• http://www.fastjobz.com/2014/10/get-your-foot-in-the-door-having-trouble-getting-an-employer-to-give-you-a-chance/ Get Your Foot In The Door: Having Trouble Getting An Employer To Give You A Chance? | Create Resumes | Find Jobs | FastJobz.Com

    […] Consider contract work if it is […]

  • http://www.fastjobz.com/2014/10/work-your-way-to-the-top/ Work Your Way to the Top | Create Resumes | Find Jobs | FastJobz.Com

    […] agencies and find out how much a person in your field, with your level of experience and work load should or could be earning. This should give you a realistic guide to determine the amount or […]

  • http://www.fastjobz.com/2014/10/intelligent-answers-to-weakness-interview-questions/ Intelligent Answers to Weakness Interview Questions | Create Resumes | Find Jobs | FastJobz.Com

    […] may assess you are a talkative person that are usually wasting time chatting with colleagues at work. The problem is that how you demonstrate your weakness so that the employer may consider your […]

  • http://www.fastjobz.com/2014/10/do-working-long-hours-increase-the-employee-productivity/ Do Working Long Hours Increase the Employee Productivity? | Create Resumes | Find Jobs | FastJobz.Com

    […] of making the employees to work for more hours by rule, companies should look out for the ways to keep their employees happy so […]

  • http://www.fastjobz.com/2014/10/how-to-ask-for-a-raise-and-get-it/ How to Ask for a Raise - and Get it | Create Resumes | Find Jobs | FastJobz.Com

    […] the right idea. But much more important is the visibility you have to your superiors in your actual work ethic. That means getting your work done, and done well, and done quickly – and then getting […]

  • http://www.fastjobz.com/2014/10/a-foreigners-guide-to-making-money-in-thailand-part-one/ A Foreigner's Guide to Making Money in Thailand - Part One | Create Resumes | Find Jobs | FastJobz.Com

    […] you have a professional background, are thinking of moving here, and want to work for a few more years, now is the time to start looking for a job in Thailand. Start by Googling […]

  • http://www.fastjobz.com/2014/10/4-effective-time-management-tips-for-men-at-work/ 4 Effective Time Management Tips For Men at Work | Create Resumes | Find Jobs | FastJobz.Com

    […] and it can be very hard to return to work. Find an incentive – it is good for anybody to work for a reward – that is why it works so well. Find a way to keep you going especially on those […]

  • http://www.fastjobz.com/2014/10/the-functions-of-a-court-reporter/ The Functions Of A Court Reporter | Create Resumes | Find Jobs | FastJobz.Com

    […] the job of visiting such people and records their statements. Travelling is routine in their work. When they visit a site on the court’s orders they document the happenings there and present […]

  • http://www.fastjobz.com/2014/10/how-to-choose-the-right-home-builder/ How to Choose the Right Home Builder | Create Resumes | Find Jobs | FastJobz.Com

    […] can work as a part of a team. They should be highly professional and they need to have lots of patience and […]

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