Some people should not have the right to bear arms (23 Photos)

  • nas

    some of those were just plain disturbing

  • Robin

    Sweet holy stretch marks Batman!

    • SaintxXxAsh

      i was more disturbed by the stretchmarks than sexy man in pic 12.

      • garp

        ….my left eye, being slightly closer to the monitor than the right, melted at the sight of #12, but I bravely plugged on only to have the remaining eye burst into flame at the sight of those stretch marks….how I typed this and navigated a mouse around to post it is a complete miracle…

        • HellRazer

          Good Christ!!! It looks like 23 tried to roast her baby!

  • dt520

    #23 is gonna have to look at those stretch marks for the rest of her life… damn

  • Kent

    Just to preempt the typical anti-US bullshit that spews forth from the non-Americans…

    Half or more of these people aren’t Americans or are people parodying rednecks (notice the wigs?) I count 4 that I’ve seen before that were actually in a collection of pictures of Russians. There are several guns that are obviously airsoft guns.

    • thegreatfatsby

      While I will not get into the whole anti-America rhetoric about why you shouldn’t be allowed to bear arms as its a constitutional right etc I will say that perhaps there should be an amendment to said right stipulating that certain people should not be allowed to exercise that right. Better still. Those people should not be allowed to pro-create. Some of those pictures would be masturbatory material for the anti-gun lobby in my humble opinion

    • CunningLinguist

      i agree. these are practically stock photos on this website now. #17, dude, seriously? if youre going to flash your bb gun(….sorry “airsoft”..), dont show the barrel. its a dead giveaway.

  • f97ewfg

    which, simply put, means “ffffff off, you need to leave my glorious america alone”. you, sir, need to accept your sins and atone for them. yours and your fellow americans’.

    • Kent

      No, what it means is idiots like you need to quit expecting the US to atone for things that aren’t sins, or are sins of other people. You’re so accustomed to unbridled, ignorant, illogical US-bashing that the moment someone defends the US you can’t accept it.

      How pleasant it must be to live in an intellectual vacuum.

      • 100window

        But good sir, you are named after a town in Britain… Land of the sissies and America’s bitch?! Also said town in Britain is really posh. ALSO you said that people can’t handle someone defending the US when you are getting really really jumped up over jokes ¬_¬

        • Kent

          Kent is actually a county, not a town. But the name Kent is not referring to the place, it’s an old German name derived from the German word “Kennt”.

          And yes, the UK is America’s bitch. I guess that’s why you limeys are so bitter. We used to be your subject, we defeated you in the height of your empire’s power, later became your saviors, and now we’re your benefactors. You’re universally regarded as America’s lapdog and the only thing keeping you from descending into 3rd string status is your relationship with the US. You should be grateful, but of course British pride is not rational. You need to cope.

          • Boou

            It’s that kind of attitude that makes the rest of the world hate you. Oh and btw, you’re just bitter cause you suck at football… and no I don’t mean the gay version with the helmets.

            • Kent

              No, it’s the fact that we’re the worlds most powerful country and the center of attention that causes the world to hate us. People like you point your finger at the US to driver attention from your own problems, you’ve actually developed a mental disorder where you only associate the US with negatives and refuse to associate the US with positives. You’d say the world hates the US because of some personality trait you think I have, yet when people from your own country display that same trait you wouldn’t make that same connection… showing that it’s America’s power, not how we actually act, that causes the difference in perceptions. People WANT to hate the US because we’re simply a superior country, despite all the lies and misinformation your minds are bombarded with in order to make you believe otherwise.

              It’s attitudes like yours that cause Americans to not give a fuck what you think about us, because your anti-American claims are ALWAYS inaccurate, hypocritical, or just plain retarded.

              Meanwhile, to remind you again. You’re on an American website. You’re using an American internet browser, an American computer OS, an computer with American-designed architecture and components, and you’re using the internet which is invented by Americans.

              The fact that you’re using these mediums to say the shit that you do, that invokes the most hilarious levels of irony possible, which in and of itself invalidates the things you say, as you say them.

              Enjoy your inferior existence. Your a living, breathing oxymoron.

          • P-90

            First of all calling us ‘Limeys’ like it’s some sort of insult is pathetic, yeah our sailors used to eat limes to ward off scurvy on a long journey, oh however will we live it down. (Yes that was sarcasm).
            Secondly you nowhere near defeated an empire. A relatively mall percentage of our navy, thousands of miles from their commanders or any supplies or reinforcements were eventually beaten on land by the revolutionaries and various others including a large contingent of French and Spanish.
            Lastly saying your are our saviours is not just historically inaccurate it’s an outright lie, but if you are going to take that ignorant-to-reality mentality then we could say ‘If it wasn’t for us you wouldn’t even exist’

            • garp

              …meanwhile in Canada, I’m just drinking beer

            • Roscoe

              Can’t we all just get along? Every country/county/town/club has its share of idiots. We’re all in this together. Get over yourselves. Nobody is better than anybody else.

