Star Wars art around the globe is just nails (50 Photos)

  • DonkeyBalls

    FIRST!!! OH YAAAA!!!11!!111

    • Ricky9

      There are too few words in the world to describe how uncool you are

      • DaddyD

        Anyone with a screen name of “donkey balls” isn’t going to be cool no matter what he posts.

        • workin_donkey

          Agreed…anyone with ‘donkey’ in his screen name is a complete jag..hey, wait a minute…

  • greenerblues

    Would like to see more of the tattooed girl..

  • Vroom

    “is just nails”???

  • Equalizer

    I want that chess board

  • Spiderpig615

    I wanna know how you make a yoda oragami!!!!

  • Anonymous

    deth star.

    • kjellupa

      I noticed that as well

  • big j

    15,20,26,45,46 are t-shirt material i must have!

  • top dog

    #46 is funny, If I had Jedi powers I would probably do the same thing….from time to time.

  • NoUse4aName

    Vader in #17 will need to translate his sign to spanish if he expects to earn any donations in that neighborhood.

  • Me

    See, as much as I love Star Wars, when getting a girl from behind, it’s usually not the thing I want on my mind.

  • nomad78

    Heineken R2D2 is full of win!!!
    Does it come with on board cooler because I want one for Africa Mundial

  • ladyguitarstar

    I also want that chess set.

  • RubberDogTurds

    i want a pet AT-AT… is that so much to ask for in life? 😦

  • yourfather

    The watermelon!!!!

  • yourfather

    I stormtroop for food too

  • aosux

    Good shit

  • aosux

    Vader is HOT!!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Dang, you know how hard it is to lurk with this breathing apparatus?

  • drinkinguy

    ton-ton sleeping bag.
    it’s even got the innards printed on the inside, sweet.

  • dos santos

    ” Your father I am “

  • P-90

    #4 ‘Gonna need a straw’
    #19 and #48 are awesome.

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  • adidasladyjack

    i love ..very good

  • adidasladyjack

    w w w . e c a r ts h o p p in g . b i z

    shoes $40

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    2010 shoes $40


  • TiminPhx

    Whatever punk did the first photo is just too stupid to know the photograph he used for his stupid little work.

    Now any halfass bitch can take a photo of Marines, several of which would die within days of that flag raising, and use it for photoshop.

    And those who like it, the same who most likely chuckled at “Family Guy’s” mocking of the Viet Nam Wall Memorial are nothings who still live with their mom.

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