I do what I want!! (23 photos)

a kids child funny p 11 I do what I want!! (23 photos)

  • Lionhearte

    That clown at the end is fucking scary..

  • jackyturd

    haha I bet they where laughing taking the photo though

  • Ron Burgundy

    I fucking hate kids

  • P-90

    Yeah that’s right, babies do enter the world bungee jumping.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Well, mine did. The sign said something about ‘no pregnant jumpers’ but, hey, she’s got her own built-in bungee cord. It kindof worked.

      • Ron Burgundy

        Oh my god, could you be any more stupid

      • P-90

        Weirdly enough my half brother was born by C-section because the cord was wrapped around his foot, evry time his mum pushed the cord tightened and pulled him back. My dad nicknamed him bungee.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Holy craps, I did too. She was suffoctaing, and was 9 weeks early because I just KNEW something was wrong, even though my ob said I was ‘paranoid’. So at my own cost, I got a 3-D ultrasound, and sho nuff, there she was, upside down, cord around her stomach, arm and neck.

          • P-90

            My sister told me the cord was wapped around his neck also, it must be a more common problem than I though. Did you daughter have any after-effects, my brother had to have an operation on his foot because of where the cord was wrapped around it.. (The op was when he was a baby and he was completely fine by the time he started walking)

            • HellHathNoFury

              She had to have a digestive tract surgery, a tiny pig valve and flap put in her heart, and her right thumb never formed correctly, it doesn’t bend and her hand looks somewhat like a monkey foot. No joke. The cord had restricted growth of her heart and bowels, and the ultrasound technician told me she was disgusted that the doctor hadn’t realised something was wrong sooner. But hey, I was just a single teen mom, so I guess he didn’t have to care much. She’s nine now and hasn’t had many problems since.

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  • Ken

    OK, the kid in the stroller with the ice cream cone ticks me off. Maybe it shouldn’t. Maybe I’m a “fat kid” bigot, but that is awful. If a kid that age can’t walk through the park, then she shouldn’t be getting Ice Cream. Dadgummit!

    Do you think the anatomically correct dolls would go over in the USA? Why bother with the bra on the female one?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jackattacks Kirby

    you got a kid HHNF>?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Yup, on clearance for the after Christmas sale at Macy’s. Usually have to go black market, but I got a good deal.
      Haha, yes I have one. And I broke the cardinal guy rule of not-talking-about-disgusting-childbirth. Sorry.

      • P-90

        (This is a reply the post of yours above this one, for some reason it wouldn’t let me post) My mum told me that it’s such a common problem that they check for it at every birth (Well they do here in England) I’m happy to hear your daughter is alright now, have a good new year mate.

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