A special message from theCHIVE to EOD1 Chris Andrieu (2 Photos)

I received these photos this morning with the following text:

"Chive, I saw your posts last summer about Taylor Morris. As another Navy EOD guy myself I wanted to see if you might be able to DAR one of my best friends and roommates EOD1 Chris Andrieu. One month ago today Chris lost both his legs clearing a fully IED'd road for the Seals.

Through all the pain, he represents The Chive everyday here in San Diego. His positive attitude is everything a Chiver should aspire to be.

I have have a small favor, If we could get some love and possibly make the DAR I know he'd think it's awesome! He's always wanted to go to the Chive offices and we can't wait to get him mobile and cruise up to see the Venice Boardwalk!"

I think we can do one better than the DAR for somebody who has sacrificed so much. So, Chris, I've shared your story with the office and we'd like to invite you and your friends up to theCHIVE office whenever you're feeling up to it.

The Chivers here in the office are all pitching in to personally pay for your and your friends to travel up, stay at a super-swanky asshole LA hotel, and party out at theCHIVE offices (yes, there will be Chivettes).

I still speak to Taylor often and one of the things he imparted to me was that having something to look forward to is crucial through the rehab process. Hopefully this helps keep you motivated. I've emailed your buddy, Casey. He and I will work out the details of your trip. Looking forward to meeting you.

Thanks for your service and your sacrifice,



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