theCHIVE is hiring guest tech bloggers

theCHIVE is looking for a guest blogger who can publish two original tech related posts per week. We can assist on topics and best practices and give you leads. Being that theCHIVE is a photoblog, the majority of the post needs to be visual, whether using designs, screenshots, photos, etc -as long as it’s about 80% graphic..
Example topics are SEO, Photoshop design, Flash Design, WordPress, Google, Search, the state of the internet in general, photography techniques, design how-to, photography how-to, icons, tech inspiration, online advertising, Alexa, Quantcast, Ad Networks, Traffic building techniques, etc. But the kicker is making those topics interesting and cater them to the masses, not just the uber-tech enthusiasts. Diggable material, such as lists, is preferred.

TheChive receives over 5.5 Million monthly visitors so your work would be seen by the masses and we would use your full name in each blog post if you would like. This is a great resume builder and a fun job. Work can be done from anywhere in the world -just need internet access. Because this is a guest blogger position, we are only paying $20 per post as we see the credentials of guest blogging for theCHIVE to be priceless.

WordPress experience is a must and having your own blog or having been a guest blogger in the past is a plus. Payment will be made by Paypal only.

Apply by sending us an email to workatthechive[at]gmail[dot]com and tell us why you want this coveted position.

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