• iYQYQr

    i made it to #12 this time.

    • zamar

      #24 is the best

      • zamar

        For all the people complaining about her smile and the same shot of her cleavage. This is the best response.

    • Mike Hunt

      I can't beleive the amount of talent in this post. It's a very HARD choice for me to take a favourite here.

    • FunKiller

      You're first in my book!

    • Mr. Phresh

      You're #1 on my list…

    • https://www.facebook.com/krazycoyote22 Kirt D. D' Aponti

      I'm pretty sure I love you!

  • Jeff

    #4 you're so beautiful!

  • chive is heaven

    moar! #68 #81 #90

    • bfm

      #68 looks like it was a man

  • LeO

    Bringing sexy back 🙂

    • Jalakes

      Can't get enough of this chick!

    • still alive

      is that psycho chick in another bathroom?

    • theonlysharky


    • LATechGradStudent


    • Hunter


    • Morganfreman

      How has she been on this sight this long with this many submissions and no one knows who she is yet?!?!?

    • Hunter

      I think we need to 1. Find Her! 2. Request something other than stand up mirror shots, maybe a pov or a hump

    • Ex Philly Resident

      I would say try asking Pennsylvania Chivers! Wearing Philadelphia Eagles pants. Don't listen to the haters. You are awesome and keep posting. KCCO!!

      • Hunter

        pretty sure thats American Eagle dude, the clothing store. Typical Philly fan…

    • https://www.facebook.com/jospeh.russo Joseph Russo

      OMG !! Killer abs

    • TommyKnockers

      She looks like my fav but without the regular shower curtain I can't be sure….well shower curtain, under boob and sexy as fuck girl next door smile. … but I think it's her.

  • Jeff

    #27 you have the sexy girl next door look down to perfection!

    • hootie

      #2 takes the cake…if she was the last face I saw b4 the apocalypse Id be good-

  • whoami

    #1 is just the cutest damn thing ive ever seen

    • Mike Hunt

      I must capture this gypsy for marriage.

    • boob_cuddler

      Agreed. I want one like that.

    • Doctor_What

      This is Kim Petras… Born Tim Petras. And yes, she is very cute.

      • Alissa

        Actually this is Alissa.

  • PDiddily420

    Rangers suck but your tits are spectacular. #8

    Yours too! #75

    • gmen

      rangers rule and her tits are spectacular

      • NY Chivette

        oh why thank you

        • Filbur

          Looks like the whole package is pretty spectacular… hope I get to see you at a game this season.

    • Darrell

      #75 FTW

  • johndoe

    #110 #114
    shaaawwiiing shwing

  • Jeff

    #8 no but on the ice would be twice as nice with you!

  • NOPE

    #5 is WAY to much filter / photoshop / pushup bra (almost looks stuffed) no thank you.

    • bcbigbuds

      dont care had sex

  • mikey

    darn, someone beat me to #27…

  • kal50

    Well done ladies. All incredible. But we always have to pick. #12 MOAR in 2013

  • matt

    #80 more please

  • r1rider

    #114 my my my ….

    • Guesticles

      Chivette of the week !!!!

      • RickGrimesBitch

        Hell yea i 2nd that!! Shes one of the hottest Chivettes ive seen!! I WANT MOAR

  • matt

    #80 more plaese

  • BPooch

    Nice. Very nice.

    • Gonz

      What's nice are Bewbs that even denim cannot hold back. #32.

  • Troop67

    #8 YES! …and I have a nice Devils shirt for you!!!

  • Mark_Chris_Top5

    Mark and Chris' Top5:

    #13, #32, #44, #75, #99

    • jjjjjjjj

      OMG Mark and Chris's top5 !

      Yea you're gay.

  • #1paulafan

    Paula, my dear Paula where for art thou my beloved troll

    • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Got stuck at a few redheads above…. phew!

      – Fan testimonial: "Paula- a celebrity type among trolls, – non nasty -highly intelligent, can be some what annoying, hilariously funny & sometimes hilariously unfunny too….whatever you say to Paula to try to wind her up she'll invariably bat you right out of the park..with her usual style & pizazz.. – GeorgiaRosa"

  • roads

    couldn't get past #1…maybe ill go back later for the rest. beautiful.

  • Boobman

    ( . Y . ) WOW that was faptastic!!!

    • Mark_Chris_Top5

      ^^ According to the time of you post… you lasted approximately 5 minutes! (gallery like this…. well done good sir)

  • Chiver_Guy

    #53 That girl's got skills!

  • KCCOrazorback

    #32 OMG we need MOAR !!!!!!

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      Oh yeah! Those aren't bewbs. Those are TITS!

      • ILoveYourTatas

        Those aren't tits, those are gazongas!

    • chris

      I agree. I wish I was younger; I am 48 but wish I was allot younger.

    • Razor AKA RVHO

      Very nice KCCO!

  • brucebruce

    #17. Duh.

    • Womb_Raider

      I know right…couldn't form a coherent sentence for ten minutes after seeing this perfection.

  • Tyler Rauch

    #2 is tooo cute for school and #109 will do for a coffee date

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