Butter never looked so good (16 Photos)

Seriously, I don’t know how many sticks of butter it took to complete these statues. All I know is that there is a butt-load of Kraft Macaroni And Cheese I could be making with that butter.


  • Big Bob

    Sometimes you just have to ask why. Very talented artists though.

    • confused

      i believe the answer to that is because they could and maybe they were bored

  • Bobby Drake

    These are very talented artists but you can find butter sculptures at nearly every single state fair. They start with a wire frame of what they want and then add the necessary amount of butter to get the proper detail. Kind-of a bummer when you realize its not all one large block, but it makes sense.

  • stafferty

    Whoever gave yoda the yogurt is a brilliant human being. I really hope it was Mel Brooks.

  • Gonz

    wow pretty sweet and salty I think…….?

  • Laura

    Lol this was a huge deal when I went to the Iowa State Fair. Every year there is a life size butter cow along with another sculpture (normally a celebrity) that has something to do with Iowa. When I was there it was Shawn Johnson, since she is from Iowa.

    Taken from the Iowa State Fair website:

    “While a real dairy cow weighs more than 1,000 pounds, a 600-lb. butter cow would butter 19,200 slices of toast and take an average person two lifetimes to consume. Much of the butter is recycled and reused for up to 10 years.” Translation: Welcome to America.

  • Regina


  • aleex

    now all we need is pics of bacon sculptures

  • Matt

    hmmmmmmm cholesterol in an art form

  • Sweet Jimmy

    I think last year, they almost did butter Michael Jackson at the Iowa State Fair until folks made it clear they didn’t want a Parkay pedophile on display.

  • Sarah

    They do butter sculptures every year at the Minnesota State Fair. There is even a “lucky” Diary Princess that gets immortalized in butter. Very strange.

  • benlentil

    Very neat. Talented people.

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