The most awesome kid you will see today (18 Photos)

awesome kid lead The most awesome kid you will see today (18 Photos)

Dayton Webber’s life didn’t start out easy. Dayton’s limbs were amputated when he was 11 months old because of a life-threatening bacterial infection. Now he’s 11 years old, living in Charles County Maryland, and he’s wrestling, playing football, go-karting or ice skating, and riding scooters.
But Dayton doesn’t just participate in sports, he competes. In his own words, “I just like to do sports, I feel like I can play sports and kind of show people what I can do — that I can do sports just as good as them. I feel like I can do anything if I just put my mind to it.”
Dayton is a true testament to the indomitable nature of the human spirit. Cheers to you, buddy.

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  • welker

    that kid is amazing

    • coachtom

      These are good pics to bookmark for days when you THINK you are having a bad day. What an awe inspiring set.

    • Lars

      Makes you sweating the small stuff seem so childish when you see this great kid. Inspiring. I love the picture of him hugging his dog. Just a normal kid in my eyes.

  • top dog

    Thats what I talking about.

  • cavemanlawyer

    Handstand on the skateboard ftw!

    Cool gallery.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Friggin’ great… The kid and his family have their shit together. Sometimes it’s the people who are freaked out by this or full of pity that are the handicapped. Rock on, Dayton!

  • Anonymous

    hahaha looks like a stumpy midget

    • Anonymous

      WTF ur a ignorant person

      • FedUp

        I will be the first to say it, this kid does not amaze me.
        I would bet anything I own that this kid has been guided through life and given everything he has asked for. So what if he participates in sports? Do you honestly believe that the other kids try their hardest against him?
        People have been saying how much heart and soul he has, but I believe that the people we should be saying this about are people like Norman Borlaug, he genetically modified crops to have a better chance of survival and saved billions of people.

        • kaytuhlyn

          So are you like the biggest dick ever or what? What if your kid was like that? And most people who are completely amputated are in wheelchairs – yet this kid is participating is sports like he never was disabled. So yes, that is quite amazing. You dick.

        • anumalik

          amazing kid truly inspiring. that how to face the world

        • YoPlagiarist

          To FedUp above: Yeah… I’ve seen Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit” too. At least be original.

        • doyouevenknow

          Believe me, FedUp, you are not the first and you won’t be the last…. but thank goodness he does not have the same thought processes as you…

  • Jupiter

    This kid is BAMF.

  • Nightstalker

    The one cuddling the dog FTW!

    I bet that dog has helped him through some of the toughest times imaginable!
    Big up Man’s Best Friend!

  • mirou

    great kid, he’s an example to keep hope, and go ahead in life

  • Some Guy

    I wrestled and that kid is a champion on any mat- God bless him and his family

  • Brody

    kids cooler than me

  • w3rw0lf

    And i think i’ve a hard life? I’m a piece of shit. This guy wins.

  • Loser

    He clearly got pinned though..

    • doyouevenknow

      He has only been pinned once and that was in his first year of wrestling, 2nd tournament back in 2006… Now, I am not saying it can’t happen again, but it hasn’t so far!

  • GreenLanturn

    Very cool kid, I can’t believe he can do a hand stand on a skate board!

  • Fuzzybeard2016

    *WOW!* Just…wow!

  • Shilpa

    This Kid is just amazing. Really very very inspiring.

  • MikeBusiness

    That kid looks like…The Gingerbread Boy

  • leonardo

    I can’t do that and i’m aok

  • Jordo

    That kid has more heart and soul then most! I know I couldnt face the world the way he does! Good for him!

  • Nobody

    Epic kid. Epic t-shirt too, but mostly epic kid.

  • philDAshill

    epic kid. end of story. but one question.. how the fuck does he play football? wrestling, i can SEE that, but football?

  • yep

    his mom is a MILF.

  • lalagirl

    he;s amazing 🙂
    good for him!

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  • Danielle

    My boyfriend has that same tshirt

  • Kenan

    great! this is an example of great personality! 😉

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