Food: I could live there (8 Photos)

Food art via this guy…(whose name is not readily available)

  • jeff in Australia

    Heaven…! As seen through the eyes of that morbidly obese woman who wants to eat herself to death, that you disgustingly displayed a couple of day’s ago…
    And I hope you are still regretting making us all feel sick…!

  • MichaelGS

    damnit! im hungry now looking at these

  • top dog

    It’s creative….thats for sure!!

  • ch0nies

    WTF are u crazy, those are healthy foods, ’tis her hell not her heaven, silly

    • jeff in Australia

      You are right…. All I saw was food…

  • orange

    these images are stolen from Carl Warner. he has done them years ago…

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