Brendan Marrocco brings the charitable side of theCHIVE to global stage


By now most Americans have heard the story of Brendan Marrocco. The U.S. infantryman who lost all four limbs in a roadside bomb in Iraq recently received a rare and successful double arm transplant. As Brendan wheeled himself out to globally-televised press conference, you couldn’t help but notice the slogan on his shirt, ‘Keep Calm and Chive On.’

For all of us Chivers, it was a wink and a nod to the community he loves. But to those unfamiliar with theCHIVE, it raised the obvious question, “What is theCHIVE and why does this kid like it so much?” Our inbox is a whole mess’a media requests.

Time author Rebecca Nelson’s article not only reveals theCHIVE’s popularity amongst the military, but also explains how theCHIVE and Chive Charities, ‘has surprisingly noble side…. an online community that supports orphaned causes.’

Read the entire article RIGHT HERE.

And tune in later today, Chivers. The Chive community helped us do something very cool last week for one of our USAF Chivers. You’re not going to want to miss this.

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  • Christopher

    Awesome work.

  • MattKL

    Things like this make me proud to be a part of this community. KCCO!

    • trick

      if om not mistaking wasn't there a lady who hadte same surgery JS

  • Chivest

    Chiving for a better tomorrow

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    Chivers fucking rule.


  • MaxCarbon

    That is frickin AWESOME! KCCO!


    Saw this on the news!! Awesome!!

    Proud to be a Chivette! KCCO fellow Chivers!

    • SpaceCowboy

      I also saw this on the news. The most awesome thing is that… I saw it on the french news! http://pluzz.francetv.fr/videos/jt_13h_,76414549…. just before 23min for french people (don't think people abroad can watch that…)

      They just talked about this awesome man, and not about TheChive, but that's still great 🙂
      KCCO from France 😉

  • YOYO

    RIP Caleb Moore!!!

  • Dapper_Dave

    Sounds like there's going to be a lot more Chivers coming our way……which also means fresh new chivettes.

  • Ole

    Awesome shout-out from an undeniable hero. KCCO Brendan!

  • OneClownShoe

    Congratulations to the kid with the new arms and also to you, John. You guys did it! The fans did it! We all did it! The Chive Nation begins! Chive on! To the new world order…fucking just be nice to each other and do the right thing!

  • sfb101

    I saw this and was impressed and proud!

  • AnItalianChiver

    Simply awesome, too bad that I find somehow difficult to explain what is theChive.. The only way is to join the community and see by yourself…

    KCCO from Italy 😉

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      well put. you can't explain theChive. it just "is". which rules.


  • http://s1336.photobucket.com/albums/o642/janeyqueen/ teslawasrobbed

    It would be easy to pass this off as cheap populism, but when a quadruple amputee soldier takes time to praise a website, it is well deserved to step forward and take a bow.

    You're doing something right John, and I wish much love and respect to Brendan Marrocco.

    • _LG

      Beautifully said. John and Leo are phenomenal human beings, as is Brendan.

  • Captain Obvious


  • qwop

    RIP Dave on Wheels

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    I have the chills….again.

  • DrGarnicus

    Awesome! Let's all wear our respective KCCO shirts tomorrow in support!

    • Danish chiver

      Wearing one ATM and have a shirt for each day of the week lined up

  • tv_paul

    John, you guys ought to fly him out to visit your office and let him meet some of your favorite chivettes.

  • Bill

    Way to go guys! KCCO!!!

  • Chad

    I love theChive!

  • Ishbar

    Damn it feels good to be a part of theChive community!

    • Excellcior

      You're not part of the Chive with a name like Ishbar!!! Go back blowing G.I. arms in Afghanistan

      • Ishbar

        Your ignorance is astounding. Go home Excellcior, you're drunk!

  • that redneck smell

    Hahaha!! Omg, I'm so proud of my love for chive smell too! Let's blow them communist and terrorist haha!!

  • Timasand

    Our little online hangout is about to add a lot of new faces. I seen a lot more chive T's around Houston lately

    • that redneck smell

      Houston… true, nice redneck hangout Yeeeeeeehaw!!

    • KRS1

      lol, nothing says "I'm a redneck" like using the phrase "I seen"

  • HoosierVaal

    KCCO everyone!

  • VA Chiver

    Damn it feel good to be a Chiver!

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