• Brian


    • Juju Bee


  • Brian

    She has beautiful brown eye.

    • Brown


    • Fun_with_Numbrs

      You mean bulls-eye right?

    • Luke

      HAHAHAHAHA you beat me to it! DAMN!

    • Notme

      But her eyes look gree…… Ohhh I see what you did there.

    • Open minded

      Bleach is required on this one…for sure!

      • https://thechive.com/ Paula_


        Not sure how this would help though…

        – Fan testimonial: "Please can you add this to your fan testimonials? – Greg Wells"

      • KeepinCalm

        Needs nothing but a tender caress and lots of love B)

    • Brown7

      Ok glad I'm not the only one that saw she needs to bleach

    • xuocram

      hahaha ya a little dirt around the star

    • Smoke damage

      Gotta Love a little smoke damage

    • timothy rhodes

      that's a crazy place to get a tan

      • Larry

        Holy crap I read this and bust out laughing. hahahaha!

    • g'wan bi

      That'd be one dark balloon knot!

    • sandy astroglide

      Do you even wipe?

    • terry

      Yes Brian …….anal bleaching would improve her ass ! …lol

  • Knuckle Sandwhich

    #42 oh yes!!!!

  • Miles

    #20 and #34. Yes please. All day.

    • Valdoz

      #34 Brooke evers

      • James

        I love it when u guys come throught with the name like that.

  • CallMeMaybe

    #20 Randomly picking a number because they are all stunning!

    • Orukal

      You have chosen….wisely.

  • deazy

    Well played chive well played..

  • Abe Froman

    #20 Those are curves!

    • powpow

      this girl needs to be found immediately

      • david

        mydylan.tumblr.com you are welcome

    • newscot

      Might be Fenny…

  • Perin

    Nicely done!

  • Rob

    #17 Eyes were bulging out. #36 Jaw dropped!!!
    True Story

  • John

    #43 is beautiful! I could stare into her eyes for hours! Preferably while kissing her.

    • Brian


      • kcco


        • Check please

          extra tongue

    • Mike Hunt

      My spider sense is tingling

    • Barry

      Looks like she needs to wipe

    • MonkeyMadness

      Damn people, why all the thumbs down? He says something nice and touching and everybody hates it. Although I'd love to bang dat ass while pulling her hair!!

  • Eric Church

    #9 WOW. I can say nothing more.

    • Mark

      Yup thats my local bartender lol

      • john doe

        Where in the hell do you live, i need to see that part of the country

      • Jenna

        That's Jaime Obrien and the worst Photoshop job I've ever seen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbcorey Jcore3

    #14 would be in love…but me no likey the tat on the buttox.

    • Cat Hammer

      yeah….you'd tell this girl no because of a tattoo….RIGHT

      • joker

        I agree. Lip stick kiss on a girls butt is a stripper tat.

    • mofw

      Brittney Palmer

    • ChinChinNeck

      Says the guy with the camera phone mirror pic avatar
      Douche Baggins

  • oliverklosov

    #36 & #43 Very hot.

  • sask_snowballer

    Nothing like a arched back to warm up a Saskatchewan winter ahhhhhh

  • Dick trickle

    #13 only time I've ever been jealous of a surf board… Fuck that thing!

    • erock03

      I'm more stiff than that board is

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      I know that is supposed to look ridiculous…but, it doesn't.

  • Slappy

    #11 Moar!

    • Jrod


  • Dea9

    #26 Something very natural and sexy.

    • addicted to sex

      and 16ish.

      • Oilfieldtrash76


    • riverrat22

      couldn't have said it better myself. beautiful

    • spliggs

      Isn't this Amanda Wenk?

  • james

    #26 yep

  • Tiber_Septim

    #10 #24 #28 very hot n sexy, You're doing it right

    • god

      You are one old creepy fuck

  • pa'ver

    #43 love the ones with a chocolate starfish!!

    • Wang

      Needs bleach.

      • Yep

        Needs a tongue.

    • Jerry

      I can't believe this was even uploaded lmfao

  • slip

    #38 is doing it RIGHT!

  • guest

    #39 for me!

    • Todd T

      Isn't that the girl in those Fiat commercials?

      • hendo

        yup, catrinel menghia

  • MajorTom

    #29 Who is this and where can I get one?

    • Mmmm

      Ågreed. #29 is the pick of the week here.

      Must know her name.

    • http://tigerdroppings.com TigerDroppings


    • Bham Chiver

      elizabeth morales

      • Ehh

        Google disagrees…

  • Daywalker

    Actually heard skid marks when I scrolled to #3

    • MonkeyMadness

      #43 is the one with the skid marks.

  • tv_paul

    #4 Now that's what I call a window seat.

    • Benson

      She wins the Internet for me WOW

    • T Y

      You've got skills with the puns tv_paul. Always good for a chuckle

    • True Story

      My favorite position for my ladies to be in. Almost always ends with an-" Oww, you poked me in my cervix."
      True story

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