Amazing action photography (27 Photos)

More amazing action photography HERE.

  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

    • CPO_Mendez

      Your mother must be proud! 😀

    • MeLoveYouLongTime

      How does one become first? I train so hard yet never succeed. I just don't understand you said your mom could train me, but she taught me everything but that.

  • Ulysses

    # 14 Why he is on the air?

    • dw55

      because he is about to get screwed by a bull !!!! you'd like to fly if u were in his shoes…

      • metalcool36


  • csee

    i lik seein other peoples pain =)

  • Jon

    Why is Sarah Silverman breaking concrete blocks?

  • metalcool36

    OoO there will be blood

  • Ken

    #9 is a Whippet.

    #6: "Infidel defilers, they shall all die in lakes of blood!"

  • Morriarty

    or tomatoes half look photoshopped to me. those who use abuse adobe shall all die in lakes of blood.

  • Dan

    8+ frames a second this stuff is easy … be in the right place at the right time .. Spray and Pray … Done … I would be Impressed if these were done with a Manual Focus Film Camera …!

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  • product photography

    Amazing photos aren't they! Photographers work has such a clarity about it. Maybe it's the depth of field or the lighting he uses but the rooms pop. Real attention getters. But I guess they have to be considering the "wallflowers" he works with 🙂

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  • Clive

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  • amilyshurtz

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