Sugar, anyone? (20 photos)

a how much sugar in there 0 Sugar, anyone? (20 photos)


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  • hahaha

    i looked at this as i was drinking a redbull and eating a mcflurry

    • Anonymous

      this is why you’re a fatass

      • Anonymous


  • Colin

    im amazed how much sugar is in a mountain dew, i used to love that drink, i wonder how much is in an amp, oh man.

  • Rolento

    you know that chocolate bars and soda contain a lot of sugar, but the cubes really put it into perspective…

  • Lulu

    I find it hard to believe that whoever put this together is acutally comparing the refined white sugar of sodas, chocolate bars, and processed foods to the natural occuring sugar in fruits and vegetables. They are not the same and the sugar in fruits and vegetables cannot be measure in terms of refined, white, sugar cubes. This is very misleading.

    • Kuku

      hey Lulu, get over yourself.

  • Douglas Campbell

    Is there a similar series for Salt? 🙂

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