Kids can't always be happy go lucky (18 photos)

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a orphans 5 Kids can't always be happy go lucky (18 photos)

I know some of these pics are Debbie Downer, but it’s beautiful photography people.

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  • JustKikinIt

    Great photography? Sure

    Belongs on the Chive? No

    I come here for shits, giggles and interesting stuff. Save this kind of stuff for other sites.

  • Equalizer

    Kids looks like in the orphanage.

  • marco

    mike myers made a cameo.

  • lina

    this really makes me sad and i come to chive to laugh.

  • s3xt0y

    surprised theres no hair lip kids haha them children are not happy.

  • boneman

    Well, I liked it. It was poetic and thought provoking.
    I could hear Bette Midler through a bunch of it…
    You gotta give a little, take a little…
    Hey. All we are as kids is cry laugh and look and wonder…
    That’s cool.

    ‘Course, then again, I’m old. So, of course it was cool to me.

  • boneman

    Oh, and it’s from Beaches…
    just in case it’s too old, too.

  • Psara

    Half of these kids don’t look unhappy :/

  • LOL

    The only pic that was truly sad is the little one crying…other than that, they’re all beautiful…even the crying one is pretty…if sad.

    And yes this belongs on the chive…you know why?!? Because Leo posted it! If you don’t like it, get your own damn site! ;)

    Thanks guys…beautiful gallery. ;)

  • Angel

    look at they eyes ,,,, innocently ,,, the kids sometimes will make laugh and heartwarming, its good pics !!!!

  • @Zarafraze

    #1 those fucking mortgage payments…

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