Yes, I could have used this hand-built N64 table in college (19 HQ photos)

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  • http://proto.mtv.ca/the-craftsmanship-of-this-n64-table-has-less-jaggies-than-the-games-you-play-on-it/ The Craftsmanship of this N64-table has less jaggies than the games you play on it. : MTV Proto

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    […] and their mum have been posting about a Nintendo 64 mod known as the Nintendo 64 Table. [Note: TheChive seems to be the the most original source I can find for this, so if there's another better one, […]

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  • http://estugame.com/une-table-pour-votre-n64/ Es-tu Game ? | Gamers 100% pure laine Une table pour votre N64

    […] n’y a pas décrit toutes les étapes de conception mais sur le site The Chive, ce dernier a posté les photos de son travail dans plusieurs des moments importants de la […]

  • http://miki800.com/mario_table/ ドット絵マリオもかわいい!NINTENDO64内蔵の手作りテーブルがスゴすぎる | そうさめも

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    […] N64 Table: thechive.com/2014/07/10/yes-i-could-have-used-this-hand-built-n64-table-in-college-19-hq-photos/ […]

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