Toilet DISINTEGRATES in ultra slow motion (Video)

“Holy f’n SH*T”,
A Veteran Explosive Ordnance Disposal guy narrates slow-mo EXPLODING toilet filmed at 28,500-Frames per Second.
Daniel Gruchy is a former EOD with the British Army.
His Instagram reads:
“Popped out 1988, potty trained 1990, first swear word 1994, first web browse 2000, first Slow Mo Guys video 2010.”
Dan and his buddy Gavin Free have an awesome series of videos called:
“The Slow Mo Guys” on YouTube
If you’ve seen ’em,
PLEASE DON’T post their video links in commments b/c
I’ve cut-up clips to GIFs for a “Big BOOBers vs Huge BooMs” post (title in the works).
Follow Daniel Gruchy on Instagram: @danielgruchy
Follow Gavin Free on Instagram: @gavinfree

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