Pancake junkies (15 Photos)

I’m not just the president, I’m also a member.

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  • Molly

    I dont think anything to do with recreational drugs should be on this website.
    Even spoofs like this.

    • Andrew

      Will you marry me?

    • Blaise

      Molly, I respect your point of view; however I pose a problem in your theory that this is a ‘recreational drug’. Educate yourself and read a lot of history and you will find this is just one of the uses of medicinal drugs, like the ones you use.

    • grant

      molly shut the fuck up

    • DHW

      The title should be removed because it blows the otherwise awesome surprise. Also, lol @ Molly

    • @Molly

      STFU Molly, you closed minded, ignorant, fuck.

    • Sam

      Molly, you’re a disgrace to your own name. ^ ^

    • hanesco

      Molly – Shut the fuck up!

    • anonynull

      lol, what’s wrong with molly? Molly’s the shit, you guys haven’t been with her yet?
      obvious if you’re into that sort of thing… noobs

    • Vagina of Paris

      Shut your fuck hole you cunt stabbing prick fuck.

    • me

      um you have dave chapelle as your avatar, i doubt your thought matters.

    • Anonymous

      You are just boring.

  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Just what I always wanted

  • confused

    hmmm pancakes

  • Maggie

    Molly , bitch please you are nobody to say what should be or not be in this website, if you don’t like it why did you click on it ?

  • bowhuntpa


  • molly sucks

    that bitch needs to shut up…

  • mirou

    cool down, what’s wrong with Molly? I think it’s her point of view, and I think we must respect it,

    you remember me Mcgiver with this pancake

    • pundit

      My point of view is that youre a douchebag. keep your religion and your laws out of my body. Respect that bitches.

      • chameleon

        Cool your engines, champ. No one said anything about religion or laws. Ideas and morals can be independent of spirituality and the legislature, you know. Unless your religion involves worshipping pancakes, which I would totally get into.

        • Father Flapjack

          Holy hotcakes ftw

  • Transplant

    Its funny how if anyone mentions they dislike drugs you end up with loads of potheads bashing them.

    Its funny how if anyone mentions they dislike religion you end up with loads of religous fanatics bashing them.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Whoa, Molly. Let’s get this straight. I am the resident most-hated-conscience-raving-bitch here, alright? Also, the only people that have issues with jokes about drugs are those with bad drug histories. Go on, keep incriminating yourself. I’ll let you try to fill my shoes for today.

    • Anonymous

      Hello, I am new here. I think it’s not that you’re hated, I think it’s more likely because you are annoying, boring, and have no sense of humor. Just letting you know. Oh you’re ugly too, btw. kthx

      • HellHathNoFury

        Oh. My. God. Some stranger online without balls to show their face is calling me ugly and unwitty. I’m off to kill myself now, as life is futile without your acceptance.

        • Fuzzybeard2016

          [standing ovation] Brava! Well played!

          • MichaelGS

            i tend to disagree with analymous there. i never used to read the comments because most were boring and mundane, by HHNF has posted some epic funnies, and on days when i dont get to read all comments, i just scroll for hers. p.s she aint ugly! have you seen her beaver?! im just sayin’

            • HellHathNoFury

              Thanks, I just had it stuffed.

    • anon

      lmao at everyone hating on Molly – way funnier than the article itself(which is still pretty clever)
      also, marry me HHNF.

  • ticoo

    mehr!! its a drug refrence… stay of the internet then. stupid bitch

    • Anonymous

      of…. i think you mean off.

      check your spelling before you throw out insults… eh?

  • ing

    HAHA! Brilliant

    p.s. – you’re on the Chive people, quit it with the territorial pissings cause you’re all makin’ these boards look like the damn Tyra Banks show.

    • jimjam yaha!

      hahaha joke! if i did heroin! i’d well have one of those!!!! but that shits way too hard core 4me! besides….. money issues… i hate needles! :S

  • brittany

    We are going to need bigger spoons

    • HellHathNoFury

      There is no spoon.

      • n1ghtstalker

        Love it!

  • chazz

    Mmmmmm pancakes and drugs. No better way to start your morning.

  • peteyroberto

    haha this is awesome like when i sent that pic of the alligator w/ the straw and a razorblade in his mouth PS that wasnt for pancakes yaaaay

  • Insert Name Here

    everyone shut the fuck up!

    • Fuzzybeard2016

      You first!

  • garp

    …can’t we take all this animosity, all this hatred and just direct it at Quebec?

    • Laura

      Sounds like a plan.

    • habsfanx

      why dont i direct it to your face ….. Quebec is my province and its people like you that need to be deported somewhere like ……. your asshole !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go HABS GO !!!!!!!!!! now chive ON!!!!

  • norm

    We can’t even laugh at drugs anymore?

    Marty: You just bought it and….
    Nigel: Don’t touch it! Don’t touch it! No one…no one…no!
    Don’t touch it.
    Marty: Well uh I wasn’t…uh I wasn’t gonna touch it…I was
    just pointing at it…I….
    Nigel: Well don’t point, even.
    Marty: Don’t even point?
    Nigel: No. It can’t be played…never…I mean I….
    Marty: Can I look at it?
    Nigel: No.
    Marty: Don’t look at it.
    Nigel: No, you’ve seen enough of that one.

    In short, lighten up Molly.

    • Amy

      is this from memory? lol. I always try to think of clever ways to quote Spinal Tap in everday conversation, but I always fail, which is why I have no segue into this:

      Nigel: The sustain, listen to it.
      Marty: I don’t hear anything.
      Nigel: Well you would though, if it were playing.
      David: Here lies David St. Hubbins… and why not?

  • Regina


    It’s a clever way to cover up the real stuff kids……

  • Fats-T

    Something tells me we’re gonna start seeing sketchy men in trench coats hocking blueberries and chocolate chips.

  • Aaron

    This thread has turned into a pissing contest. Surely this is somehow Canada’s fault.

    BTW the only way that gallery could have been better is if there was a second spoon of raw sugar so I could freebase syrup with my heroin-cakes! What will that smackhead Aunt Jemima think of next?

  • bryainiac

    that was pretty cool, i want to try it but ill forget what i tried to do by the time i get up off my computer chair.

    brb chive, gotta go inject heroin into my bloodstream.

  • vitorla

    The lack of replies in this comment thread is beyond disturbing.

  • Cleveland

    First… oh wait…

  • HellHathNoFurySux

    Like my name says, fuckin suck it biiiiiiiiiitch

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