              Stepping off soap box now….

            • wickedjack

              looks like that british ban on guns didn’t do a dam thing to stop that shooting that happened just today in Cumbria county, huh? how many ppl were killed? oh yea, it was 12. i wonder if anyone around (besides the shooter) had a gun to defend themselves with, maybe lives would have been saved.

          • birchtree

            Seems to me an astonishing coincidence that Kent soundsa lot like Cunt. Is there a Cunt County?

            • top dog


          • 100window

            I don’t mean to crash your theory… but I never said I was British… Where did you get that from? You know not every American has to blindly love their country. Some of us see its faults and can deal with them. You need to open your mind and accept that some people don’t agree with you.

            • Simpson

              I don’t hate you, but a lot of US citizens are a little narcist and sometimes ignorant in the way they look at themselves and “the rest of the world”. Evolution doesn’t end with the US.

          • Da Cuntstabber

            You didn't saved them you didn't defeated them you only helped them when they were being beaten by the nazis

            remember Vietnam? THAT'S a beating!

  • Crystal

    This makes me scared (well, more scared that I already was) of America.

  • What?

    tsss… americans…

    • Kent

      You’re on an American website. You’re using an American internet browser, an American computer operating system, a computer with American-designed architecture, all on the internet that was invented by the American military.

      Tsss… non-Americans.

      • Travis

        Actually the internet was not developed by the military. It was developed from a network universities used to communicate and transmit data.

        • Kent

          No, the TCP/IP protocol was invented by Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn, who were working under a contract for the US military through ARPA, what is now DARPA.

          The TCP/IP protocol is the actual technology that transmits data. It is the internet.

          • rihughes

            Al Gore invented and mastered the interwebs, everyfuckinbody knows that. He also invented a machine that slowly heats the planet and when all them displaced polar bears start heading South you best have an airsoft gun to defend yourself!

            • McBeastie

              Actually the internet is just a series of tubes

      • P-90

        That’s all very interesting and all but it’s mostly crap also.

        • UrDumb

          I nominate Kent for the pseudo-intellectual dickwad award. Your prize is a trophy that you will use as proof of your superior intellect.

          What a useless douche you are.

  • tyronelab

    At least the wife in 16 is quite hot.

  • Eric

    #12 looks like a fat Russell Brand.

    BTW Russell Brand is a douchenozzle.

  • ChrisDG74

    #11 should just turn the gun on himself. One less douchebag in the world.

  • gozergirl

    what really gets me are the video game guitars in the background of 12….

  • Jope

    Americans, non-Americans – who gives a flying fuck?

    You’re all morons.

  • Brad

    #10 = more badass than you will ever be…

  • QuickStomp!

    @11 woah shit hes got 20 dollaz

  • hardcheese1

    they are all douchenozzles of the highest degree but a couple are actually funny…gearbox with parrot and granmothers quite funny

  • Your Local Priest

    America sucks cock

  • readybeeill

    17 looks like Chunk from the Goonies

  • zym

    #18- Alright, I’ll grab the blue blockers and the parrot, you get the guns. We’re off to JCPenney Portrait Studio!


    He shot a possum with a glock……a POSSUM with a GLOCK!…FTW

    • V

      Looks more like a Hi-Point $99.00 BigR special

    • HellHathNoFury

      Thank God you’re not me, I’m not a possum-killing asshole.
      Get a more creative name.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Has every post here become nothing more than a battleground? Stop it!

  • Shane

    18 Looks like Kenny Powers

    • metalcool36

      lmao Kenny Powers, the man with the golden dick!

  • Jon without the h

    What the hell is the ‘tard in #19 holding…Justin Beiber tickets?

    • bcbeltes

      Sadly, Jon – he’s holding Canadian money – technically worth something in other countries (I are Canadian, so I can get away with bashing us. :))

    • drinkinguy

      the dude in #19 is holding wads of Canadian $20 bills. (sorry ‘tard)
      his guns also look like they’re made of plastic

      • Jon without the h

        Seriously, drinkingguy, I assumed that they were some kind of foreign currency…I didn’t know it was Canadian. But I thought they looked like concert tickets. I was poking fun at his “manliness,” not the money he was holding. Sheesh…
        And yes, I’m sure the guns are plastic. I’ve never seen a transparent gun before. Haha! What a thug!

  • unfairrobot

    If only the playing card stuck in #11’s hair had been a joker…

  • aosux

    I see nothing wrong with #10

  • aosux

    The funny thing about these arguments is that the world is going to shit and you’re arguing about america on a comedic sight. Well done, folks, well done

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