A Chiver pays it forward, donates kidney to a complete stranger (9 Photos)

Dr. Cass Franklin, director of the transplant program at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, cleverly pointed out how much one person can make a difference. He said, “It all started with ONE humanitarian donor. This allowed for the entire pay-it-forward process.”

Here at theCHIVE we’ve recently been publishing many Random Acts of Kindness. Due to theCHIVE’s massive reach, we’ve noticed that pockets of generosity always spring up around the first act. One day, we’ll get dozens of submissions from Atlanta. The next day’s explosion of goodwill will come from Chicago.

Dr. Cass was right. Where there is one random act of kindness, there are others. The recipient will often pick up the torch and carry the light forward just as Mike did. Here’s to you, Mike. Proud to call you a Chiver.

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