charge or do I have to pay shipping for each item as they're ordered one at a time?

    • ringo

      it looks like they've reduced the shipping rates overall today by 25%

    • Wim

      No idea, but same question ๐Ÿ™‚ i need shipping to Europe (Belgium, soo….)

      • http://twitter.com/beavis8abird @beavis8abird

        I've the same query, but shipping to Australia.

  • Dave

    Finally got a KCCO!

  • IrishIce

    Nice, finally got mine too!

    Now I only need to get the KCCO panties……those drive me nuts!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/chris.lombardo.587 Chris Lombardo

    It's not working for my credit card – it says bad gateway. I'm entering my details correctly but.

    I really want a KCCO!

    Aussie Chiver

    • Chris Lombardo

      This is getting ridiculous. I've entered my details at least 20 times, and every time it says there's an error.

      • http://twitter.com/beavis8abird @beavis8abird

        Dude, you must be unlucky. Seems all us other Aussie Chivers have got through no worries. so far.
        Keep plugging at it champ.

        • https://www.facebook.com/chris.lombardo.587 Chris Lombardo

          My internet crashed and now I missed out ๐Ÿ˜

          There's always BFM, and next launch!! KCCO

          • Chris Lombardo

            For BFM launch, at 3am, it said error again. Just not my day.

  • theDtrain

    Finally a launch at a decent Australian time! Chalk me up for one KCCO!

    • Aussie Chiver

      im loving that the aussies are swiping all the KCCO's. Thankyou Chivemasters!

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    Well, i tried to buy my t-shirt at the Cyber Monday but propably they can't ship to my country, however i'm keeping calm from Brazil.

  • dude

    Damn theCHIVE is gonna set the interwebs on fire today!

  • Terrance

    looking at this launch schedule, i think the chive is going to break the internet in half by day's end

  • paulson

    and so it begins… the great shitstorm of our time

  • darren

    woke up early for this one

  • David

    Anyone getting errors when trying to pay?

    • https://www.facebook.com/chris.lombardo.587 Chris Lombardo

      Yeah, I had one in my cart for about half an hour of entering details. Memorised my credit card details by the end of it. Then my internet crashed.

  • Brian

    Whats the point in signing up for email notification if you send it out an hour later when there are no more shirts left???

  • Kat

    Why does everything show up as a Men's small in my cart?!?!?!

    • http://www.facebook.com/ciera.schoen Ciera Schoen

      It happens to me too, someone told me to send them an email immediately but that didn't work last time for me, maybe it will today ๐Ÿ˜›

    • http://www.facebook.com/cassondra.fischer Cassondra Fischer

      same thing happened to me….its happened twice now…the first time i wanted a mens medium black kcco but got a small so havent been able to wear it, then today ordered a mens green kcco hoodie in large, get all the way thru check out and it says mens small black bought the two most expensive clothing items and cant wear either…instead of a happy birthday today and a hoodie, its a sad birthday and less party money ๐Ÿ™

    • AKchiver

      It does it to me when I try to order it off my phone

    • Brandon

      If you send it back to them, they will ship you the correct size. My DAR shirt came in small and the chive fixed it. Awesome!!

  • Easy

    Finally got a CDN KCCO, third times a charm I guess! Sweet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.ball.1276 David Ball

    This is BULLSHIT!!! I was on at eight and all the xxl were sold out?? :@

  • Chris

    Just placed the order! Can't wait to rock the Canadian for Christmas! KCCO!

  • cbrf4i

    Finally got one…today is already an awesome day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MexDotCom Julio Guapo

    "Once they're gone, they're gone."

    …..exactly why sooooo many people buy Bootleg CHIVE shirts. I'm guessing if I don't try to order a BMF shirt within the first 4 minutes, ill be shit out of luck.

    • Matt

      Try 2 minutes. They went too fast for me to get through checkout!

    • SLy_C

      No problems here, BFMs are finally on the way!!!

      This will round out my collection…

  • Tallychiver

    Finally scored a BMF wallet! In black!

  • RedSoxNationMT

    Got a Keep Calm and a BFM today. And I had told myself I was done trying, my server can't compete I said, but I KCCO'd, and now have two sweet new shirts on the way.

  • Chris

    Is the times pacific standard time?

    • Matt

      Eastern Standard Time

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