Conquer April Fools’ Day with the best pranks money can buy

Using someone’s fear of spiders against them is actually hilarious and not evil at all. To make it even more worth it, film the whole thing and put it on the internet for the world to see!

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“It’s just a normal black mug, what a lovely gift. Oh, wait…this hot water is making something else appear. Oh-. Oh my!” BOOM, pranked.

Don’t you just love lying to and faking out your significant other and family? This prank might ruin your relationship but, hey, it’s funny.

Now, THIS is the stuff if you want someone to lose their mind. You might drive them to the brink of insanity but, once again, IT’S FUNNY!

I must admit even I’m not a fan of these but it’s a classic prank. Would I cut off any and all contact with the person who pranked me with them? Most likely. But it’s all for the bit.

Whoever uses this will definitely not see it coming. This is another slightly evil prank but unless the victim is having violent diarrhea, I’m sure you’ll all laugh about it later.

As a victim of BeanBoozled, myself, I must say this “game” should be banned in all countries. But, man, there’s just something about watching someone eat a sweaty sock-flavored jelly bean.

Good, harmless fun can be had with these bad boys. Give them as tiny gifts or leave them everywhere you go to mark your territory. The possibilities are endless.

This one is for the lil stinkers out there…literally. In these post-pandemic days where hand sanitizer is liquid gold, this prank will have lots of victims.

Winning the lottery just got a whole lot easier, because it’s not real! Who needs a real lotto when you can just make up a fake one to trick your friends with?!

Here is it: the most evil creation known to man. You pretty much have to give this to someone you hate unless you’re just a stone-cold sociopath. Warning: Friends WILL be lost if they’re given this card.

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Hey, big spender! Just kidding, we both know those hundos are faker than a plastic surgeon’s office. But your unsuspecting prank victims don’t!

Ah, it’s the classic prank that everyone can’t help but love. I don’t know the science behind humans finding farts so comical but just like death and taxes, it’s a constant in life.

If these things weren’t flipping me off they’d be adorable. Heck, they’re still adorable. These little guys can get far more use than just on April Fools’ Day.

Sale Googly Eyes

Just like the ducks, these are harmless fun! Stick them wherever you see fit and you’ll be a comedy god. Easy as that.

This is probably my favorite item on this list. It’s hilarious to picture someone opening their mail in front of their S/O or their parents and it’s a reminder for their herpes checkup. Classic comedy, baby.

We’ve had one of these bad boys in the office for years now and it’s a great conversation starter. Make your friends think you’re a terrible parent who allows their child to play with fire! What’s not to love about that?

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