“Like a BOSS” as ISIS bullets whiz by…Kurdish fighter calmly sips coffee during a firefight (Video)

A bad-A** Kurdish fighter filmed video of himself sipping a coffee while being shot at in the Syrian city of Tabqah.
The footage shows the fighter for the mainly Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) sipping what looks like an espresso while shots are fired off in his direction from suspected Islamic State fighters – including at the roof of the building over his head.
Tabqah lies approximately 20km west from the onetime Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa. In May 2017, US Central Command declared that Washington-backed forces had taken control of the Tabqah from IS after a two-month battle.
Filmer Firat Batman describes himself as a Syrian Kurd born in Kurdistan and raised in Sweden. He said he was drawn back to his homeland after Islamic State killed his uncle and closed off his home town.
Firat said of the video: “You know when you’ve been up for like 40 hours and just have been shot at for hours and hours and can’t freaking see the enemy or have the weapons to go the distance?
You save your bullets, go down, wash up and make some coffee and then go back up to get shot at again.
I was drinking coffee and went and got ready for my guard duty.
S*** was crazy.”

In a second clip, also seen here, Firat can be seen giving Islamic State fighters the bird after being nearly struck by a rocket in eastern Syria. 
Video shows the YPG fighter rising out of some kind of rampart surrounded by sandbags in the war-torn Deir el-Zour province. 
He can be heard saying, “Oh s**t!” before an audible whoosh and then an explosion takes places in the near distance, which he claimed was an IS rocket.
The video was filmed near Baghouz, one of the last strongholds of IS, on May 29, 2019, weeks after US-backed forces declared victory over the militants. 
After the rocket explodes, he screams in relief and then gives a one-finger salute from both hands and shouts, “F*** you!”
His reaction garnered praise on social media, with one commenter saying on Instagram: “Much respect. Love the way you threw the double bird.”
He told Newsflare: “[I] went back to fight [in] 2015 after Isis killed my uncle.
They closed in on the towns [where] my family lived, so I had to go back defend my family and land and people.”

Via Newsflare

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