• dumbass redneck


    • bdg

      #19 We must find this astounding beauty!!!!! More please
      #97 we need the full picture or it didn't happen-amazing

  • BruceWayne

    #74 #21

    • JMAKK

      The fact #57 wasn't on the first page of comments makes me lose a little faith in mankind.. All sexy chivettes however again #57… wow..your amazing.

  • jamie

    Great Googley Moogley !! They are all HOT !!

    • StealHorseCowboy

      A well breed group for sure… Wow….

  • Tyler Rauch

    #24 a women who beer showers is awesome! #33 love that smile!! #37 and ah so cute!

    • JoJo

      Very beautiful

  • bkibbs

    I want to drown in #6 's eyes

    • akgoalie

      heard that!

    • zackgonick

      She's my favorite too.

    • Addicted to sex

      Casey Anthony is a Chiver?

  • NonBrit


    Beer in the bath. Nice.

    • nate33uc

      #69 – can we?
      #85 – holy hump

  • Shelly

    #17 instant girl crush

    • Falthor

      Instant crush… for many i think

    • The Truth

      Awesome body

    • jamie

      #17 MERICA !!!

      • Mike Rock

        Is this the same girl?

    • http://www.thechivefun.com www.thechivefun.com

      Exclusive images *<3:*<3:*<3 V I S I T The Chive Fun

    • Mikey Mack

      I have a fetish for small belly buttons. Is that weird? Am I alone on this?

    • big_james

      Not the same girl and the top photo has been around for several years.

    • Kevrhutch

      She should have her own post!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • HolyShit

    #4 Geeeeeze!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbvancamp Jb Van Camp

    #85, #97 for the win(s)

    • Hambone

      Those 2 and #57 for the clean shave!

    • Travioso

      I agree 100%

    • TheVanityScore

      anyone else see that nip slip or is it just me?

    • Yuppp

      #97 nip slip always wins

      • 617Chiver

        Let me help you with those…

    • Bee

      85 hands down takes the cake today

    • OG Long Nut

      can we please have a moment of silence for the amazing hump and nip slip

    • I think...

      #85 Whitney Southworth?

    • kranick


  • Dirty Drew

    #10 is a perfect TEN

    • John

      Meghan and her shoulder freckles…gets me every time.

    • Ryan

      Really? I'm not trying to be a dick but a ten? She is cute, but maybe a numerical value of 7.5 would better suit her. 1.5 coming from the boobs alone.

      • rugerhoyt

        You sir are a douche. Meghan is a ten…a f'in 10.

        those eyes, those freckles…uhhhhh

        • realio

          A 10? whatever, you guys have no standards

          • ChurchoftheFonz

            GENTLEMEN! Remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beerholder…..

            • JHL1

              Please rise. Now sit on it.
              May the Fonz be with you.

    • boB

      Those eyes, yum… and Excellent side boob Megan! Thanks!!!

    • KyleGamgee

      So cute, she could turn a straight girl.

    • P3king

      Damn it, late to the SC. Almost missed the Epic Meagan Sideboob. My excuse? Beer.

    • Cosmo Kramer

      Meaghan is beautiful, this meghan isnt

  • Pedros_Rooster

    #85 #96 You are gorgeous. Have a great weekend for all.

  • justaclick

    She may be second in the gallery, but is definitely a 10. #2

    • galt

      My vote for chivette of the week fosh

      • NH Man

        Too late. Already been CoW. Search for 'New Hampshire Chivette". Oh what the hell, let me give a brother a hand….

        • galt

          You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar! You have my thanks!

          • Tyler Rauch

            More and MOAR!

    • OzChiver

      Crazy hot

    • AZ Chiver

      She is definitely the hottest girl I have seen on The Chive, thus far.

    • NH Man

      Oh, and btw, I believe that is also her at #1…

  • SLy_C

    #17 Wins the SC this week. Thanks to everyone who participated.

  • Dumper

    Time to take another strong dump

    • DirtBag

      Let me know how it went.

    • Otto

      Bravo Sir

    • Ryan

      Wash your hands when you done also. Also, leave the vent fan on.

  • Boobs


    What the hell did you do to your arm?

    • keef

      lol seriously that's horri-awful

      • Troll finder 2000

        We could be like this guy ^^^ and insult actual chivettes – I mean why would we want them to continue to submit pictures, guess you're looking forward to Chive meet-ups to be all dudes huh?

    • Wait who?

      It doesn't look bad at all, an hourglass half sleeve is an issue? She's gorgeous and the ink makes her sexier.

  • YOYO

    #12#22#42 DIBS

  • Badgoalie

    I fell in love 98 times today

    • Boobs

      I didn't fall in love, but I definitely popped a boner.

  • Dude

    #2 I'd like to lick the KCCO off of that thigh all the way inside the promised land…

  • Buck

    #12 SMOKE!

    • triplecap

      #12 FTW! She made my loins tingle.

  • Foster

    #16 has strikingly pretty eyes.

    • Boobs

      Too bad the rest of her face is fugly.

      • Dave

        That's our long time chivette Maggie. She is beautiful (and has an amazing behind). Featured many times on redheads, humps and gaps. We love you Maggie!

      • Come on


  • Dizzle

    #12 ftw!!!

    • Boobs

      Need to see more of her nipples.

    • Michael

      Too bad you are not single in Myrtle Beach, super sexy!

  • justaclick

    I can't forget #17 either.

  • jamie

    #24 Fuck you Land Shark !!

  • tv_paul

    #22 Best chest bump I've ever seen on this site.

    • mshark

      out very f'ing standing

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan


    All fucking day long. Knockout.


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