Little bully gets his first hard lesson in life and shows his true colors (Video)

Some backstory pulled from another forum so take it with a grain of salt: “The two kids had been at the park for several hours earlier that day terrorizing kids at the splash pad and playground. There had been several complaints. In the 25 min before the video, the guy taping was driving down the street to the park when the two kids cut him off on their bikes and flipped him off. He rolled his window down and told the kids to watch it and get out of the street. They swore at him, followed him, and when he parked, the kids started throwing rocks and other things at his car and trying to scratch it with the rocks, cussing and swearing at him and his wife. The man went to the concession stand and found the guy who is the park manager/concession stand and asked him for help. That is the guy with the hat, calling the sister/mom of the boy and getting pushed and punched by the kid. The kids following the guy to the concession stand, where the concession/park manager told the kids to leave and they started swearing and cutting up with him, then left for a minute down the path, threw down their bikes, and came back for more. At that point, the 1st man started videotaping. The woman at the very end of the video, who the kid is swearing at, is this guy’s wife.”

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