If Uncle Eddie won the lottery (12 Photos)

This RV makes the words “mobile home” look sexy less white trash.


  • Linefire

    I believe that is will smith's or one just like it

    • mook

      Will smith is a transformer?

      • rick


  • dakota

    that would be awesome for burning man

  • Chachi

    Who is Uncle Eddie?

    • UncleEddie

      Uncle Eddie is from the TV show Grounded For Life, which saddly ended a few years ago.

  • Anonymous

    cousin eddie

    • Mr Wesley

      Cousin Eddie is the hillbilly goober from the Vacation movies.

  • confused

    oh wow

  • Regina

    where do I sign up for a free ride?????

  • Leonardo

    poetry in motion

  • Dreamy

    I wonder if you’re allowed to park this thing anywhere, or if it’s safe to cross small bridges with this thing.

    For the price this probably costs i’m pretty sure I can find better ways to spend it ^^

  • John

    All that, and you still don’t want to do #2 in it!

  • Anonymous

    it wont fit under a bridge

  • Anonymous

    Why would anybody need that? Some people are idiots! I'm guessing it's owned by rapper and his posse of douchebags!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=609752697 Peter Bergman

      I understand it was built by a working trucker as his retirement home. If you wants to go somewhere I'm sure he can figure out a route that deals with bridges and tunnels.

  • MonkeyMadness

    Yes, I believe they meant "Cousin Eddie" from the Vacation movies.

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