Underwater sports…ridiculous or epic?? (16 Photos)

  • Equalizer

    Underwater basketball? I wanna see some dunks!

    • beck

      #8 blonde girls back foot. I’m calling demons.

  • Nicnac

    spelling it as ‘rediculous’ … ridiculous or rediculous?

    • Anonymous

      seriously how retarded do you have to be to spell it like that and not even run a spell checker on it first?

  • McBeastie

    Like much of the content on this site, my vote is for ridiculous. (note the correct spelling of ridiculous, unlike the title).

  • alextc

    Who cares if he fucking spelled it wrong. I dont come to this site to make sure bob spells shit right!! ( nice pics……..That is all)

  • Lionhearte

    #3… Blitzball anyone?? Ahh Final Fantasy, how I love thee.

    • Wendy

      Ha! I never thought I’d see a “real” example of it, but here we go. I imagine the whole going above water to gasp for oxygen might put a damper on the game, or even oxygen tanks. We need to learn Tidus’ trick.

      • Yo dogg


  • G.Nagaraja

    Not impressed

  • slutifer

    underwater box??, thats exactly like american football

  • http://www.mick.com mick

    my underwater pics are NOT ridiculous! youre just jealous.

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